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Tokyo One Piece Tower was the only indoor theme park for the popular Japanese manga series, One Piece. It offered several games and attractions based on characters of the Straw Hat Crew from One Piece, entertainment shows, merchandise shops and restaurants, and seasonal events and campaigns. It was managed by AMUSE QUEST Inc and created in special cooperation with Shueisha. It was sponsored by Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd.[1]

The core concept is that the whole park is an island in the New World called Tongari Island, that the Straw Hat Crew landed on, and they created games and attractions for their fans with the islanders. The island's leader is Tongari Den Den Mushi who frequently appears as the guide in some attractions and the website.

In 2019, it ranked 4th in TripAdvisor 2019 Traveler's Choice Top 10 Amusement Parks[2] in the Japan region.

The park opened March 13, 2015 and closed permanently on July 31, 2020.[3][4]


Tokyo One Piece Tower opened on March 13, 2015 inside Tokyo Tower. After its opening, it underwent a partial renovation and reopened on June 18, 2016.[5]

For the park's third anniversary, Shueisha released Volume 333, a commemorative volume containing interviews with Eiichiro Oda and GReeeeN and SBS questions about Tongari Island and its residents.[6]

Due to concerns over the coronavirus pandemic, the park closed from February 28 and had plans to reopen on March 18, 2020.[7] However, the park's closure was extended indefinitely.[3] It was reopened for a final run, but it closed permanently July 31, 2020.[4]

The park's website was wiped of all content and replaced with a sendoff message October 24, 2020, and the domain will be permanently retired November 1, 2020.[8][9]


Welcome Wall

It is a wall display featuring roughly 300 of the Vivre Card - One Piece Visual Dictionary cards for visitors to look at. It is located on the third floor.[10]

360 Log Theatre -The World of One Piece

360 Log Theatre.

It is an experiential attraction where the famous scenes of Straw Hat Pirates adventure from the manga series are projected onto a 360-degree omnidirectional screen. It is located on the third floor, the entrance floor of One Piece Tower, and the first attraction to welcome visitors to the island.[11]

The Plaza of Origin

It is an area featuring famous scenes with the Straw HAt Pirates and a statue of Gol D. Roger at his execution. It is located on the third floor.[12]

Straw Hat Crew's Great Feast

It is a group of statues of the Straw Hat Pirates throwing a party. Visitors can take pictures with their favorite crew members. A statue of Bartolomeo also appears in the area but separate from the crew.[13]

Luffy's Endless Adventure

Luffy's Endless Adventure.

It is a walk-through attraction that follows the adventurous history of the protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy and his fellow characters. It is located on the 5th floor. There are life-size statues of Luffy, Shanks, and Ace, as well as a mirror maze, miniatures and exhibition panels.

There is a movie theater in it with a widescreen at the end showing an original short film only available at Tokyo One Piece Tower. It is roughly 20 minutes long.[14]

Zoro's Soul of Edge

Zoro's Soul of Edge.

It is an interactive game based on one of Straw Hat Pirates, Roronoa Zoro located on the fourth floor. Inside is a dojo that Zoro established, and Zoro's and other characters’ swords and weapons are displayed on the wall inside. Visitors can play a game where they must slash down cannons fired from the screen in front to defeat Marines with a sword using Zoro's skills. Visitors can earn a certificate if they get a high enough score. The game takes 5 minutes to play. Visitors can also take a commemorative photo available for purchase at the Tongari Store.[15]

Nami's Casino House

Nami's Casino House.

It is an interactive attraction based on the navigator of Straw Hat Pirates, Nami located on the fourth floor. It is a casino game where the players bet a certain amount of Berries, the world currency in One Piece, for a three-point match to win a jackpot. The winners with over certain amount of Berries receive a VIP card. The game takes 15 minutes to play, and players who win more than 400,000 berries will receive special casino-style pins.[16]

Usopp's Road to Sogeking

Usopp's Road to Sogeking.

It is an interactive game based on one of Straw Hat Pirates, Usopp located on the fourth floor. The players will shoot the Marines with a slingshot, Usopp's iconic weapon for a given time. The last enemy is the World Government. The games takes 5 minutes to play.[17]

Chopper's Thousand.Sunny Tours

Chopper's Thousand.Sunny Tours.

