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Tenjo-Sagari[2] is a Gifter in the Beasts Pirates who works under Black Maria.[1]


Tenjo-Sagari is a slim woman with very long black hair. She wears a light beige, plain kimono. Because she is a Gifter, Tenjo-Sagari has horns, a long, green and blue snake-like torso, fangs, and a forked tongue.[1][2]


Tenjo-Sagari is loyal to the Beasts Pirates, but she is self-motivated, as she wanted to capture Luffy and Zoro to claim a seat on the Tobiroppo offered by Queen.[1] Tenjo-Sagari is cruel and deceptive, using Black Maria's illusion mist to impersonate Nico Robin's deceased mentor to trick her.[2]

Abilities and Powers

Tenjo-Sagari is strong enough to sustain attacks from Robin's giant hands and continue to fight.[2]

Devil Fruit

Tenjo-Sagari ate a White Snake SMILE (白蛇のSMILEスマイル Shirohebi no Sumairu?) which allows her to extend her torso, which looks like a snake's scaly back.[1]


Wano Country Arc

When Luffy and Zoro invaded the Live Floor, Queen offered a seat on the Tobiroppo for anyone who captured the pair. Tenjo-Sagari became intrigued, wanting to catch them for herself.[1]

Tenjo-Sagari later joined Black Maria in the Banquet Hall, and after Sarahebi and another Gifter trapped Sanji, she kneeled down next to him holding his wanted poster. She put her hand on the pirate and noted his bounty before stepping away, standing at Black Maria's side while she taunted Sanji.[3] When Sanji tried to run away, Tenjo-Sagari and her comrades chased him until he fell, surrounding him.[1] Black Maria bound Sanji to one of her webs, and Tenjo-Sagari watched as Maria battered him and demanded he call out for Robin. He gave in and called for her help, and Robin and Brook arrived to free Sanji and challenge Maria and the Gifters.[4]

At some point in the fight, Tenjo-Sagari, Nure-Onna, and Kunyun used Maria's illusion mist to impersonate Robin's loved ones. Tenjo-Sagari took the appearance of Clover, while the other appeared as Nico Olvia and Jaguar D. Saul respectively. They pretended to be excited to see Robin to trick her into falling into their trap, but Robin saw through the illusion, smacking them with Tres Mano: Freesia. They were confused why the illusion mist didn't work, and they chased after Robin and Brook as they ran through the Banquet Hall. Maria intercepted them, but after Brook dispatched Wanyudo, Robin faced Maria alone while Brook turned to face Tenjo-Sagari and the other Gifters.[2]

Later on Tenjo-Sagari, who heard screams, peeked out from a wall of ice Brook made and were horrified to see Black Maria defeated with the demonic looking Robin standing over her. Brook took the opportunity to finish off Tenjo-Sagari, and Black Maria's other subordinates, with Phrase d’armes: Orchestra.[5]

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  • Tenjo-Sagari is a reference to the Tenjō Kudari, a yokai also referred to as Tenjō Sagari. It takes the appearance of an ugly, naked woman with long hair, a long tongue, and other snake-like features.
  • In Episode 986, she is credited as "Demon Woman" (鬼女 Kijo?).


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