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Tongari Den Den Mushi is the leader of Tongari Island and the central guide figure for guests at Tokyo One Piece Tower.[1]


Tongari a yellow Den Den Mushi with orange speckles, a large purple pointed mustache, and a long purple goatee. He also has a pointed, orange and white striped shell, which is very different than the typical round shell of a Den Den Mushi.

At night, Tongari wears sky blue-colored pajamas and a nightcap with a fluffy ball on top.[1]


Tongari pretends to be forgetful and mumbles when he is asked something inconvenient. He also somewhat enjoys getting scolded by strict women.[1]

Tongari is a very slow talker, is afraid of heights, and gets seasick easily. He also enjoys singing to himself.[1]

Tongari goes by the nickname チョウロウ (Chourou?), which means 'senior' in English.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Tongari has the ability to look at very far places, allowing him to watch over the Straw Hat Pirates and the rest of the world. Tongari is also very slow at walking.[1]


Tongari acts as the leader of Tongari island and lives in an underground cave. From his island, he watches over the Straw Hat Pirates and the rest of the world and tells the story to the island's residents and visitors.[1]


  • Tongari's favorite food is rice crackers, and his hobby is songwriting.[1]
  • Tongari's motto in is "Once in a lifetime experience" (一期一会 Ichigoichie?)[1], a Japanese idiom refers to the value of traditional Tea Ceremony.


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