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The Thousand Sunny is the second ship of the Straw Hat Pirates, built after the Going Merry was destroyed. It is often referred to as Sunny (サニー, Sanī?) by the crew.

It is a brigantine-type ship designed and built by Franky with help from Yokozuna, Iceburg, and the remaining Galley-La foremen who were among the best shipwrights in the world.[1]

Built from Adam Wood, it is a magnificent ship of the finest craftsmanship at least double the size of the Going Merry. Its features include practically all of the various requests the Straw Hats had before arriving in Water 7.

Ship Design and Appearance[]

Thousand Sunny Digitally Colored Manga

The Thousand Sunny in the Digitally Colored Manga.

The Thousand Sunny is a brigantine, a highly versatile type of ship that relies on the skills of its navigator. The ship has a lawn on her deck, complete with a swing and a slide, as well as an observation tower for a crow's nest. The huge masts give the ship extreme maneuverability. Like the Going Merry, the figurehead is an animal's head, specifically a lion with a stylized mane. Due to the mane's ambiguity, the lion was mistaken for both a sunflower and a sun during the ship's construction, much to Franky's frustration.[1] The ship holds sixteen cannons: seven traditional cannons on each side of the ship and two specialized air cannons—the Gaon Cannon in the figurehead and the Coup de Burst cannon astern. By the admission of Jinbe, a masterful helmsman, the Thousand Sunny is a good ship,[3] which Franky admitted that Jinbe was the best candidate to bring out the ship's full potential after hearing of his talent as a helmsman.[4]

In Volume 46 of the manga, a complete set of blueprints of the Thousand Sunny was given in the same fashion as the Going Merry's.[5]

Thousand Sunny pg.26
The Thousand Sunny.
Thousand Sunny pg.46
The upper deck and third floor parts.
Thousand Sunny pg.66
The second floor rooms.
Thousand Sunny pg.86
The first floor rooms.
Thousand Sunny pg.126
Below deck and the Soldier Dock System.

There was also a special, advertising the 11th movie, in which the Sunny was introduced by the Straw Hats.

Thousand sunny boys room
The boys' room.
Thousand sunny girls room
The girls' room.
Thousand sunny kitchen
The kitchen.
Thousand sunny sick bay
The sick bay.
Thousand sunny aquarium bar
The aquarium bar.
Thousand sunny bathroom
The bathroom.
Thousand sunny library
The library.
Thousand sunny usopp factory
Usopp Factory.
Franky's workshop.
Thousand sunny crows nest
Zoro's training room and crow's nest.

Figurehead, Helm, and Anchors[]

Thousand Sunny's Figurehead, Helm, and Anchors

Thousand Sunny's figurehead, helm, and anchors.

The figurehead of the Thousand Sunny is a large lion face with two crossbones behind it in the manner of a Jolly Roger. The mouth of the figurehead can open in order to reveal the Gaon Cannon for frontal attacks, and the lion's mane can rotate like a propeller to move the ship backwards if needed.

The Thousand Sunny's helm is located at the front of the ship. Unlike the conventional steering wheels found on traditional sailing ships, the position of the Sunny's steering wheel resembles those found on modern ships. The controls for the Soldier Dock System are located on the steering wheel itself. A knob allows one to choose which compartments to position at the opening on the side of the ship, and a lever situated next to the wheel can then be used to open the compartments. The lever not only operates the compartments for the Soldier Dock System, but also doubles as the lever that initiates the Coup de Burst. In the anime, the lever was shown being used for the buildup of cola energy in the Energy Room, and upon completion, the user at the helm pulls the lever to activate the Coup de Burst.[6] A bench is conveniently located near the steering wheel. The Sunny also has a built-in Log Pose, located on a metal pillar of medium height which stands directly behind the ship's helm.[7] Upon reaching the New World, they updated the large Log Pose to the appropriate New World version, which is similar to Nami's new Log Pose, with three needles installed instead of only one.[8]

The anchors of the Thousand Sunny are positioned at each side of the front of the ship and resemble large lion paws, each with three toes. The ropes used to raise and lower them are stored inside the metal ring positioned behind the figurehead. In the anime, post-timeskip, the ship was shown to be able to fire both its anchors like grappling hooks.[9]

After the timeskip, Franky installed searchlights in the eyes of the lion figurehead.

Recently, the figurehead has shown some anthropomorphic expressions, much like the Going Merry's did. The lion made a dizzy face in the manga when the Straw Hats got caught in a White Strom[10] and, in the anime, a panicked face when they were surrounded by Sea Kings during their descent to Fish-Man Island, and again, when the ship caught on fire because Luffy forgot to turn off the stove, and during the ensuing chaos, the figurehead got a sweat drop. During the arrival at Wano Country, it had a panicked face when Luffy voiced his intention to leave it behind.[11]

Men's and Women's Quarters[]

Thousand Sunny's Men and Woman Quarters

The Men's and Women's Quarters.

The men's quarters are located on the first floor of the fore of the ship, while the women's quarters are located above them on the second floor.

The men's quarters can be entered from either door on the first floor. In the middle of the room is a horigotatsu type kotatsu, a traditional Japanese fireplace setting, complete with a sunken table and low sofas. Suspended from the ceiling like wooden hammocks are three double-decker bunks, which the men sleep in. Behind these bunks, at the back of the room, are six lockers where the men can store their clothes. Posted on the wall of the room is a collection of the men's wanted posters; however, because of his ongoing problem with getting photographed properly, Sanji's poster is not included. A hatch in the men's quarters leads down into a storage room below deck.

The women's quarters can be entered through the door on the second floor. Unlike the men's quarters, which looks more typical for a ship, the women's quarters resemble more like a bedroom that one would normally see on land. It contains two beds, a bookshelf, a four-door closet, a vanity with a mirror, and some comfy sofas, among other things. A treasure chest belonging to Nami can be found behind the beds. Since the timeskip, the two beds have been replaced by a single king-sized bed.[12]

At the entrance to each room is a washroom. The room by the men's quarters' entrance is a typical household washroom setup. It contains a regular sink and some toothbrushes. The only other unique feature in this room is a bell to wake everyone up in case of emergencies or other important situations. The washroom by the women's quarters entrance is somewhat more elaborate. It contains a closet where wine and a tea set can be stored. While cold, fresh water for both washrooms is provided by internal pumps and filters, hot water for the tea set must be retrieved from the kitchen. There is also a door at both sides of each bedroom which leads to a narrow space containing a cannon. In the 11th movie's depiction, the leftmost door in the women's quarters is not shown.

In front of these rooms, on the lawned deck, is a hatch leading to the room where the Soldier Dock System is stored. Toilets are located outside, under the stairwells that circle the foremast.

Kitchen, Dining Room, and Sick Bay[]

Thousand Sunny's Kitchen, Dining Room, and Sick Bay

The Kitchen, Dining Room, and Sickbay.

The kitchen, dining room and sick bay are located on the second floor near the stern of the ship.

The combined kitchen and dining room of the ship resembles a restaurant, with the two areas separated by a bar. The kitchen has a professional setup and cooking equipment, including a giant oven that can bake anything and a giant fridge with a lock, something Sanji has requested many times in order to stop people (mainly Luffy) from stealing food. The fridge lock is secured by a four-digit code, "7326", which is known only to Sanji, Nami, and Robin. The code is a combination of their names. 7 and 3 can be pronounced as "na" and "mi" respectively in Japanese and thus refer to Nami. Likewise, 2 and 6 can be pronounced as "ni" and "ro" respectively and thus refer to the two first syllables of Nico Robin's full name. 3 and 2 can also be pronounced as "san" and "ji" and thus refer to Sanji. A pantry used to store dry goods can be accessed by a door adjacent to the fridge and by a door outside; to discourage Luffy from raiding the supplies here, only raw, unprocessed groceries are kept inside. Next to the kitchen is the main mast of the ship; built within it is a dumbwaiter that can be used to deliver food to the aquarium bar below. The area also contains a ladder that leads to a hatch giving access to the observation deck above. A Den Den Mushi can also be found near the couch in the dining room.