It is an interactive walk-through attraction guided by one of Straw Hat Pirates, Tony Tony Chopper located on the fourth floor. The whole attraction imitates the interior of Straw Hat Crew's second ship, Thousand Sunny. It includes the kitchen and dining room with a shark on the table, Nami and Robin's bedroom, and other facilities inside Thousand Sunny. Visitors can also look through the door window into the bathroom to see a silhouette of Nami. It takes about 10 minutes to walk through.[18]

Robin's Finding Ponegliff

Robin's Finding Ponegliff.

It is an interactive game based on one of Straw Hat Pirates, Nico Robin located on the fourth floor involving the whole park. Visitors are given a Den Den Mushi to communicate with Robin on a mission to find many ancient characters hidden all over the park and eventually discover Ponegliff in the ancient remains. The time limit for the attraction is 30 minutes. Players can take a commemorative Wanted Poster photo at the end and purchase it at the Tongari Store.[19]

Franky's Park

Franky's Ball Run.

It is an area dedicated to the shipwright, Franky, on the fourth floor. There is a pinball machine called "Franky's Ball Run" in the shape of General Franky, colorful kid's area with toys, and a small cafe called Franky's Cola Bar offering light meals and beverages. Using the pinball machine costs 500 yen per game, and games last about 1 minute. Playing enters visitors into jackpot to win special prizes, including limited edition One Piece World Collectable Figures.[20]

Brook's Horror House

Brook's Horror House.

It is a haunted house based on one of Straw Hat Pirates, Brook. The players will be given one salt ball (塩玉) to defeat zombies roaming inside the haunted house. It is located in the fourth floor and takes about 5 minutes to walk through. It includes statues of Perona and Buhichuck.[21]

Kid's Space

There is a children’s play area in the park. It features simple toys and games for toddlers and is on the fourth floor next to Franky’s Coca-Cola Bar.[22]

Manga Walk

Manga Walk.

It is a walkthrough area where an entre volume is exhibited. The most recent one was Volume 95. It takes 20 minutes to walk through and is located on the fifth floor.[23]

One Piece Live Attraction

An original entertainment show where live ONE PIECE characters will unfold an adventurous story on stage. The theater is located on the fifth floor. Approximately four to six shows are held every day.[24] The storyline changes seasonally. Most shows last about 20 minutes.[25]

Tongari Theater

Tongari Theater.

It is a theater space with three screens and a stage on the fifth floor. It is where some limited time events and shows were held, such as One Piece 4D and the Great Adventure on Tongari Island. It also includes the Greeting Cabin.[26]

Greeting Cabin

This is an area where visitors can take photos with members of the Straw Hat Pirates. Photos that are taken are placed in a special One Piece-themed frame. Tickets for this attraction are at an additional cost and are sold separately.[26]

Special Exhibition Area

It is a rotating exhibit space located on the fifth floor. The first exhibit shown their highlighted the One Piece Magazine volumes.[27]

Straw Hat Crew's Autograph Area

It is a wall display on the third floor with the signatures and most recent Wanted Posters of the Straw Hat Pirates.[28]

Pirates' Paper Fortune

It is a statue of a Sea Cat that dispenses paper fortunes to visitors. Each fortune costs 100 yen. It is located on the fourth floor.[29]

Tongari Island Photo Spots

There are numerous photo spots inside the park including characters’ life-size statues, portraits, special exhibitions, etc. They are located throughout the park on the third, fourth, and fifth floors.[30]

MEMORIAL WALL ~Remember Marineford~

MEMORIAL WALL ~Remember Marineford~.

This Photo Spot includes a wall projection of the major events of Marineford and a statue of Whitebeard Pirates's First Division Commander Marco. It is located on the fifth floor. The projection runs every thirty minutes beginning at 10:55, and the duration is 2–3 minutes. Photos are not allowed during the projection.

