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Tobio is a character that appeared in the first One Piece movie. He is Ganzo's grandson, and was looking for the legendary pirate Woonan, whom he believed to be still alive.[1]


Tobio is a small boy with dark spiky hair. His outfit consists of a tan brown waistcoat over a light yellow shirt as well as a black cape with a flame design on the bottom and a red inside tied in a bow at the front. He has brown, slightly torn shorts tied with an olive green sash and brown shoes.[1]


He is an adventurous young boy, as he wanted to find the legendary pirate Woonan.

Abilities and Powers

Tobio is shown to know how to wield a wooden stick, but his proficiency in using it is very low.


Luffy protects Tobio from Eldoraggo.

He was caught by Eldoraggo at the beginning of the film and forced to work in his crew, but was freed and continued his quest. At first, he thought his grandfather, Ganzo, was wasting his life just cooking oden, but to his amazement later discovers that Ganzo was not only Woonan's childhood friend, but that he saved Woonan's life so he could become the legend he was today. In an attempt to get back the missing gold, he helped guide the Straw Hats to find a way to stop Eldoraggo from obtaining it.


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