Unlike the Going Merry, the Thousand Sunny has a sick bay. It can be accessed from both the dining room and the outside of the ship. The room contains various medical supplies and furniture, including a desk, a bed, and Chopper's favorite swivel chair. It is generally used to treat any wounds the Straw Hats might receive. When not in use, it can serve as a passageway to the back of the ship. During the room's first appearance, without any patients to cure, Chopper was seen relaxing in the sick bay. As the ship's doctor, Chopper considers the sick bay his own personal room. He also keeps his signature from Sogeking hanging up on the wall, even though it was just Usopp wearing a disguise, choosing to keep it anyway as a memento from his adventures and a gift from his friend - or because he never actually found out Usopp was indeed Sogeking.

Aquarium Bar[]

Thousand Sunny's Aquarium Bar

The Aquarium Bar.

This room provides great place for storing live fish (to eat later) and has glass walls that allow the aquarium to be viewed from the adjacent lounge. The aquarium surrounds the whole room and functions as a ceiling for a passageway behind it. To take a fish out of the aquarium for food, one must net the fish from the hatch on the second-floor deck. If that does not work, they will just have to dive in and grab it themselves.

In the middle of the room is the main mast of the ship, which contains a small cupboard for storing alcohol and a dumbwaiter connecting to the kitchen above. Due to the room's atmosphere, Franky says it is a good place to eat dinner. When the aquarium was first shown in use, Luffy and Usopp foolishly put a shark in, and it unfortunately devoured all the other fish in the tank.

The energy room of the Thousand Sunny can be entered through a ladder at the back of this room.

Library, Workrooms, Bath, Crow's Nest, and Survey Room[]

Thousand Sunny's Library, Workrooms, and Bathhouse

The Library, Workrooms, and Bathhouse.

The large hut-like structure at the stern of the ship contains the bath and library. At each side of this building is a large lamp. The library, comprising the lower level of the structure, is a large circular room with numerous bookshelves and windows and a bench encircling the whole room. Everyone but Luffy has books stored here. In the middle of the room is Nami's mapping desk, which contains the Ship's Log, among other things. Toward the port side is a ladder leading up to the bath. The library, according to Nami, is "the brain of the Sunny."[13]

Above the library, located in the attic-like section of the building, is the bath. From the ladder in the library, one enters a front washroom with an accessible toilet before passing through a door into the actual bath. It contains a much larger bathtub than there was on the Merry. In Nami's words, taking a bath there while the ship gently rocks has the feel of a high-end spa.

Thousand Sunny's Crow's Nest and Survey Room

The Crow's Nest and Survey Room.

On top of the foremast is the crow's nest. It is a dome-shaped hut with several windows on its perimeter. It can be entered by climbing up the ropes surrounding the mast and then climbing a ladder up through a hole in the nest's metal floor. It contains some advanced telescopic equipment and a microphone. The microphone is connected to a loudspeaker located below the crow's nest to the rear, enabling anyone inside to quickly relay news to the crew below. The crow's nest can also function as a gym, containing exercising equipment such as dumbbells and giving ample room so that even someone of Zoro's level can train effectively. Like the library, the crow's nest also features a bench around the edge.

On top of the kitchen and dining hall of the Thousand Sunny is the observation deck. It can be accessed by going through a hatch from the kitchen below, and it gives access to the library. Much like the top deck of the Going Merry, it contains Nami's mikan trees and Robin's flower garden. It also has the chimney for the kitchen below, the branch office of Usopp's Factory, and, since the time skip, Usopp's Pop Green garden.

Below the deck, and to the aft of the Soldier Dock System, are the two rooms devoted to research and development: Usopp's Main Factory and Franky's Weapon Development Room. Both are complete with drawing boards and tools for the creation of blueprints and contraptions for the Straw Hats' use in the near future. Both can be accessed by climbing down the stairs leading from the Energy Room.


The Thousand Sunny is amongst the most technologically advanced ships in the series. Aside from the incredible durability granted by the Treasure Wood Adam, from which it is made of, the Sunny possesses many features that the crew has long coveted. It also includes some nice additions Franky added himself, most of which are, naturally, powered by Cola, usually from the ship's Energy Room. These additions include the Soldier Dock System and other unique internal contraptions.

Soldier Dock System[]

Thousand Sunny pg

The Soldier Dock System prior to its modification.

The Soldier Dock System (ソルジャードックシステム, Sorujā Dokku Shisutemu?) is a special system built within the ship and represented externally by two giant numbered plates, one on either side of the ship. It is a turntable comprised of six compartments that each contains a special device or vehicle for the Straw Hats' use. It is named Soldier Dock System because the vehicles stored within are, as Franky calls them, the soldiers of the Thousand Sunny.[14]

Before the timeskip, it includes Channel Zero which consist of two parallel compartments containing paddle wheels that change the ship into Paddle-Wheel Sunny. It was powered by cola. The wheels could rotate in reverse and function independently of one another. With these wheels, the Thousand Sunny's heading could be changed easily. This was first seen being used in the manga when Franky used it in order to pass a raging storm.[15] In the anime, it was first seen being used to escape from the illusion of a Marine fleet.[16] After the timeskip, the paddle wheels were removed to make room for Channels Five and Six.[17] In their place, the Rabbit Screw was added.

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Channel 0 (x2)  (Replaced by Channel 5 and 6)* 1 2 3 4 5 6
Image Sunny Paddle Wheels Shiro Mokuba I Portrait Mini Merry II Portrait Shark Submerge III Portrait Kurosai FR-U IV Portrait Brachio Tank V Portrait Sunny Inflatable Pool
Contents Paddle Wheels Shiro Mokuba I Mini Merry II Shark Submerge III Kurosai FR-U IV Brachio Tank V Inflatable Pool[18]

Coup de Burst[]

Coup De Burst

The Coup De Burst in action.

The Coup de Burst (風来クードバースト, Kū do Bāsuto?, literally meaning "Wind Burst") is a maneuver that was first seen being used to escape Vice Admiral Garp's attack.[19] The Sunny uses three barrels of Cola to fire a giant cannon downward and rocket the ship into the air for 1 km, thus making a great escape. Franky calls it an "Amazing Emergency Acceleration Device." The maneuver mimics the Going Merry's escape from Enies Lobby as well as the various other situations in which the Merry soared across through the sky. Thanks to the use of Adam Wood in her construction, the Sunny can withstand the force of this maneuver without incurring damage.

In the Fish-Man Island Arc, it is shown that the Coup de Burst's power can be confined to smaller blasts in the case of an emergency or when air/cola is limited. Whether this feature was present before the timeskip is unknown. In the anime, it was revealed that Franky recorded instructions on operating the Coup de Burst via a Tone Dial for anyone unfamiliar with its functions, as Nami gave the dial to Jinbe during the escape from Whole Cake Island while he was manning the helm.[20]

Chicken Voyage[]

Chicken Voyage (チキン・ボヤージ, Chikin Boyāji?) is a maneuver the Sunny can perform in order to quickly escape attacks. By activating a contraption found at the helm, the Thousand Sunny can spin the mane of her figurehead like a propeller to push the entire ship backwards. This was first seen being used to escape an attack by the Flying Fish Riders.[21]

Ships Bottom: Rabbit Screw[]

Sunny's Engine
The turbine as initially depicted in the anime.
Rabbit Screw
The Rabbit Screw as depicted later.

Ship Bottom Rabbit Screw (船底シップボトム 脱兎ラビットスクリュー, Shippu Botomu Rabitto Sukuryū?, literal translation "Ship's Bottom Dashing Screw") is the name of a turbine that replaced the Channel Zero paddle wheels. The speed the Sunny exhibits is vastly greater than when it had paddles. The turbine emerges from the middle of the hull and is held in place by two thick metal arms. It resembles a fan in a barrel, with two bunny ears on top.[22] The turbine actually made its first appearance in the Glorious Island Special, though it was not named, the arms holding it were thinner, and it lacked the rabbit ears.[18]

Gaon Cannon[]

For the chapter of the same name, see Chapter 495.
Gaon Cannon

Gaon Cannon.