Cruise History

This exhibit highlights the history of One Piece and features original storyboards, animations, and scripts from the series. It also includes statues of characters (including Karoo, Nami's Waver, and Gol D. Roger, and costumes designed after characters' outfits (including members of Baroque Works). The exhibit includes an audio guide by the voice actors for Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, and Chopper. It is located on the fifth floor. It opened on April 24, 2019, to celebrate the anime's 20th anniversary.

The exhibit also features an event called Sugolog Cruise (?), where visitors have to solve puzzles based on Luffy's adventures. The participation kit can be picked up on the fourth floor's tourist information desk, and once all the puzzles are completed, visitors report back to the desk to receive prizes. The prizes are special One Piece cards that highlight different scenes from the story. There are 92 cards, and they are handed out at random on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays as prizes.

Shops and Restaurants

Tongari Store

Tongari Store.

It is a merchandise shop inside the park on the third floor offering exclusive goods and items with original designs only at Tokyo One Piece Tower.[31]

Tongari Store Mini

Tongari Store Mini.

It is a smaller version of the Tongari Store that sells similar goods. It is located on the fifth floor of Tokyo Tower.[31]

One Piece Mugiwara Store

It is a One Piece official merchandise shop outside the park on the first floor of Tokyo Tower offering One Piece goods and items. There are exclusive items only on sale at Tokyo Tower.[31]

Franky's Coca-Cola Bar

It is a small cafe inside the park managed by Coca-Cola lover Franky. It offers various light meals and beverages, and some tables and chairs to rest. It is located on the first floor.[32]

Cafe Mugiwara

It is a library cafe located on the first floor of Tokyo Tower that offers foods and beverages inspired by different characters and stories from One Piece. It has more than six hundred books and comics from the world related to ONE PIECE including original manga series for visitors to read freely while eat and rest.

It offers special monthly birthday menus for a certain character from One Piece. Also, it often collaborates with other events such as Ichiban Kuji. It is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.[32]

Sanji's Oresama Restaurant

It is a restaurant run by Straw Hat Crew's cook, Sanji located on the first floor of Tokyo Tower beside Cafe Mugiwara. It offers various meals in buffet style from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. (maximum 70 minutes stay) and a la carte style from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. including a course menu and special events related menus.

"ORESAMA (俺様)" is a narcissistic way of saying "me" in Japanese and the first personal pronoun Sanji refers to himself in ONE PIECE. His statue stands between Mugiwara Cafe and Sanji's ORESAMA Restaurant.

The interior imitates various items or scenes from ONE PIECE such as a mast, prison bars, etc. for visitors to indulge in the world of ONE PIECE.[32]

Special Events

All special events at Tokyo One Piece Tower are limited time. These include movies, stage productions and temporary exhibits.

Bon Kurei Dance Performance Show

Bon Kurei Dance Performance Show (ボン・クレー ダンスパフォーマンスショー Bon kurē dansupafōmansushō?) was a dance performance centered around Bentham, held in Tongari Theater. It was first shown from August 15 to 31, 2015. After the show, a commemorative photo session was held outside Luffy's Endless Adventure where visitors could take pictures with Bentham and his okama companions. The show was also performed December 28, 2015 to January 3, 2016, from April 11 to 22, 2016, and from August 1 to 31, 2016.[33][34][35] The show was held off and on again through the rest of the park's years of operation.

The plot of the show is that Bentham had come to Tongari Island because he wanted to find the "strongest friend" to lead a new Newkama Land Tongari Branch (ニューカマーランドトンガリ支部 Nyūkamārandotongari shibu?).[36] He and his companions Pon and Mofu danced and played a game where a member of the audience is selected to raise and flag and try to match the sign Pon and Mofu are going to hold up: 'Man' or 'Woman.'[37]

Zombie Pretty Fever

Zombie Pretty Fever (ゾンビ・プリティ・フィーバー Zonbi puriti fībā?) was a dance performance centered around Perona, held in Tongari Theater. It was first shown from October 27 to 31, 2015.[38] Before the first showing, 50 of the 100 spectators are selected via lottery to see the performance early. Guests were given a special dress code to dress in their favorite Perona or Kumashi-themed outfits. Two people were selected from the audience and competed with rock-paper-scissors to decide who looked cuter. After the event, visitors can take pictures with Perona and her zombie subordinates outside of Luffy's Endless Adventure.[39] Zombie Pretty Fever was shown again from April 11 to 22, 2016.[34] The show was held off and on again through the rest of the park's years of operation.

