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Tetsu[4] is a former prisoner of Udon's prisoner mines.[1] In the past, he was a resident of the Flower Capital.[3]


Tetsu is a man of average height with a crescent-shaped scar on the left side of his face. He has turquoise hair formed in a pompadour at the front and a topknot at the back. At Udon, he wore a standard prisoner outfit.[1]

In the anime, he wears a black and yellow striped kimono with a white tasuki after discarding the prison uniform.[2]

41 years ago, in the anime, Tetsu wore a lilac kimono. In the manga, he was dressed in a light-colored kimono with a pattern of four squares that form a larger square. In those days, he also did not have a scar on his face.[3]


Tetsu 41 years ago.png
Tetsu's appearance 41 years ago in the anime.
Tetsu 41 years ago manga.png
Tetsu's appearance 41 years ago in the manga.
Tetsu as prisoner.png
Tetsu as a prisoner.
Tetsu in new kimono.png
Tetsu's new kimono on Onigashima.


Tetsu holds strong resentment towards the Beasts Pirates and enjoyed seeing Luffy rebel. However, his spirit has been broken by his defeat and imprisonment, causing him to comply with Babanuki's orders instead of taking part in the rebellion.[1] In the anime, he also showed himself to be a rather restless person, which forced Hyogoro to calm him down.[2] Before Kozuki Oden became a hero of the country, Tetsu was afraid of him and even hid his pig from him so that it would not fall under his feet.[3]

Abilities and Powers

Tetsu has some physical strength as he managed to restrain Monkey D. Luffy together with other prisoners.[1] However, when he was younger, he made considerable efforts to raise a large pig in his arms.[3]


In the anime, Tetsu wields a sword.[2]



Tetsu hides the pig from Kozuki Oden's view.

During the next return of Kozuki Oden to the capital, everyone became agitated and began to hide their wives and daughters in a hurry. Tetsu, along with another man, also removed their pets from his path.[3]

Sometime after the death of Kozuki Oden, Tetsu was imprisoned in the Prisoner Mine in Udon for rebellion against Kaidou.[1]

Four Emperors Saga

Wano Country Arc

When Luffy started a rebellion in the Prisoner Mine, Tetsu and other prisoners obeyed Babanuki's order to restrain him. However, they released Luffy when threatened by Kikunojo.[1]

Major Battles

Anime and Manga Differences

Jo, Tetsu, and Hanji under Hyogoro's command.

In the anime, Tetsu reappears during the Onigashima raid with Jo and Hanji. Tetsu stood at the edge of the side and watched the shore through binoculars. The trio begin to feel anxious before landing at the island but Hyogoro advises them to relax.[2]

Later, when Luffy and Zoro were unable to get to the rooftop, Tetsu, along with Hyogoro's team, set out to confront Goki, Juki, and the group of the Gifters. He is very surprised when Hyogoro starts laughing, but Hyogoro explains that he doesn't feel like they will fail as Luffy is with them.[5]


  • When written 鉄, his name can mean "iron", which alludes to his work with metal in the mine.


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