The Gaon Cannon (ガオン砲, Gaon Hō?) is a powerful cannon hidden within the lion's mouth in the prow of the ship; the cannon itself fires a blast of air that resembles an energy beam (just like the non-canonical Goe Goe no Mi). The cannon is controlled from a room within the prow itself. It was first used by Usopp to take out most of the Flying Fish Riders in one shot, obliterating nearly half of Duval's base as a bonus.[21] The one drawback of the Gaon Cannon is that it uses up five barrels of cola in all: three to fire the cannon itself and two to fire the Coup de Burst cannon in the rear to keep the ship from rocketing backward (unless the crew uses the cannon with the intention of rocketing backwards, such as if they need to escape from immediate danger in front of them, then only three barrels are used up). This means that the cannon can only be used sparingly.

Usopp Garden[]

Usopp's Garden of Pop Greens

Usopp Garden

After the timeskip, Usopp set up his Usopp Garden (ウソップガーデン, Usoppu Gāden?) at the back of the ship so that he could grow and cultivate his supply of Pop Greens.[23][24]

Robin's Flower Bed[]

Robin's spot where she grows flowers for herself.

Nami's Mikan Trees[]

The place that Nami keeps her three mikan trees from Bell-mère's grove.

Temporary Modifications[]


Further information: Coating

After the timeskip, the Thousand Sunny was successfully coated. The coating was accidentally removed when the crew arrived at Fish-Man Island. It was coated again before the Straw Hat Pirates left Fish-Man Island.

Balloon Attachment[]

During the battle of Gyoncorde Plaza, Fish-Man Island, a large balloon was seen tied to the main mast of the ship, and later to the bow and stern, floating just above the crow's nest. It seems to allow for flight (whether or not a Coup de Burst is necessary is unknown). It is a coating bubble with ropes attached to a small retention skirt, essentially turning the Sunny into a dirigible.[25]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Scrap Metal Coating[]

In the Heart of Gold special, after the Sunny made its way to Bonbori's stomach, it was in danger of being dissolved by the giant footballfish's digestive acids. Fortunately, Franky managed to temporarily plate the exterior of the ship with scrap metal found in the second stomach, in order to protect it.[26]

Emperor Penguin Mode[]

Thousand Sunny's Emperor Penguin Mode

Thousand Sunny's Penguin Model.

A non-canon modification, its full title (as stated by Franky) is Thousand Sunny Flying version: Emperor Penguin Mode (?). It was used when the Sunny "sailed" up the Knock Up Stream at Delta Island, where the Pirates Festival was being held. It was used in conjunction with the Coup de Burst to fly up a certain distance of the Knock-Up Stream. The modifications included a large blue penguin tail attached to the ship's stern, two yellow webbed feet attached on either side near the rear, a pair of large blue and white flippers on either side of the deck and a blue, white and yellow penguin head with a crown covering the lion figurehead.[27]


Sunny-kun Concept Art


In One Piece Film: Red, the spirit form of Sunny trapped in the Uta World is transformed into a form known as Sunny-kun (サニーくん, Sanī-kun?). In this state, it resembles an anthropomorphic lion plush toy and is capable of speech, though it has only been shown saying "Sunny".[28][29]

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The Thousand Sunny was first conceived by Franky when he was young. Inspired by his mentor Tom's creation, the Oro Jackson, Franky dreamed of making a ship that would sail around the world. This dream, however, was shattered when Tom was taken away, as Franky blamed himself for Tom's arrest and vowed to never build another ship ever again.

Water 7 Saga[]

Post-Enies Lobby Arc[]

Thousand Sunny Being Constructed

The Thousand Sunny being constructed.

After the assault on Enies Lobby, Franky's dream was revitalized and he decided to build the Straw Hats a new ship to replace the one that was lost, since he felt he owed them for the things that had happened. With the Adam Wood he had bought with the money his gang stole from the Straw Hats and some aid from Yokozuna, Iceburg, Paulie, Peepley Lulu, and Tilestone, Franky worked hard to build the new ship.[30] After several days and nights of labor on Scrap Island, Iceburg revealed the new ship to the Straw Hats.[31]

The Thousand Sunny first set sail after Franky joined the crew and they learned of Vice Admiral Garp's imminent pursuit. As the ship was setting sail, Garp's ship appeared nearby. Garp, feeling somewhat guilty for going back on his word after saying he would not arrest the Straw Hats on Water 7, decided to attack the Thousand Sunny all by himself. Throwing cannonballs like baseballs one after another, Garp laid an onslaught on the ship.[32]

After Usopp rejoined the crew, they decided to name the new ship before actually starting their journey and ultimately settled on the name suggested by Iceburg. As Franky made preparations to escape from the pursuing Marines, Garp, angered by Luffy's comments towards him, decided to attack the Thousand Sunny with a gigantic iron ball larger than the ship. Just when Garp's iron ball was about to make impact, Franky activated the ship's special technique, "Coup de Burst" and blasted the ship out of harm's way.[19]

With the Marines far behind and her crew celebrating on board, the Thousand Sunny ventured forth on her voyage.

Thriller Bark Saga[]

Ice Hunter Arc[]

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Thriller Bark Arc[]

After sailing across the ocean for some time, the Thousand Sunny and her crew came across a barrel that sent out a flare when opened. Shortly thereafter, the Thousand Sunny was suddenly surrounded by a raging storm. Franky debuted the ship's paddle wheels, allowing the ship to pass through the storm and into the Florian Triangle.[15]

The ship next crossed paths with a walking skeleton's ghost ship. The skeleton, Brook, initially accepted Luffy's offer to join to crew and came down to dine with everyone. As he told his story and explained why he could not truly join them, a ghost entered the dining room through a wall. It was discovered that the ship was targeted by Thriller Bark and trapped within its walls.[33]

Thousand Sunny Caught in a Spider Web

The Thousand Sunny and Brook's ship caught in a giant spider web.

After Brook left the ship to deal with his business on the island and some preparations were made by the crew, the Mini Merry II made its debut and was deployed from the Thousand Sunny's "Channel 2" compartment. After some time, just as the Straw Hats on the ship were starting to wonder what exactly happened to the Mini Merry and the crew members on board it, an invisible opponent sneaked on board the ship and started antagonizing them, leaving them baffled. After some time, the Thousand Sunny drifted closer to the island and got stuck in a giant spider web along with the Mini Merry II and Brook's ship.[34]

Amidst the events that occurred on the island, a group of zombies headed by Perona boarded the Sunny and raided the ship in search of valuables. During the raid, the zombies left the unconscious, shadowless, and heavily decorated bodies of Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji in the dining hall. The zombies carried away most of the ship's rations, leaving behind only a huge mess, the three Straw Hats, and some preserved food. After some events in the island, the rest of the crew, except for Nami, boarded the ship once more and discovered the uncanny scene. After waking up their shadowless comrades and discussing their current situation, the Straw Hats departed from the Sunny again in order to take back what Gecko Moria, the Warlord of the Sea who ruled Thriller Bark, and his cohorts had stolen.[35][36][37]

After several events on the island, Perona and several zombie soldiers and wild zombies returned to the ship. Having lost her battle with Usopp and observed the escalating Oars situation, Perona was in a panic. He decided to use the Sunny as her means of escape and ordered some zombies to stock the ship with food and treasures from the storage. The zombies stocked the ship with so much food that there was not any more space in Sanji's giant refrigerator. As the zombies prepared the ship for Perona's getaway, Warlord of the Sea Bartholomew Kuma appeared aboard the ship and asked for Moria.[38]

As a small scuffle broke out between Kuma and the zombies, Nami arrived back at the Thousand Sunny and noticed Perona and her zombies stocking up the ship. Before the two women could confront each other directly, Kuma came down from the Thousand Sunny and interrupted them. After a brief chat, Kuma sent Perona on vacation using his Devil Fruit powers. The zombies were intimidated and promptly left the ship. Nami survived a conversation with Kuma, went into the Thousand Sunny for a change of clothes, and then headed back to Thriller Bark to help the rest of the crew. With that, the Thousand Sunny was left completely full of food and treasure.[39]

Thousand Sunny Leaves Thriller Bark

The Thousand Sunny leaving Thriller Bark and all its nightmares behind.

