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For Oden's wife, see Kozuki Toki.

The Toki Toki no Mi[2] is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to send themselves and others forward in time. It was eaten by Kozuki Toki, but with her death, the fruit has returned into circulation.[1]


  • Toki (?) is the Japanese word for "time".

Strengths and Weaknesses

By using this power, the user will send themselves or people of their choosing into the future, disappearing from the present day and appearing at the selected moment in time instantaneously. This can be useful for getting out of dangerous situations.[1] The user is also apparently able to decide the specific amount of time skipped for each trip.[3]

It is impossible to travel into the past, meaning that any and all trips forward in time are irreversible. Also, the fruit's power cannot teleport the travelers to other locations, meaning that the user must be careful of where they or others are standing at the moment of the time-jump.[4] Otherwise, the user is affected by the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.[1]


During her life, Toki had used this ability to travel further and further into the future, allowing her to live in many different time periods. Whenever she found herself cornered by some apparent threat, Toki could activate her ability in order to escape it, moving forward to a time period where the threat was not present anymore.[5]

The final time she used this fruit was to enable her son Momonosuke and four of her retainers to escape from the burning of Oden Castle, sending them 20 years into the future.[1]


At least 830 years ago, Toki ate the fruit and gained the ability to time travel to the future, having used the fruit's ability to travel and live from one time period to the next, eventually landing herself 30 years before the present where she finally settled down and married Kozuki Oden.[6][7]

She last used her ability to send her son and half of the Nine Red Scabbards twenty years in the future.[1] Following her death, the Devil Fruit returned to circulation.


  • Like other Devil Fruits that were eaten by people from Wano Country (i.e. the Fuku Fuku no Mi, the Juku Juku no Mi, and the Maki Maki no Mi), the Toki Toki no Mi was not entirely named in the manga, instead being called the Toki Toki Ability (トキトキの能力 Toki Toki no Chikara?). It was given its full name in the Vivre Card databook.
    • The Funimation subs translated "Toki Toki Ability" as "Time-Time Fruit", despite the inaccuracy of the translation.
  • This is one of two Devil Fruits that seems to have no known combat capabilities, the other being the Chiyu Chiyu no Mi.


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