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"The Girl with the Sawfish Tattoo" is the seventh[1][2] episode of the One Piece live-action series.

Short Summary[]

The crew comes to the aid of a member in dire need of family.[1][2]

Long Summary[]

Eight years prior, Nami and her adoptive sister, Nojiko, were raised in Coco Village by their adoptive mother, Bell-mère, but the village was raided by the Arlong Pirates. Arlong demanded that the townspeople pay a monthly tribute to him in exchange for their lives. Bell-mère, not being able to pay for both herself and her children, was tempted to lie and claim not to have any children. However, refusing to deny the existence of her daughters, she told the truth, paying for her children and not for herself. Arlong killed Bell-mère, sparing Nojiko and Nami.

Nami decided to join the Arlong Pirates to liberate her village. Arlong promised to sell the village back to her for one hundred million Berry, and in exchange, Nami became his cartographer. However, for siding with Arlong, she was no longer welcome in Coco Village. In the present day, the Straw Hats arrive at the Conomi Islands, where they learn the truth from Nojiko about Nami's allegiance with Arlong.

Meanwhile, Arlong makes a bribe with corrupt Marine Captain Nezumi in order to cover up his crimes. Coco Village is unable to pay the monthly tribute, so Nami, having raised enough funds, decides to buy back the village from Arlong before he destroys it. Arlong agrees to sell the village back to her, but he decides to send Nezumi to Nami's house. As the wealth Nami collected was stolen property, Nezumi confiscates the treasure as government property. Realizing Arlong sent Nezumi to prevent her from liberating the village, Nami curses Arlong's name, repeatedly stabbing the Arlong Pirates tattoo on her shoulder.

Luffy arrives to her aid and prepares to battle Arlong and liberate the Conomi Islands. However, the Arlong Pirates have already taken action against Coco Village, setting fire to the town and destroying it.

Episode Notes[]

  • The live-action series changes the following:
    • Arlong Park now appears to be a carnival-like party venue, instead of a simple, undecorated base with a single building and a pool.
    • Momoo does not appear.
    • Gosa Village is never shown. It's destruction is only mentioned by Nezumi.
    • Hatchan is completely redesigned, resembling a pufferfish rather than an octopus. He is also only named "Hachi" in the credits; his name is never mentioned in the episode, where his only role is playing a card game with Nami.
    • Cocoyasi Village is now named "Coco Village".
    • Arlong Park's map room is now the entire top floor, rather than a small room Nami was confined to.
    • Bell-mère confronts Nami for stealing rather than Genzo.
    • Nami has been aged up in the flashback of Belle-mère finding her and Nojiko.
    • In the original, the Straw Hats arrive at the Conomi Islands at different times, wheras here they arrive together.
      • Zoro getting brought to Arlong Park, resulting in him defeating most of the Arlong Pirates by himself, is skipped.
      • Usopp getting in trouble with the fish-men, culminating in Nami pretending to kill him, is skipped.
    • Genzo no longer has the pinwheel in his hat when the Straw Hats arrive, though it does appear during the flashbacks.
      • The reason why Genzo wore the pinwheel is skipped.
    • The villagers are now truly unaware of Nami's true motives, whereas in the original they had known the truth all along.
      • This means their attitudes towards Nami for defecting to Arlong are much more antagonistic and less understanding.
    • Belle-mère praising Nami's map making skills is skipped.
    • Belle-mère is now aware when the Arlong Pirates' first raid Cocoyashi Village, rather than her being initially distracted making dinner.
    • In the original, Belle-mère manages to pin Arlong to the ground as soon as he opens the door, whereas here he manages to disarm her before she can do anything.
    • Helmeppo learns that Luffy is Garp's grandson a lot earlier than his original counterpart.
    • Chew now fuels his spitting attacks with alcohol instead of water.
    • Nami proposes her deal with Arlong and joins the Arlong Pirates willingly, rather than Arlong kidnapping her and orchestrating their deal.
    • The Straw Hats now meet Nojiko at her house.
    • With Johnny and Yosaku absent, Nezumi and Arlong now mention Jinbe's position as a Warlord.
    • Pudding Pudding and the 77th Branch trying to defeat the Arlong Pirates, and Kuroobi killing them, is skipped.
    • Since Arlong controls much of the East Blue, and is already prepared to fully conquer it, his goal has been converted to expand his operations to all five seas.
    • The scene where Nami asks for Luffy's help now happens at night, and outside Cocoyashi Village.
      • Nami shouting at Luffy to leave is skipped.
  • The live-action series also adds the following:
    • Buggy accompanying the Straw Hats to Cocoyashi Village.
    • Garp, Koby and Helmeppo visiting the Baratie.
    • Cocoyasi Village not being able to pay Arlong's tribute, and Nami confronting the townspeople for it.
      • The Arlong Pirates now destroy Cocoyasi Village as a result.
    • Arlong flipping a house upon his arrival at Cocoyasi Village.


  • The episode title is a reference to the novel and movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
  • The cards Nami and the fish-men are playing with have an emblem on them that is a mixture of the Sun Pirates's symbol and Arlong's mark.
    • The cards are also species themed, as the queen on the cards is a mermaid.
  • The horror theme attraction has a cameo of the tree zombie MocDonald.
  • Usopp's outfit in this and the following episode is a reference to the one he wears in the cover of Volume 11.
  • Two of the decorations of the bar in Arlong Park resemble like Ace and Spector.
  • One of fish-men can be seen wearing a Criminal shirt.
  • Zeff mentions hunting the last boar of Jaya.
  • Garp inadvertently foreshadows the events of the Marineford Arc when voicing his concerns for Luffy.


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