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Tokijiro is a resident of the Flower Capital in Wano Country. He once possessed the blueprints to Kaidou's fortress on Onigashima.[1]


Tokijiro is a youthful-looking man with tyrian purple hair that sticks up in the front and has a topknot in the back. He wears a coral kimono with peach swirl patterns on it.[1]


Little is known about Tokijiro's personality, but he was polite enough to tell Franky what he had done with the Onigashima blueprints.[1]



At some point in the past, Tokijiro acquired the blueprints for Kaidou's fortress on Onigashima from the geisha Kisegawa through unknown means. However, Rakuda then told Tokijiro that they would sell for a lot of money and then gained possession of the blueprints.[1]

Wano Country Arc

Franky came to visit Tokijiro to look for the blueprints, and Tokijiro explained how he had gained and lost possession of them.[1] Tokijiro celebrated during the Fire Festival alongside Kumagoro, Kobe, Kisegawa, and Rakuda, who were fantasizing about the Kozuki Family defeating Orochi and Kaidou.[2]


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