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"The Chef and the Chore Boy" is the sixth[1][2] episode of the One Piece live-action series.

Short Summary[]

The group is ambushed by a threat no one sees coming. After a hard-fought battle at Baratie, Sanji finally follows his dreams, while another crew member shows their true colors.[1][2]

Long Summary[]

The Straw Hats rush to treat Zoro, and Zeff sews up and dresses the wounds. Zoro is still unconscious and rests on the ship. Luffy invites Sanji into his crew, but he denies the request, stating that he had reasons to stay at the Baratie. He explains his childhood.

Sanji worked as a cook on the Orbit when the ship was attacked by Zeff's pirates. However, the ship was sunk by a strong wave, and Sanji and Zeff, being the only survivors, were stranded on an island. Zeff gave Sanji all of the food he plundered from the ship, amputating and eating his own leg to survive. He stated he sacrificed his leg for Sanji as he shared the same dream as him, so he wanted Sanji to live and find All Blue.

In the present day, the Baratie is invaded by the Fish-Man pirate Arlong and his officers. Arlong followed Luffy to the Baratie with Buggy's help. Considering humans to be his inferiors, Arlong threatens to harm the innocent restaurant guests if Luffy does not come forward.

Luffy confronts Arlong, and Arlong demands he surrender his map of the Grand Line as well as half of his earnings. Luffy refuses, and they battle. Despite being stronger than the average human, Luffy is unable to defeat Arlong, as Arlong, being a Fish-Men, possessed far greater strength. Nami, revealed to be one of Arlong's officers, betrays the Straw Hats, stealing the Grand Line map from the ship. Arlong throws Luffy into the sea before leaving with Nami. Sanji rescues Luffy from drowning.

Luffy returns to the ship where Zoro is resting. After speaking with him briefly, Zoro finally wakes up from his coma, pledging total allegiance to the Straw Hats. Sanji, upon Zeff's command, also decides to join the crew as their cook, leaving the restaurant behind and thanking Zeff for the sacrifices he made. The Straw Hat Pirates depart to their next destination to follow Arlong and get Nami back. Meanwhile, Garp decides to use the full strength of the Marine forces against Luffy, telling his men to increase their efforts.

Episode Notes[]

  • The live-action episode changes the following:
    • Because of Nako's absence, Zeff is the one to stitch Zoro's wounds in the Going Merry instead of taking him getting treated at Cocoyasi Village.
      • Luffy decides to find a doctor on the Baratie instead of at Cocoyasi Village.
    • Sanji tells Luffy his history with Zeff, rather than having it be something he thinks to himself.
    • Zeff's speech about how money is useless if you hungry is skipped.
      • Zeff coming up with the idea of the Baratie is skipped.
      • Zeff and Sanji getting rescue is skipped.
    • Koby learns that Luffy is Garp's grandson a lot earlier than his original counterpart.
    • Due to the absence of Krieg, his role as antagonist is taken over by Arlong, who arrives at the Baratie; Arlong never sets foot on the Baratie in the manga or anime.
      • Arlong's hatred for humans is much more clearly defined; in the manga/anime, his motivations are not elaborated upon until the Fish-Man Island Arc.
    • Chew's habit of saying his name before speaking is replaced with him occasionally tutting.
    • Luffy is defeated for the first time a lot earlier than his original counterpart.
    • Nami betrays the Straw Hats by leaving with Arlong. In the manga and anime, she simply defects and steals the Going Merry after seeing Arlong's wanted poster.
    • Sanji decides to join the Straw Hats after getting into an argument with Zeff, rather than the entire staff pretending to hate Sanji's food.
    • Sanji and Zeff say goodbye after the Straw Hats have already set sail.
  • The live-action episode adds the following:
    • The Straw Hats working to save Zoro.
    • Mihawk meeting with Garp.
    • Nami reading the story of Mont Blanc Noland to Zoro.
    • Buggy keeping one of his ears in Luffy's straw hat.
    • Zeff and Sanji battling Kuroobi.
    • Zoro pledging total allegiance to the Straw Hats after waking up and declaring himself as Luffy's first mate.


  • When discussing Zoro's health, Zeff mentions that the closest doctor is on the Conomi Islands, referencing Nako.
  • Luffy's and Usopp's outfits in this episode are references to the ones they wear in the Chapter 107 Color Spread.
  • During Sanji's flashback, some of the food he has are cans of Pigeon Arroser.
  • Nami's outfit in this episode is a reference to the one she wears on the cover of Volume 11.
  • Zeff's "Red Leg" epithet and his prowess in combat is never discussed, it is never made clear how Sanji obtained his fighting skills.
  • Zeff devouring his own leg is only heavily implied, and never actually shown. The manga shows it explicitly, whereas in the anime, this detail was replaced by Zeff severing his own leg with an anchor's chain.


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