The plot of the show was that Perona had come to Tongari Island because she wanted to turn it into her ideal country, populated only by cute zombies. She performed a song-and-dance routine with her minions, Pre and Tea, and she demonstrated her abilities on them during the show, depressing one with a Negative Hollow and sticking her hand into the other to touch his heart.[38]

One Piece 4D

One Piece 4D was an original 3D animation that featured different scenes from Fish-Man Island, Punk Hazard and Dressrosa Story Arcs. Because it was released before the end of the Dressrosa Arc, the movie ends with Luffy and Trafalgar Law confronting Doflamingo on the roof of Dressrosa's royal palace.

The animation made some modifications to the arcs' plots. In Punk Hazard, Caesar only blows up Luffy once with his Gastanettes, as opposed to twice in the manga. In Dressrosa, Luffy runs up Pica's arm by himself, as opposed to riding on Ucy with Zoro, Abdullah and Jeet.

Plot Summary

The animation begins with the Straw Hat Pirates descending into the sea on the coated Thousand Sunny. The crew encounters the Kraken, and Luffy, Zoro and Sanji attack it. The scene then cuts to Gyoncorde Plaza where Neptune and his sons are being held for their executions. Hody Jones prepares to execute them, and Shirahoshi cries out, begging for them to be spared. Suddenly, Luffy jumps out from behind Shirahoshi and strikes Hody, knocking him into a wall. The scene transitions to Luffy and Hody's conflict in the waters outside of Noah, and Luffy defeats Hody with Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk.

Now on Punk Hazard, Mocha begs Nami and Sanji to rescue her and her friends. The scene changes to Caesar Clown, and then to Luffy and Trafalgar Law outside of Caesar's laboratory. Luffy fights Caesar but is bombarded by Smiley before he can finish his opponent off, and Caesar uses his Gastonette to cause a large explosion around Luffy. Luffy survives and faces Caesar again inside the laboratory, punching the scientist in the face.

On Dressrosa, Doflamingo has activated his Birdcage and announces his plans to destroy the island to its citizens. During the announcement, Luffy and Law stand and face Pica, who has merged with the King's Plateau. Pica punches the island's surface, destroying many buildings and creating a dust storm. Luffy jumps and runs up Pica's arm before hitting the officer in the face with Gomu Gomu no Grizzly Magnum. Luffy falls to the roof of Dressrosa's Royal Palace, where he and Law stand before a smiling Doflamingo. "To be Continued" flashes before the screen, indicating the animation's end.

Characters in Order of Appearance

The Great Treasure of Tongari Island

Treasure Hunting: The Great Adventure on Tongari Island.

The Great Treasure of Tongari Island is an 2D animation with an original story about the Straw Hat Pirates exploring Tongari Island in search of the island's hidden treasure.[40] It has an eleven-minute run time. The animation features complete English subtitles.

It was associated with Treasure Hunting: The Great Adventure on Tongari Island, a real treasure hunting event at Tokyo One Piece Tower where guests had to decipher a mystery to find the legendary Tongari Ton.[41][42]

Tokyo Pirates Festival 2018

TOKYO PIRATES FESTIVAL 2018 was a limited event where visitors could choose to participate in two competing shows: Tongari Pirates Wanted (トンガリ海賊団員募集 Tongari kaizoku dan'in boshū?) and Marines Patrol (海軍パトロール Kaigun patorōru?). If visitors participated in Tongari Pirates Wanted, they had a chance to be recruited for the crew by Sole, Arista, and their crewmates and make a wanted poster. If visitors participated in Marines Patrol, they could become subordinates of Captain Pontanitaire. The show event ran from July 14 to September 14, 2018 and was held at the special stage on the fourth floor.[43]

