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Thalassa Lucas is the former king of Ilisia Kingdom, a country in West Blue.[3][1][4]


During the Levely, he wore light blue robes, that were white at the neck, with a gold bracelet. He had short blond hair, and a medium length beard. He had thick lips, black eyebrows, and was seen smoking a cigar.[1]


Lucas seems to be a rather wise man, as he correctly predicted that Dragon would become a large threat to the World Government.


He appeared briefly during Dalton's flashback. He was the man who showed a photo of Dragon during the Levely eight years ago in Mary Geoise. He said that Dragon's thoughts were dangerous and that within six more years Dragon would be a great thorn in the World Government's side, a prediction that, ultimately did come to pass.[5]

Ilisia Kingdom is currently ruled by King Cezar. It is unknown whether Lucas has died or lost his position.[4]


  • Thalassa (Θάλασσα) means "sea" in Greek and is the name of a Greek sea goddess who personified the Mediterranean.


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