After the Straw Hats defeated Moria, survived Kuma's vicious attacks, and slept for a whole day, they decided to reap the benefits that Perona and her zombies left behind on the Thousand Sunny. With the large load of treasure onboard, they decided to claim it as their own and use it for their fund. As for the food also onboard, they decided to use it in a party with the Thriller Bark Victim's Association to celebrate finally defeating Moria. After two days of partying, during which the Straw Hats finally got their long-awaited musician, the Thousand Sunny was prepared for the continuation of her voyage. With some farewells from the crew to the Thriller Bark Victim's Association, the Thousand Sunny set course for her original destination, Fish-Man Island: the underwater paradise of fish-men and merfolk.[40][41]

Spa Island Arc[]

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Summit War Saga[]

Sabaody Archipelago Arc[]

As the Thousand Sunny continued on her journey to Fish-Man Island, the ship and her crew encountered many more of the mysterious and spectacular sights of the Grand Line. Among them were: a rainstorm that poured down with candy instead of normal rain, a giant sea tanuki, a circular rainbow, and some serpent currents. Eventually, the Thousand Sunny reached the area where her next destination was supposed to be, the second intersection between the Red Line and the Grand Line.[42]

Unable to continue forward with the Red Line in her way, and with the Log Pose pointing directly below the ship, the Straw Hats decided to deploy Shark Submerge III to investigate the depths below. Due to the extreme pressure of the depths below, they were unable to investigate more than five thousand meters below the ship. However, their search brought up an enormous Sea Rabbit that threatened to destroy both the Thousand Sunny and its crew. When the creature was defeated, it spat out two things that landed abruptly on the Sunny's deck. These were Camie, a mermaid, and Pappag, a talking starfish.

With these new passengers onboard, the crew of the Sunny was promised a reward of great tasting Takoyaki. However, before they could be given this treat, they learned that a friend of Camie and Pappag had just been captured by the Macro Pirates and the Flying Fish Riders. Figuring that these two might know the way to Fish-Man Island, Nami asked they would show the pirates the way to the underwater paradise if the Straw Hats rescued their friend. The two agreed to reward the Straw Hats as such, along with the promise of Takoyaki. With this, the Thousand Sunny was steered toward the Flying Fish Riders' base with help from a school of fish summoned by Camie. Just as the ship was nearing the base, the school of fish leading the Straw Hats suddenly absconded, having felt the presence of the Flying Fish Riders. Sure enough, the riders soon ambushed the ship and started attacking from atop their giant flying fish. Though a battle between the Straw Hats and the riders ensued, the riders abruptly retreated as quickly as they had arrived.[43]

After sailing awhile after the Flying Fish Rider's last attack, the Thousand Sunny soon reached their base. Though seemingly empty upon arrival except for Hatchan, a previous enemy and the captured friend of the Straw Hats' new traveling companions, the crew guessed the riders were planning an ambush. Their guess was soon verified and a battle between the Straw Hats and the Flying Fish Riders within the base. As the majority of the Straw Hats battled aboard the Thousand Sunny, several things happened. Amongst these in particular was the revelation that the Flying Fish Riders' boss, Duval, had the same face as Sanji's wanted poster and whose grudge against Sanji was the reason why he and his men were attacking the Straw Hats so vigorously. As the battle against Duval and his men continued, the Flying Fish Riders decided to sink the Thousand Sunny by dropping a large anchor on the ship. However, through Franky and Usopp's efforts, the ship escaped the attack and instead blew up the Flying Fish Riders' base with an attack of its own from the Gaon Cannon. the Straw Hats eventually defeated the Flying Fish Riders with Sanji rearranging Duval's face with a barrage of kicks. With the matter settled, the Thousand Sunny was steered towards the Sabaody Archipelago where the solution to getting to Fish-Man Island could be found.[44]

After a little reward from Hatchan and some thanks from Duval for a new face, the crew of the Thousand Sunny were told that the only way to get to Fish-Man Island was to coat the ship with resin from the Yarukiman Mangrove of the Sabaody Archipelago. Learning about this, the Straw Hats steered the ship to the mangrove and disembarked at Grove 41 in order to find a coating mechanic friend of Hatchan's, Silvers Rayleigh, to coat the ship.[45] However, through a series of unexpected events, the crew of the Thousand Sunny ended up causing a large ruckus. Fortunately, in the midst of the mess they caused, the crew found the mechanic.[citation needed]

Having gotten the aid of Rayleigh, the ship was ready to be coated. However, due to the mess that the crew caused, the mangrove was no longer safe. Considering the number of Marine troops and a Marine Admiral that were sent to the mangrove to clean up the mess, the crew decided to temporarily leave the Thousand Sunny in Rayleigh's hands. Knowing that staying on the ship at this time would bring only trouble while the mechanic modified her, the crew thought it best to wait it out in the mangrove as the mechanic did his job. Giving the crew his Vivre Card since he would be taking the Thousand Sunny somewhere else, Rayleigh promised to return the ship after three days of work.[46]

In the midst of the modifications of the ship, the coating mechanic left the ship in the care of the Rosy Life Riders in Grove 41 to save the Straw Hats from Kizaru. Despite Rayleigh's involvement, the Straw Hats were blasted off by Kuma to different locations. With her crew gone, the Thousand Sunny was left in the care of Rayleigh and the Rosy Life Riders until the Straw Hats could return.

After the Summit War of Marineford, due to Luffy being revealed as Revolutionary Dragon's son, the Thousand Sunny came under attack by various people such as the Coffee Monkeys. Fortunately, however, Duval and his men fended them off as best they can. Kuma arrives to the Sabaody with one mission: protecting the Thousand Sunny. After Duval and Hatchan were seriously injured during a battle with the Marines, Kuma took over as the protector.

Little East Blue Arc[]

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One Piece Film: Strong World[]

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One Piece 3D: Straw Hat Chase[]

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Fish-Man Island Saga[]

Return to Sabaody Arc[]

Coating Infobox

The coated Thousand Sunny submerging.

Two years later, Franky returned to the ship and Bartholomew Kuma, having fulfilled his mission of defending the vessel, left the archipelago. With the planned Straw Hat reunion at Sabaody coming up, Rayleigh coated the ship. Slowly but surely, the crew of the Thousand Sunny came back to Sabaody. Upon returning to the ship, Franky modified her with what he acquired from Vegapunk's lab. The ship also had a buoyancy sack placed underneath it, so she would not sink once coated. A bubble, caused by Franky redirecting the air in the bag formed around the ship's deck, allowing the Straw Hats to breathe while the ship is submerged. The ship went under the water and the crew head for Fish-Man Island.[47]

Fish-Man Island Arc[]

As the ship was traveling underwater, he came under attack by the Caribou Pirates. Caribou quickly jumps onto the ship. Before the other Caribou Pirates can follow, their Sea Cow, Momoo, fled in terror after seeing Nami, Sanji, and Luffy, leaving Caribou on the Thousand Sunny. After the Straw Hats tied Caribou up and travel to the Underwater Waterfall, the Thousand Sunny ran into the kraken. The ship went down the waterfall after the Monster Trio defeated the kraken and got separated. After reaching 7,000 meters below sea level, the ship was in the Underworld of the Sea. Sunny went through the dark region of the underwater world until he came across the deep-sea volcanic region. There, the Sunny ran into a giant anglerfish, an umibozu, the Flying Dutchman, and Vander Decken IX. Before the umibozu knocked down the Sunny, the newly tamed kraken knocked out the giant. When the undersea volcano started to erupt, the Kraken (now named Surume) carried the ship away from the eruption and jumped into a trench. After reaching 10,000 meters below sea level, the ship finally arrived at Fish-Man Island. The Straw Hats encountered Hammond, a member of the New Fish-Man Pirates and a gang of sea monsters. Hammond gave the crew two options: join the New Fish-Man Pirates or have their ship sunk. Luffy rejected Hammond and the fish-man prepared to attack. Franky activated Coup de Burst and the Sunny flew through the bubble surrounding Fish-Man Island. Immediately afterwards, the ship lost the coating, and the crew was separated while the ship fell into a current which swept her out to the Sea Forest where he remained while being recoated by Tom's younger brother, Den.

As the Neptune Family's execution drew near, the Straw Hats make their move. The Sunny flew into Gyoncorde Plaza and Franky shot the Gaon Cannon at the New Fish-Man Pirates. The ship landed in the plaza, and the Straw Hats and Jinbe stand in front of her, ready for battle. Usopp, Chopper, Nami, and Pappag get into Dock Soldier Four as Franky prepared to reveal one the Sunny's newest weapons.

