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For the bartender from Mock Town, see Terry.

Terry Gilteo[2] is an intelligence controller (情報管制官 Jōhō kansei-kan) at the Revolutionary Army Headquarters on Baltigo.[2][1]


Terry Gilteo is a man with brown-black hair and a short beard and mustache. He wears a blueish gray cloak over a green jacket and has what appears to be a yellow kangaroo hat with headphones. He also wears black-spotted red pants with a pair of brown shoes and a pair of brown gloves. On the left side of his face, he has a scar. His eyes are also shadowed by his hat and he was seen smoking as well.[1]


Terry Gilteo's Scar
Terry Gilteo's scar.
Terry Gilteo Digitally Colored Manga
Terry Gilteo in the Colored Manga.


As a member of the Revolutionary Army, Terry Gilteo has made an enemy of the World Government, and as such, he is a bold individual that is willing to risk his life to stand up to one of the world's most powerful forces. Furthermore, he is also a trustworthy individual as he was given the responsibility of being in charge of the Revolutionary Army Headquarters' intelligence and information network.[2]


Monkey D. DragonEdit

Terry Gilteo is loyal to Monkey D. Dragon, as the latter is the Supreme Commander of the Revolutionary Army. Furthermore, the fact that Dragon keeps Terry Gilteo close to him and entrusts him with gathering intelligence suggests that Dragon considers him a trustworthy individual.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Nothing is known about Terry Gilteo's combat abilities.

As an officer and intelligence controller for the Revolutionary Army, he has authority over lower ranking soldiers in the organization.


Water 7 SagaEdit

Post-Enies Lobby ArcEdit

While the Revolutionary Army's officers were discussing their recent victory in Centaurea, Dragon walked up to Terry Gilteo who was sorting through bounty posters and taking down notes on the Straw Hats. When Dragon asked him who was on the bounty posters, Terry Gilteo replied that it was Monkey D. Luffy and explained to his leader of the pirate's actions since taking down Crocodile and then causing trouble at Enies Lobby. As he talked about their threat to the World Government, he was unaware of the fact that Luffy was actually Dragon's son, and so when he was about to discuss the pirate's relation to Garp, Dragon had already walked away. Terry Gilteo then asked where he was going, to which Dragon replied that he was going to get some fresh air.[1]

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

In the anime, he does not have a scar on the left side of his face.[1]


  • It was shown in the One Piece Yellow: Grand Elements that those gathered at headquarters were officers of the Revolutionary Army;[3] however, this is not mentioned again in any newer mediums.


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