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The Three-Eye Tribe is a race composed of three-eyed humanoids.[2]


As their name suggests, members of the Three-Eye Tribe have three eyes, with two of them a normally placed human pair and a "third eye" (第三の眼 Daisan no Me?) centrally on their forehead (horizontally in alignment with the normal two). Otherwise, they seem entirely human (at least those without pure blood), and if there are other physiological differences present between three-eyes and normal humans is unknown.[1][2]

Three-Eye TribeEdit

No pure three-eyes have been seen, and Charlotte Pudding is the only known person so far possessing three-eye lineage, being half-normal human and half-three-eye.[2]

Inter-species RelationshipsEdit

Since she was a child, Pudding experienced severe discrimination from both adults and children — even from her own mother and within the racially diverse Totto Land — for her third eye, which has been thought by others to look disgusting. This lead to her eventual hiding of her third eye and her naturally having the expectations of Sanji to follow suit with the disgust upon seeing it.[3]


Three-eyes possess the potential, with their third eye, to achieve "true awakening" (開眼かいがん Kaigan?), which supposedly comes with the ability to hear the "Voice of All Things" — thus giving three-eyes potential to decipher and read Poneglyph writing;[2] it is currently unknown, however, how this true awakening is achieved.

According to Pudding, while hybrids like her maintain a third eye, it might not be possible for half-bloods to achieve said awakening.[2]


Their ability to hear the Voice of All things makes them a fairly useful tribe to those seeking the Poneglyphs due to the lost secrets held by them, as well as allowing them to use all the other benefits of the ability.[2]



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