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The Tesoro Girls are a trio of young women who accompany Gild Tesoro. Their names are Ante (アンティ Anti?), Nego (ネゴ?), and Any (エニー Enī?).[2] They appeared in One Piece Film: Gold.[1]


The Tesoro Girls are slim, blonde-haired women with blue eyes and beautiful looks.

Ante has long hair in big curls and wears a white, cloth wrap bikini with an orange star on it's top. She wears pink star-shaped sunglasses with a gold frame on her head.

Nego has long hair that is styled up and back to resemble a star. She wears a yellow and black, star-shaped bikini and gold sunglasses with green lenses. She wears normal glasses when not around her boss.

Any has short hair and wears a yellow bikini with white straps and white stars on it.


Ante Portrait.png
Nego Portrait.png
Any Portrait.png


While the Tesoro Girls appear loyal to Gild Tesoro, they fulfill their role to earn money, feigning happiness and affection.[1]


Four Emperors Saga

One Piece Film: Gold

Ante, Nego, and Any with Tesoro.

The Tesoro Girls accompanied Tesoro to his large bathtub. They sat beside him, with Nego on his left, Ante on his right, and Any in his lap, as Spandam came to collect the World Noble's Heavenly Tribute.

The girls stayed behind after Tesoro left and counted their money in the same dark room while their boss confronted the Straw Hat Pirates on the roof of the casino above.

At the side of Double Down, Rikka, Tempo and other civilians, they escaped the alleged destruction of Gran Tesoro after Gild Tesoro's defeat on a ship.[1]


  • Ante's name might be a reference to Ante, a term in card games which refers to a sum of money to be paid before each round of the game starts.
  • Any's name might be a reference to Go Fish phrase, "Do you have any (type of card)?".


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