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The Three-Eye Tribe is a race composed of humanoid beings with three eyes.[2]


As their name suggests, members of the Three-Eye Tribe have three eyes, with two of them normally placed and the third one on their forehead. Any other unique aspects of their appearance besides that is currently unknown, though a half-human and three-eyed hybrid will otherwise look entirely human aside from their third eye. [1]

Three-Eye TribeEdit

No pure three-eyes have been seen, but Charlotte Pudding is currently the only known person with three-eye lineage.[2]

Inter-species RelationshipsEdit

As a child, Pudding experienced discrimination from both adults and children who found her third eye disgusting. She received discrimination even from her own mother. This discrimination that she received as a child was fairly odd, since her mother had other children from other tribes with their own unusual traits. This lead to the eventual hiding of her third eye and her naturally having the expectations of Sanji to follow suit with the discrimination upon seeing it.[3]


Three-eyes possess the ability to hear the "Voice of All Things", which in turn would allow them to decipher and read the text on the poneglyphs, though they must awaken this ability through unknown means.[2] Hybrids maintain their third eye, but there is a doubt on if they can awaken the ability to access the Voice of All Things.


Their ability to hear the Voice of All things makes them a fairly useful tribe to those seeking the poneglyphs due to the their lost secrets held by them, as well as allowing them to use all the other benefits of the ability.



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