After defeating the New Fish-Man Pirates, and Luffy's recovery, the Straw Hat pirates "escaped" from the plaza on the Sunny, using the floating bubble apparatus, before they are recognized as heroes, with Shirahoshi and Megalo following them. They are quickly found and the entire crew, with their ship goes to Ryugu Palace for a banquet. After the feast, the Straw Hats depart from Fish-Man Island, but not before Shirahoshi nearly upset the boat in an attempt to stop them. After making a promise to stop being a crybaby (in exchange of visiting the surface world under their protection and guidance) by the next time they meet, the Mermaid Princess lets go of the Thousand Sunny, which subsequently sailed out of the island's bubble.

To help the ship float to the surface, Franky released some Kuuigosu wood blocks to ascend. As they go higher Luffy, Zoro and Usopp go "fishing," catching 3 large deep-sea fish, which started to sink the ship with their weight. However, the fish were pulled into a powerful underwater whirlpool, dragging the Thousand Sunny with it. Thankfully, before ending up too far off course, they bumped into an Island Whale. Brook began playing some music at the sight of a large pod. The whales, appreciating the music, gave the ship a lift towards the surface, breaking into the New World.

Dressrosa Saga[]

Z's Ambition Arc[]

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One Piece Film: Z[]

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Adventure of Nebulandia[]

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Punk Hazard Arc[]

Straw Hats Arrive in the New World

The Thousand Sunny is propelled into the New World.

After viewing their surroundings, and seeing a sea of fire, they tried to bring their catch in, to find it already burnt up. Seeing that some other fish which have floated to the surface have been burnt to the bones, the crew worried that the Sunny may end up the same way, but Franky stated otherwise. After receiving an S.O.S. message from a nearby island with no reaction from the Log Pose, the crew headed towards it. Luffy, Zoro, Usopp and Robin boarded the Mini Merry II and approached the island, getting over the wall of flames, thanks to Nami's new techniques.[48] The ship then anchored south-west of the island,[49] waiting for the return of their comrades as Nami noticed the winter clouds on the far side of the island.[48] However, the ship was boarded by four mysterious intruders, and a sleeping gas was released, neutralizing the remaining members of the crew, who (with the exception of Brook) were subsequently kidnapped.[49]

The ship was taken to the frozen side of the island, where the rest of the crew (minus Brook) were taken into a facility. After the sleeping gas dissipated, Brook defeated the intruders who were guarding the ship and called Luffy's group informing him of the situation.[50]

After leaving Punk Hazard, Franky explained he drove the Sunny through the waterways next to the research facility and into the sea to pick up the Mini Merry II, which was left behind on the burning side on the island.[51]

Ceasar Retrieval Arc[]

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Glorious Island[]

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Episode of Luffy[]

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Dressrosa Arc[]

The crew, accompanied by Kin'emon, Momonosuke, and Trafalgar Law, as well as their hostage Caesar Clown, eventually reached Dressrosa. They split into three teams, with Brook, Nami, Chopper and Momonosuke tasked with guarding the ship. While everything seemed to go well, they heard noise and voices coming from the men's room.[52]

Thousand Sunny as Art

The Thousand Sunny's appearance after being transformed into "art" by Giolla.

The voice belonged to Giolla, a member of the Donquixote Pirates, who was tasked with sabotaging the groups effort, as well as capturing Momonosuke. Using her Devil Fruit power, he turned the men's room into abstract art, and promptly did the same to Nami, Chopper, Brook and Momonosuke. They escaped the ship, trying to lure Giolla away from her, but it did not work, as Giolla transformed the Thousand Sunny into art anyway, rendering her unable to sail.[53] However, the Straw Hats manages to defeat Giolla's subordinates, as well as destroy her submarine, which forces the battle to move back on to the Sunny.

The ship as well as its crew were finally returned to normal, when Brook tricked Giolla into thinking that he was on her side before defeating the "artist".[54] As the ship approached to Green Bit in order to retrieve their crew and ally, they were attacked by a school of Fighting Fish which were soon chased away by the terrifying sight of Doflamingo flying towards them. However, before either side could do anything, Sanji intercepted the Warlord of the Sea.[55] Unfortunately, the chef was easily outmatched, but just as Sanji was about to get killed, Law managed to save him, depositing both him and Caesar on the Thousand Sunny. After retrieving his own heart from the ship, Law advised the crew to leave for Zou. Though the crew refused at first, after witnessing the power of Admiral Fujitora, which almost destroyed the Sunny, they departed. Advising the crew to escape to a place with no clouds, as Doflamingo cannot pursue them otherwise, the ex-Warlord of the Sea left the ship, taking Giolla as a hostage, before the Thousand Sunny blasted away with a Coup de Burst.[56]

The group on the Thousand Sunny later engaged in a conference call with Luffy's and Franky's group. As everyone is brought up to speed about the events in Dressrosa, it is decided that the Straw Hats will launch a full-scale attack to topple the Donquixote Pirates. Just as Sanji decided that the crew should head back to support the others (much to the dismay of the others aboard the Sunny), tragedy strikes at Luffy's end with Doflamingo and Fujitora defeating Law. A massive pirate ship belonging to Big Mom appeared in front of the Sunny, intent on capturing Caesar, who, as it turns out, had swindled research funds from the Emperor. Nami explained to Luffy that, in order to not make sure that Law did not sacrifice his life in vain, they needed to defend both Caesar and Momonosuke as well as destroy the SMILE Factory. For that to happen, the Thousand Sunny has to reach Zou with both of them. As Luffy gave his consent, Sanji requested permission to fire back at the Big Mom Pirates, which gets their captain's approval.[57]

Whole Cake Island Saga[]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Silver Mine Arc[]

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Heart of Gold[]

As the crew is fishing, they spot an "unconscious" girl riding a lizard which is running on the surface of the water. After bringing her aboard, she reveals her name is Myskina Olga, and after learning that she knows where the legendary island of Alchemi is, where the mystical treasure Pure Gold lies, the crew immediately gets ready for an adventure. However, they are soon fall under attack by the Treasure Pirates, who also wish to use Olga to find Pure Gold. After a brief struggle, Olga accidentally drops her ring, which contained a small piece of Pure Gold, which in turn summoned the giant football fish Bonbori. As the sea monster starts swallowing the ships, Franky prepares the Thousand Sunny for the Coup de Burst in order to escape it. However, after learning that the Alchemi, and the large piece of Pure Gold, both lies within the giant fish, they make an about face and sail back into its mouth. However, the treasure pirates followed them, and they attempted to used their ship to ram the Thousand Sunny into Bonbori's giant uvula. They managed to avoid it, thanks to Luffy, however his attempt also made him fall into the water. Olga then jumped off ship with Elizabeth in order to save him. At some point, Nami, Usopp, Chopper, Robin and Brook also got separated from the ship, allowing Mad Treasure to capture them.

The Thousand Sunny itself bypassed Bonbori's first stomach, and kept sailing to the second stomach, where the remaining crew pulled it onto a landmass in order for Franky to reinforce the ship's hull, which was being corroded by the sea monster's digestive acid, with some scrap metal that was lying around. Luffy then goes on ahead on Chavez with Zoro, Sanji and Myskina Acier (who had been stranded on the island in Bonbori's first stomach for the past 200 years until Luffy came along), leaving Franky to finish the job himself. He then sails the Sunny to Bonbori's stomach, where the island of Alchemi lies, to pick up the rest of the crew. However, during Luffy's final battle with Mad Treasure, they ended up giving Bonbori a massive stomachache, forcing the giant football fish to regurgitate. The Thousand Sunny carrying all the Straw Hats, plus Olga, Elizabeth used the flow caused by Bonbori's dry heaves to accelerate to its mouth, then used Coup de Burst to fly out of its mouth just at the moment of its regurgitation. The crew later made port at an island, where they presumably removed the metal reinforcements, and dropped of the Water Lizards, as well as the two Myskina's. As they sail off, Nami reveals that she stole an invitation to Gran Tesoro from Mad Treasure whilst she was captive, and after hearing about the entertainment provided, Luffy quickly makes his decision and orders the Thousand Sunny to sail there.[26]

One Piece Film: Gold Episode 0[]

The Thousand Sunny sails towards Gran Tesoro, following Gild Tesoro's Vivre Card. As they do so, the Straw Hats set up a volleyball court (with Nami and Chopper facing Robin and Franky) and a barbeque. They then set up a sumo ring, with Luffy first facing off against Usopp in a gag battle, and then Franky in an actual fight. They continue fooling around until sunset. However, just as the sky turns dark, the Straw Hats see a new light in the horizon, which Nami confirms is the Gran Tesoro. Luffy then orders for the Sunny to head straight towards it.

