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Tomoshibi Island is a non-canon island in the New World and former territory of the Whitebeard Pirates.[1]


Tomoshibi Island's geography is similar to the structure of Univeral Studios Japan's WaterWorld stage. At the center of the island is a tall tower with a flame at the top that was lit by Portgas D. Ace.[1]


Hakuto is the only named citizen of the island and its sole protector after the Whitebeard Pirates dissolved.[1]


Tomoshibi Island has famous meat and sake.[1]



Hakuto was born and raised on Tomoshibi Island. When he was older, he protected the island from invading pirates and was helped by Ace. The two drove off the pirates and became friends, and Ace offered to claim the island as Whitebeard's territory so that Hakuto could join the crew and accompany him out to sea. Whitebeard agreed, and Ace lit a flame on the island's tower to symbolize that the island was under their protection.

Hakuto left with the crew only to return later after they lost the Payback War, carrying on Ace's legacy and protecting his island from invaders by himself.[1]

One Piece Premier Show 2017

The Straw Hat Pirates used Coup de Burst to escape from the Marines to Tomoshibi Island. Luffy set out on the island by himself and came across Hakuto talking about Ace and fighting invading pirates. Luffy jumped in to help, and the pirates fleed when they realized who he was. The crew caught up to Luffy, and Hakuto realized who he was as well, explaining that he used to be part of the Whitebeard Pirates and apologizing for Ace's death. Luffy forgave him for trying his best.

Hakuto and the island's other residents held a feast to welcome their guests. Luffy and Hakuto bonded over Ace, and Franky and Chopper returned to shore to check on the Thousand Sunny. Hakuto explained his relationship to Ace and what happened in the Payback War to Luffy, and he told the young captain that the tower's fire was a testament to the fact that Ace defended the island.

The BIG Pirates interrupted the celebration, attacking Luffy and Hakuto. Hakuto rushed them, but Noir targeted his blind spot before biting Brook and Usopp. Neiro used his Devil Fruit abilities to immobilize the crew by making them obese, but Franky returned and used Nipple Light to stop him from doing the same to Hakuto. He used Coup de Boo to make the BIG Pirates retreat, and Hakuto ran off to protect Ace's fire while Franky and Chopper helped the rest of the crew lose weight.

Hakuto arrived at Ace's flame in time to stop the BIG Pirates, but he was shot by Bad One Gracie after drawing his sword. Luffy came to his aid and surprised Neiro by burning off the excess fat so quickly. Luffy pushed Neiro and Noir back, and Gracie called in Germa 66 to assist them. The rest of the Straw Hat Pirates came to fight them, and Zoro and Sanji defeated Neiro and Noir respectively. Luffy confronted Gracie, and he activated his awakened Devil Fruit abilities to cover Tomoshibi Island in cannons, bombarding the crew and Hakuto with gunfire. He succeeded in putting out Ace's flame, but Luffy and Hakuto persisted. When Luffy declared that he would protect the island, Ace's spirit reignited the fire. Hakuto's sword began to glow blue, and Luffy used it and Ace's flame to light his hands on fire, defeating Gracie with Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk.

Luffy reunited with his crew, and Hakuto bowed deeply to thank him. They threw a party, and Jesus Burgess, who had come to the island to observe the BIG Pirates, called Blackbeard on a Den Den Mushi. Germa 66 left, and Sabo and Koala appeared at the tower after pursuing Burgess from Dressrosa. They looked at the fire, and Sabo shed a tear for Ace before leaving.[1]


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