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No Sword Style is a related fighting style that Zoro was forced to come up with during the game Groggy Ring event in the Davy Back Fight.[1]


This is an unorthodox form of his fighting style that uses no swords. Since he has rarely been in a situation without any swords, he has only shown one technique with this fighting style:

  • Tatsu Maki (龍巻き, Tatsu Maki?, literally meaning "Dragon Twister"): The motions of this technique are the same as Three Sword Style's Tatsu Maki, only this version is performed without swords, only with the arms. Zoro's lack of swords means the technique has no cutting power, and is more used only to send the opponent flying. As with the sword version, the rotating motion of Zoro spinning himself creates a spinning vortex, which sends the opponent several feet skyward. However, getting hit by one of Zoro's arms as he performs this move could also send the shockwaves into the unlucky victim's body, causing great blunt trauma and harm, as a sort of substitute in place of the cutting power of the original version. This was first seen being used against Pickles during the Davy Back Fight with the Foxy Pirates. Like the Three Sword Style version, an image of a dragon appears behind Zoro when he uses this technique.[1] In the VIZ manga and later Funimation subs, this is called Dragon Twister.
    • In the anime, Zoro used this technique again while in a gambling house in Wano.[2]


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