One Piece Film: Gold[]

The Thousand Sunny sails straight through the gate at the prow of the Gran Tesoro, where it is gently covered in gold flakes. As they see the exit to the gate, Luffy orders a Coup de Burst, to take them the rest of the way, with the Sunny leaping into the bay area. However, the Thousand Sunny soon come under fire from the Long Long Pirates, who wish to rob the Straw Hats, having themselves lost all their cash in the casino. The Straw Hats quickly defeat them, and then dock the ship within the Gran Tesoro, before disembarking. After the Straw Hats defeated Gild Tesoro and his minions, a countdown resounded through the Gran Tesoro, indicating a self-destruct sequence, forcing the pirates to escape in the Sunny. In the end in the end, it turned out to be a bluff from their temporary ally, Carina, but before the Straw Hats could dwell on it any longer, they started receiving fire from Navy ships sent to secure the World Nobles. The Straw Hats then sailed away on the Thousand Sunny, with the Navy in pursuit.[58]

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Zou Arc[]

The crew managed to barely escape the Big Mom Pirates without the Thousand Sunny gaining any visible damage. The Sunny was then docked at Zou, anchoring it to Zunesha's leg, where it got dragged along as it moved, whilst the crew set out to find their new allies.[59]

After Doflamingo's defeat, Luffy and his group arrived at Zou and came across the Thousand Sunny. When Kin'emon and Kanjuro were separated from the group during the climb to Zou, they rested at the ship until the next day.

After the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance split into four groups. With Sanji being abducted by the Big Mom Pirates, a retrieval team, consisting of Luffy, Nami, Chopper and Brook of the Straw Hats, the wounded Pekoms from the Big Mom Pirates (whom they needed to guide the way) and Pedro of the Mokomo Dukedom's Guardians was made. The group was dragged off the elephant by Luffy, where they dropped onto the Thousand Sunny to travel to Whole Cake Island.[60] However, shortly after they started their voyage the crew realized they had a stowaway in the form of Carrot from the Inuarashi Musketeer Squad, who wished to join them for an adventure. As it was too late to turn back, and with Carrot's earnest promise to be useful, the Thousand Sunny continued on its course. Eventually, a problem arose on who would do the cooking, with Luffy volunteering (since he did not want to pay for Nami to do it). The ship is then visited by a News Coo which brought news which distracted Luffy from his cooking.[61] This unfortunately caused the ships galley to be set ablaze. Before the crew could do anything about it, a storm popped up, which ended up putting out the flames. Later, the crew partook in Luffy's disgusting cooking, prompting them to decide to cook a new dish. However, when they checked the food stores, they found that they were all empty, with Luffy confessing to have used them and then tossing away the "failures".[62]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Marine Rookie Arc[]

With the crew starving and resolving to fish for their meals, the team decides to stop at an island on the way, in spite of Pekoms advising against it as the location was actually a Marine base. The Thousand Sunny is then anchored away from the island, with Pekoms and Pedro staying aboard, while the rest infiltrate the island on the Shark Submerge III. The group then make it back to the ship after stealing rations from the Marine base but end up consuming everything within ten minutes.

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Whole Cake Island Arc[]

The Sunny took multiple days to reach Totto Land, passing through the Hot-Hot Sea in the process where they encountered Sanji's siblings, Vinsmoke Reiju and Vinsmoke Yonji, the latter who boarded the ship to save Luffy after he accidentally poisoned himself.[63] After entering Totto Land, it was immediately recognized by the Big Mom Pirates and was docked at Cacao Island.[64] During this time, the Fire Tank Pirates boarded the Sunny and abducted Pekoms, who was keeping guard.[65][66] The Sanji Retrieval Team then returned and took the Sunny on a supposedly secret route to Whole Cake Island. At night, the Sunny became stuck in a sea of solid mizuame, and the Sanji Retrieval Team had to battle a swarm of ants that sought to devour the ship.[67] The next morning, the team sailed the Sunny to the southwestern shore of Whole Cake Island, where they docked it.[68]

Two days later, after the Sanji Retrieval Team had crashed their tea party and attempted to help assassinate Big Mom, the Big Mom Pirates sent a squadron to lay in wait on the Sunny to ambush the team.[69] When Chopper and Brook came to the Sunny, they fought the Big Mom Pirates to take the ship back, and the battle dealt some damage to the ship.[70]

Thousand Sunny Escapes Whole Cake Island

The Thousand Sunny escapes Whole Cake Island with Coup de Burst.

After the rest of the Sanji Retrieval Team made it back to the ship, Charlotte Perospero trapped the ship in candy to prevent it from escaping until Pedro attacked him with a suicidal explosion.[71] Though the Sunny was freed, it was caught by Big Mom who started chewing on the stern's railings and was under fire from the fleet that surrounded them. Fortunately, the ship and the team onboard escaped Big Mom's grasp and Whole Cake Island with a Coup de Burst.[72]

The Sunny was later pursued by a fleet of Tarte Ships and Big Mom, who was walking on the sea with the help of Perospero's candy road. While the Tarte Ships fired their cannons at the Sunny, Charlotte Joscarpone and Charlotte Mascarpone fired flame arrows into the ship through one of the mirrors. Eventually, Big Mom created a massive wave homie to engulf the Sunny. Jinbe then saved the ship from destruction by using his skills as a helmsman to steer the ship into the "Green Room". Having escaped certain doom, Nami broke all the mirrors in the Sunny to prevent the Big Mom Pirates inside the Mirro-World from invading and the Sunny continued on to Cacao Island.[73]

However, the Sunny was once again pursued by Big Mom and her fleet. After summoning Zeus and Prometheus back to her side, Big Mom charged towards the Sunny on top of Zeus and landed on the ship.[74] Before Jinbe knocked her off the ship with Fish-Man Karate, she inflicted some damage to the Sunny while searching for the wedding cake she craved. After the Straw Hats captured Zeus, Big Mom continued pursuing the ship while riding on Prometheus.[75] The Sunny was saved from certain destruction when the Nostra Castello arrived with the substitute cake. Leaving the cake in Bege's hands, Sanji returned to the Sunny as the Fire Tank Pirates lured Big Mom away. While still pursued by Smoothie's fleet, the Sunny head for Cacao Island to retrieve Luffy.[76]

Wadatsumi Saves the Thousand Sunny

The Sun Pirates sacrifice their ship for the Sunny.

As Germa 66 attacked the Big Mom Pirates at Cacao Island, Luffy and Sanji returned to the Sunny as it passed by the island's port.[77] Before the Sunny could get far from the island, the ship was attacked by the Queen Mama Chanter.[78] However, before the Straw Hats' ship could be destroyed, Wadatsumi switched it with the Sun Pirates' ship and hid the Sunny in his mouth. Wadatsumi tried swimming far away from the Big Mom Pirates, but Oven attacked him with his heat abilities, forcing Wadatsumi to spit out the Sunny. As the Sun Pirates, together with Germa 66 held back the enemy, the Sunny got away from Cacao Island.[79] With the Big Mom Pirates unable to pursue, the Sunny successfully escaped Totto Land.[80]

Wano Country Saga[]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Cidre Guild Arc[]

While out at sea, the Straw Hats were attempting to break an enemy encirclement using the Sunny's motor. The enemy in question were bounty hunters from the Cidre Guild using carbonated-powered flyboards, water cannons and torpedoes to chase and attack them. Eventually the Straw Hats managed to escape using Coup de Burst, landing near an island with natural soda springs. Seeing the Sunny in such bad shape, the Straw Hats decided to repair the ship, except for Luffy, who was sent to the island to restock their cola, having depleted their supply during the previous battle.[81] After Luffy faced and defeated Cidre and his men together with Boa Hancock, who also happened to be on the island, the citizens who were forced to work in the Guild's factory happily offered the Straw Hats barrels of cola for free as thanks. Luffy then set the ship's course to Delta Island to participate in the Pirates Festival, having received an invitation after defeating Cidre.[82]

One Piece: Stampede[]

After receiving an invitation with an Eternal Pose the crew sailed the Sunny to Delta Island, where the Pirates Festival was being held. After playing around in the town, the crew sail down one of the three rivers to the central lake in order to take part in the main event, when they are unknowingly boarded by Trafalgar Law, who was escaping pursuers.

