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"The Pirates are Coming" is the fourth[1][2] episode of the One Piece live-action series.

Short Summary[]

Luffy, Zoro, and Nami fight their way through Kaya's mansion, which has now become a prison. Usopp enlists the help of Koby, Helmeppo and the Marines. Luffy finally gets the ship of his dreams as Garp closes in.[1][2]

Long Summary[]

Kuro, Sham and Buchi find Luffy in the kitchen, who had fallen asleep in the kitchen after drinking the soup Buchi had poisoned.

Usopp leads Koby and Helmeppo to Kaya's mansion to accuse Klahadore of being a pirate. However, without any evidence to substantiate Usopp's claims, Koby cannot arrest Klahadore. However, Klahadore hands an unconscious Luffy over to them. After midnight has struck and Kaya has now turned of age, he orders Sham and Buchi to kill her.

Usopp arrives at Kaya's bedroom to warn her about Klahadore, but she refuses to believe him. Nami arrives to prove his claims just as Kuro places the house on security lockdown, barring the windows. Kuro approaches Kaya's bedroom, attempting to kill her with his Cat Claws.

Zoro wakes up in the bottom of the well, where he remembers his childhood. As a trainee at Shimotsuki Village, he was able to defeat all people in his town except for the master's daughter, Kuina. After being defeated once again by Kuina using steel blades, he made a promise with her to train harder so eventually one of them will become the world's greatest swordsman. Unfortunately, Kuina tragically died in an accident, and to honor his promise with her, Zoro became determined to become the world's greatest swordsman. At her funeral, Kuina's father entrusted him with her prized heirloom katana, the Wado Ichimonji.

In the present day, Zoro climbs out of the well and rescues Luffy from Koby and Helmeppo. Together, they return to the mansion; while Zoro battles Sham and Buchi in the foyer, Luffy battles Kuro. Kuro's Stealth Foot attacks allow him to evade Luffy's attacks, allowing him to attack Luffy covertly. However, after Luffy listens to Kuro's movements, he manages to punch Kuro down. After Luffy restrains his body, he defeats Kuro with Gum Gum Bell, knocking him out the mansion window.

As a gesture of gratitude for the Straw Hats' help, Kaya gifts them the caravel Luffy wanted, and Luffy names it the Going Merry in honor of Merry. Also accepting Usopp as a new permanent member of the crew, they bid farewell to Kaya before they leave. Meanwhile, Koby and Helmeppo return to Garp, reporting his failures to capture Luffy. Garp, spotting the Going Merry with Luffy's Jolly Roger, attacks the ship. Luffy, spotting the assailant with a spyglass, recognizes Garp as his grandfather.

Episode Notes[]

  • This episode changes the following:
    • The battle against the Black Cat Pirates is now in Kaya's mansion.
    • Luffy is incapacitated after accidentally eating Kaya's poisoned soup, instead of accidentally knocking himself out.
    • Zoro is incapacitated after getting defeated by the Black Cat Pirates and thrown down a well, instead of being unable to run up an oil covered path.
    • Zoro's backstory has been moved to the Syrup Village Arc.
      • Zoro joining the Isshin Dojo is skipped.
      • Zoro and Kuina have been aged up in their flashback.
      • Koushirou's sexist comments about Kuina are skipped.
      • Zoro training his Three Sword Style is skipped.
      • Koushirou is now the one who tells Zoro about Kuina's death, rather than some other students.
        • The exact cause of Kuina's death is omitted.
      • Zoro is given the Wado Ichimonji at Kuina's funeral, rather than Kuina's house.
        • In the manga, Zoro asked Koushirou to let him have the Wado Ichimonji, which he easily allowed him, whereas here Koushirou questioned Zoro on taking it.
    • The majority of the Black Cat Pirates are omitted.
      • Kuro mentions having personally killed most of his original crewmates during his fight with Luffy.
    • Kuro's signature move, the Shakushi, does not appear during his fight against Luffy.
    • Sham and Buchi are not called the Nyaban Brothers.
    • Luffy breaking one of Kuro's blades is skipped.
    • Usopp deciding not to tell the villagers about the attack is skipped.
      • The villagers missing Usopp's morning warnings is skipped.
    • Luffy now names the ship the Going Merry in honor of Merry, rather than it already being named that.
    • In the original, Usopp initially planned to venture out on his own until Luffy told him to board the ship, whereas here Usopp was going to stay in Syrup Village until Luffy invited him to join the crew.
    • Kuro now flees the town alone on a dinghy.
    • Luffy reveals that Garp is his grandfather a lot earlier than the original.
  • This episode adds the following:
    • Usopp and Kaya kissing.
    • The Straw Hats getting into a sea battle with the Marines immediately after leaving Syrup Village.


  • The clock in the kitchen has the Italian for "Live, Laugh, Love" written on it.
  • When Kuro catches Nami and Kaya, he recreates the panel of him threatening Sham and Buchi in Chapter 33.
  • Kuro cuts Luffy in the exact spot where Luffy will get his iconic X scar.
  • Murals of the Oro Jackson and a Drakkar from Elbaf can be seen on the walls of the mansion's foyer.
  • An instrumental version of We Are! plays when the Straw Hat Crew set sail on the Going Merry for the first time.
  • Zoro's outfit at the end of this episode is a reference to the one he wears in the Chapter 28 Color Spread.
  • Zoro mentions to Luffy that he did not seek him out, and simply got lost trying to find the mansion. Zoro's habit of getting lost easily and his appalling sense of direction are a frequent running gag of the character.


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