Tokyo One Piece Tower X DAZZLE

Tokyo One Piece Tower X DAZZLE Immersive Theater: When the Box of Time Opens (東京ワンピースタワー × イマーシブシアター「時の箱が開く時」 Tōkyō wanpīsutawā × imāshibushiatā `toki no hako ga hiraku toki'?) is a collaborative live show between Tokyo One Piece Tower and dance company DAZZLE that took place September 22–30, 2018 and again January 10–25, 2019.[44] The show took place across all floors of Tokyo One Piece Tower and featured synchronous scenes, meaning characters were interacting with each other in different locations at the same time. Over 20 different scenes occur at once.[45] In the second run of the show, an additional 10 scenes were added.[46] The show mixes acted scenes by the Straw Hat Pirates and prominent members of DAZZLE with dance numbers by the company. The show runs for 1 hour and 20 minutes.

In the show, Tongari Island is holding an annual festival for the island's traditional deity, who is said to grant magical powers and extraordinary treasures. Many, including the Straw Hat Pirates, flock to the festival. During the festival, a wedding takes place, and according to the island's tradition, "when you pledge your love to a deity, your love will be eternal." An incident also occurs, and audience members must help the Straw Hat Pirates solve the mystery behind it.[47] A group wearing long red coats seeks to claim the Box of Time, and Il from the wedding couple confronts them with Luffy. The crew fights the group, and Nami and Sanji play a game against another group wearing yellow shirts in a casino.[48]

Visitors from the Wrecked Ship

Visitors from the Wrecked Ship -The Curse of Resurrected Mummy- (難破船からの訪問者~蘇りしミイラの呪い~ Nanbasen kara no hōmon-sha ~ yomigaerishi mīra no noroi ~?) is a mission-based horror event where visitors have to solve puzzles and protect their “Life Tasuki” from being stolen by mummies, who arrived on Tongari Island one day when a wrecked ship drifted ashore. Successfully completing the event will earn visitors a special badge. The Straw Hat Pirates also appear in the event’s ending. The event time limit is 90 minutes.

The event was produced by Japanese entertainment group Obaken, who are known for their horror and mystery-solving events. The event ran on December 2, 8, and 14, 2018.[49]

Live Action Role Playing Game

Tokyo One Piece Tower hosted a Live Action Role Playing Game from June 21–26 and November 8–16, 2019 called Piece Trail: The Adventurers and the Amazing Spring (ピーストレイル~冒険者と奇跡の泉~ Pīsutoreiru ~ bōken-sha to kiseki no izumi ~?).[50] Visitors would help the Straw Hat Pirates and other original characters, clear quests and games, collect items and information, and get one of two endings depending on what they chose to do. Performances lasted about 60 minutes.[51]

The event's gameplay is similar to an RPG game. Visitors must talk to the characters to learn more information and gain new quests. Visitors start a game with three tokens, each of which can be used to redeem information or an item, and more can be earned by completing quests and games. Visitors complete quests to help the princes and the crew, and the ending of the game changes based on the story visitors follow.

Special items were available with this event, including a can badge, and a rainbow honey drink with a commemorative could be purchased at Franky's Coca-Cola Bar.[52]

Plot Summary

On Tongari Island, there is a "Fountain of Miracles" (奇跡の泉 Kiseki no izumi?) that will grant anyone a wish if they overcome an ordeal. Two princes from the nearby country of Strumia had come to undergo the ordeal to save their land. However, Eric, the guardian of the fountain, mistakenly gives the Straw Hat Pirates the rainbow-colored honey (虹色の蜜 Nijiiro no mitsu?) from the fountain, and the ingredients cause the crew to lose their voices. The visitors must help the princes save their country and the crew get back their voices by completing the ordeal. The two princes split up and are helped by different characters: Lance is helped by Nami, and Taylor is helped by Sabo. One of the event's endings follows the princes, and another deals with Eric and a Marine soldier from the Tongari Island branch, Duncan.[52][53]

Staff List

Live Action Role Playing Game - Piece Trail: The Adventurer and the Miracle Fountain
Planning Tokyo One Piece Tower
Content Planning Mina Sakuraba
Composition/Screenplay Maiko Gomachi
Directing Daiki Sano
Production Oracle Knights
Production Cooperation Peek-entertainment Ltd.


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