Thousand Sunny Climbing Delta Island's Knock Up Stream

Thousand Sunny climbing Delta Island's Knock Up Stream in its Emperor Penguin Mode.

When it was revealed that the goal of the "treasure hunting race" was located on an island in a bubble located at the top of a Knock Up Stream, Franky incorporated a penguin appearance to the ship. They then overtook the competition by using Coup de Burst to directly reach first place. Midway up, Law showed himself, revealing that something sinister was afoot. In order to investigate, Chopper, Robin, Sanji and Brook went with Law on the Shark Submerge while the rest continued the race. The Sunny was the first to reach the island, landing safely on a body of water.

However, after Buggy managed to get his hand on the treasure, the island was destroyed by Douglas Bullet, which sent everything, including the Sunny and its crew plummeting back to the lake. The ship landed safely, but after learning that the Navy was approaching, the remaining crew, except for Usopp (who was being held by Bullet) and Luffy (who was going to fight Bullet) attempted to find a route to escape, with the help of the Beautiful Pirates and Barto Club. After finding a safe place to hide the Sunny, Zoro attempted to create a path to retreat but was thwarted by Admiral Fujitora.

After Bullet, who had trapped everyone on the island was defeated, the crew reunited on the Sunny, which set sail only to find a fleet of Navy warships in their path. However, together with the rest of the Worst Generation who were also on the island, they attempted to break through. Admiral Kizaru then set out to attack their ships, but thanks to Sabo's Mera Mera no Mi ability and Ann (who created an illusion of Ace with her ability) who created a flaming path on the sea, the Thousand Sunny and her crew managed to sail away.[27]

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Wano Country Arc[]

The Straw Hats (and Carrot) attempted to fix the Thousand Sunny as best they could when they unknowingly entered the waters of the Wano Country. There, they immediately encountered unusual weather phenomena, were boarded by a Spring Octopus and were tossed about by a school of huge Koi along the way. After going through a river, Luffy used the carps to pull the ship up the Climbing-Koi Waterfall but got dragged into a whirlpool as soon as they reached the top. Sanji carried the others to safety, but when Luffy attempted to leave the ship, the Spring Octopus grabbed onto him, resulting in both him and the Sunny being swallowed by the whirlpool. Luffy and the Sunny later washed up on a beach at Kuri. Soon after Luffy woke up, the ship was rammed into by a Komainu, who was later followed by a baboon as well as two Beasts Pirates members with a captured girl named O-Tama. After Luffy defeated the two Beasts Pirates scouts and rescued the girl, he hid the Sunny in a safe place before heading for O-Tama's home.[83]

On the night before the Fire Festival, the Beasts Pirates bombed the Thousand Sunny's hiding spot.[84] The ship survived but Franky and Usopp needed time to fully repair it. On the next day of the Fire Festival they set sail to the rendezvous point at Tokage Port with Carrot, Wanda and the Three Inuarashi Musketeers, where it entered the battle with the Beasts Pirates sent to ambush the Red Scabbards.[85] After the enemies were sunk and the Minks disembarked onto their allies' ships, the crew had a sudden but brief reunion with their new helmsman, Jinbe. The Thousand Sunny was then sailed ahead of its allies, soon coming across the Torii, a small but heavily fortified islet that lied right before the enemy's base. The Straw Hats made quick work of the enemy, but just as they were about to start a welcome party for Jinbe (using the enemies' provisions), their allies sailed past them. Inspired by their allies' morale, Luffy decided to put the party on hold and have it after the battle, together with everyone, before setting sail on the Sunny again, catching up to the Alliance.[86] They then sailed into the waters of their enemies' base, Onigashima. When they noticed the samurai and Minks start sinking their ships in order to hide their presence as they infiltrate the Skull Dome, the Straw Hats briefly worried they would have to do the same for the Sunny, before coming to the conclusion they could simply disguise her amongst the enemy vessels, which they promptly did before entering the island with their allies.[87]

Crews Departure

Luffy's reckless behavior causes him to steer the ship over the Waterfall as part of Kid's challenge.

After the Raid on Onigashima, the Straw Hats, with help from the locals and their allies, fixed up the Sunny, alongside the General Franky, the Heart Pirates' Polar Tang and the Kid Pirates' Victoria Punk, from any damage it received during the earlier battle, as well as possibly from the impact the ships received when Onigashima landed on the Wano mainland.[88] On a later date, when the Straw Hats were leaving Wano after saying goodbye to their friends, they and the Heart Pirates started sailing towards Mogura Port, where a gondola which allowed a safe way to leave the island existed. However, after Eustass Kid taunted the other two captains about taking the safe way out as he headed to the Climbing Koi Waterfall, Law and Luffy fell for his provocation and steered their ships off the waterfall alongside him, much to their respective crew's displeasure.[89] Fortunately, the Sunny managed to land safely with only a broken loom, which Franky fixed up.[90]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Uta's Past Arc[]

The Straw Hat's spent a lazy day out at sea on the Sunny, while listening to a Tone Dial playing Uta's new song, New Genesis.[91] Later, the Thousand Sunny set course to Elegia, after the crew begged Luffy to attend Uta's concert, and the captain agreed.[92]

One Piece Film: Red[]

The Sunny faithfully transported its crew to Elegia and was docked at its port as the Straw Hats attended Uta's concert. When Uta used her Uta Uta no Mi ability to trap everyone's spirit in Uta World, the Thousand Sunny also gained a spirit body in the form of a small anthropomorphic plush toy resembling the ship. Even in its new form, Sunny-kun loyally helped the Straw Hats when they confronted Uta and later, Tot Musica. By the end, the Straw Hats sailed away on the real Sunny, though without any knowledge how they boarded the ship.[29]

Concludes non-canon section.

Final Saga[]

Egghead Arc[]

The Sunny continued to sail the Straw Hats to their next destination in the south-east, along with Caribou, who Luffy promised to take him to the next island as thanks for his support of their alliance, though they sealed him in a barrel due to a lack of trust in him. Later, the ship is frequented by a News Coo, where they caught up with various pieces of news, such as their new bounties, what happened at the Levely, with the Seven Warlords of the Sea, as well as what happened to their friends, Vivi, Cobra and Sabo.[90] The last pieces of news were so disconcerting, Luffy nearly commanded the ship to go to Arabasta, and then Mary Geoise to find out more, before Zoro managed to convince him otherwise.[93]

Mecha-Shark Attacks Thousand Sunny

Thousand Sunny caught in the mouth of the Mecha-Shark.

Some days later, the ship got caught in a blizzard after entering the climate zone of a winter island, where they encountered a massive Warm Eddy, with a person trapped inside it. Zoro sliced the Warm Eddy revealing the person to be a child-form Jewelry Bonney. However, in a bizarre sequence of events, during the blizzard, Chopper is blown off the ship, along with Luffy who attempted to save him.[93] Luffy then grabbed Bonney in a bid to save her, just as the Glutton warned the Straw Hats of a threat below the ship. They then noticed a massive Mecha-Shark that was about to swallow the Sunny whole. After barely managing to evade the shark's jaws, Jinbe dove off the ship in order to rescue the three Devil Fruit users, giving command to Franky, who used the Ships Bottom: Rabbit Screw in an attempt to come around and help Jinbe in his rescue. However, the Mecha-Shark fired a pair of homing torpedoes at the Sunny, causing the ship to capsize, and the crew, who were unable to fight the current, to start drowning. After the Mecha-Shark chased Jinbe away with cannon fire, it turned its attention back to the Sunny. Fortunately, the ship and the crew were saved by the giant mecha, Vegaforce-01, who chased away the shark before lifting them out of the water. The pilot then revealed themselves as a young woman, who claimed to be Dr. Vegapunk.[94] When Robin doubted her, knowing that Vegapunk should be an old man, she reintroduced herself as Lilith, before demanding their money and surrounding them with Sea Beast Weapons. However, before she could go any further, Shaka contacted her and warned her of the danger she was in, particularly from Zoro and Robin. Zoro then stated a demand, with Shaka seemingly obliging.[95]

Lilith then carried the ship with the Vegaforce-01 to the Labosphere level of Egghead, with all the Straw Hats disembarking, except Zoro and Brook who stayed on the Sunny.[96] They then released Caribou and advised him to get off their ship as their agreement was that they would drop him off on the next island, though Caribou had second thoughts after learning they had landed on a government island.[97] After the CP0, who invaded the island and infiltrated the Labosphere noticed the Thousand Sunny, they attempted to destroy the ship, though Zoro managed to defend it.[98] After facing off with CP0 and preventing them and the Seraphim from killing Vegapunk and destroying the Labosphere, Zoro and Brook finally disembarked, with Stussy joining them in the Labosphere and leaving the Sunny docked outside.

A day later, when it was decided that the Vegapunks would attempt to flee Egghead with the Straw Hats, one of the Vegapunks, Lilith joined Luffy, Franky, and Bonney in moving the Sunny for the escape. After reaching it, Lilith intended to carry the Thousand Sunny to the back of the island with the Vegaforce-01 in order to assist in the escape.[99] As Admiral Kizaru defeated Sentomaru, re-took control of the Pacifistas under his control, and breached the Frontier Dome, Luffy left the Sunny to fight him off. Unfortunately, the Vegaforce-01 was caught in the crossfire of Luffy and Kizaru's fight and was heavily damaged when Luffy was sent crashing through it by Kizaru. As a result, the Sunny falls out of the destroyed robots' hands, leaving it stuck outside of the Labosphere with Franky and Lilith, as both Luffy and Bonney were already sent flying out of the Frontier Dome by Kizaru.[100] Shortly afterwards, Brook joined up with Lilith to assist her in moving the Sunny, by freezing the Island Clouds and sliding it across.[101] However, Brook failed to have a plan to stop the Sunny from falling off, greatly upsetting Lilith. Thankfully, Usopp later stopped the Sunny using Midori Boshi: Take Jave Rin, as he and the others reunited with Brook and Lilith while waiting for Jinbe and Zoro to arrive.[102] With one of the Five Elders breaching the Dome, Edison informs the Straw Hats, who noticed Stussy's absence, that she stayed behind to deactivate the Dome for them. After explaining this, Edison says he has a plan to allow the Straw Hats to reach the sea from the Labophase and flies ahead of them, breaching through the Frontier Dome, just as another Elder, Jaygarcia Saturn reaches the Labophase.[103] After surviving a run-in with Saturn, the Labophase clouds began to extend; with Usopp and Brook both coming to the realization that it was done by Edison so their ship could reach the sea.[104]

Naming Issue[]

The name Thousand Sunny is a name suggested by Iceburg that describes a ship as bright as the sun that will cheerfully sail through a thousand seas. However, before the ship was properly named as such, a couple of other names were suggested by the crew (most by Luffy, and most involving the word "lion").[19] These names include the following:

  • Bear!! Polar Bear!! Lion (クマ!!白クマ!!ライオン号, Kuma!! Shirokuma!! Raion Gō?): Luffy's first suggestion for the ship's name. Luffy suggested Black Bear Polar Bear Lion Tiger in the Funimation dub.
  • Tiger!! Wolf!! Lion (トラ!!狼!!ライオン号, Tora!! Ōkami!! Raion Gō?): Luffy's second suggestion for the ship's name. Luffy suggested Super Wolf Gorilla Bear in the FUNimation dub.
  • Squid!! Octopus!! Chimpanzee (イカ!!タコ!!チンパンジー, Ika Tako Chinpanjī?): Luffy's third suggestion for the ship's name.
  • Dumpling, Gorilla, Lion (ダンゴ・ゴリラ・ライオン号, Dango Gorira Raion Gō?): Luffy's fourth suggestion for the ship's name. Luffy suggested Dandelion Lion Dandy Unbearable Bear in the FUNimation dub.
  • Boss Lionel (ライオネル親方, Raioneru Oyakata?): Zoro's suggestion for the ship's name. Zoro suggested Big Boss Lionel in the FUNimation dub.
  • Little Darkness (暗黒丸, Ankoku-maru?): Robin's suggestion for the ship's name. Robin suggested Creature of Darkness in the FUNimation dub.
  • Monsieur Sunflower (ムッシュひまわり, Musshu Himawari?): Sanji's own suggestion for the ship's name.
  • New Battle Franky, Lion Gang Champion (ニューバトルフランキー「ライオンギャングチャンピオン号」, Nyu Batoru Furanki "Raion Gyangu Chanpion Gō"?): A name which Franky intended to call the ship.

This naming issue had also affected fans and readers alike before the ship was actually named. Many assumed that the ship's name was "King of Beasts" due to Iceburg's comment that the Pirate King should ride a ship with the theme of the king of all beasts, a lion.[1]

In Chapters 489 and 495, as well as in Strong World, Brook called the Sunny "Lion-Chan", much to Franky's chagrin. In the Funimation dub, Brook called the Sunny "Mr. Lion".

Other Appearances[]

Thousand Sunny Beach House[]

Thousand Sunny Beach House

The Thousand Sunny Beach House at Kamakura.

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of One Piece, a special beach house was created in Kamakura. The beach house in question was made to resemble the Thousand Sunny. The beach house contains various One Piece-related attractions and serves as a museum.

One Piece 20th x Kyoto[]

The Thousand Sunny at Yo

The Thousand Sunny as depicted in the One Piece x Kyoto event.

During the event art show "NUE" a Japanese style painting of the Thousand Sunny near Yo was shown.


Thousand Sunny figurines are presented in several merchandise series, including One Piece Wobbling Pirate Ship Collection and One Piece Super Ship Collection.

There are also a few model kits of the Thousand Sunny: the Grand Ship Collection model and the no grade Thousand Sunny of which there are two versions, New World and Wano.


  • During the Thousand Sunny's voyage to Fish-Man Island after being detoured in Thriller Bark, it encountered several more phenomena of the Grand Line,[42] many based on Japanese puns and mythology:
    • When the ship went through the rainstorm that poured down candy instead of rain, the pun used was "ame". Depending on how it is written, the Japanese word ame can mean either "rain" (雨) or "candy" (飴). Thus, there is a pun when the Straw Hats stated candy was falling instead of rain in Japanese. They are basically saying that a certain thing is falling down instead of another thing that sounds alike in English (though emphasis is put on different vowels, "A" for 'rain' and "E" for 'candy').
    • The name of the giant Sea King that they encountered is also a pun. "Umidanuki" (海狸, Umidanuki?, literally meaning "sea tanuki") means "beaver" in Japanese; however, the Sea King they encountered was a more literal representation of its name.
    • The circular rainbow and the serpent currents comes from ancient Japanese mythology and folklore. In ancient times, the Japanese often associated rainbows as bad omens signifying the coming of serpents. The scene where the Straw Hats see a circular rainbow just before suddenly encountering the serpent currents is based on this myth.
  • The Thousand Sunny was shown doing a face-fault similar to the face-fault that the Going Merry did when the crew entered a dangerous situation.
  • The Thousand Sunny's lion figurehead being mistaken for a sunflower is part of a running gag involving sunflowers and lions. The gag first appeared with Nami's dress when she was young. The dress originally had a sunflower design but Bell-mère stitched on some eyes and a mouth in order to make it a lion.[105] This gag is also featured in the cover art of a chapter with Zoro trying to capture a lion who is hiding behind him among a bunch of sunflowers.[106]
  • The Thousand Sunny's first appearance in intro songs is in Jungle P, and it has appeared in every one till OVER THE TOP.
    • A few of the intro songs show the Sunny using Coup de Burst; however, Hands Up! shows it incorrectly doing so while the sails are still down.
  • Thousand Sunny's Emperor Penguin Mode in One Piece: Stampede is probably a reference to the one that the Going Merry had to climb up to Skypiea, based on a chicken, both designs being based on birds that cannot fly, but used precisely for that purpose.[27]


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