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Tongari Island is a non-canon island located in the New World. It is the setting for Tokyo One Piece Tower and where all live attractions and related animations take place.


Tongari Island is a small, rocky island with a flattened central section where the main tower is located. The island's secret power is channeled through the central tower, as seen when it came to the aid of Monkey D. Luffy and Trafalgar Law.[1]

Underneath the island's surface are a series of caves that hold some of the island's secrets.[2]


Tongari Island has a number of shops, restaurants, and a casino on the island.[1]

Live Music Club TONGARI

Live Music Club TONGARI is a music club where DJ Parrot hosts performers and guests. In the venue, there is a large stage for performers, a booth for DJ Parrot, and the mezzanine where the audience watches from.[3]

Marines Branch

A branch of the Marines is located on the island, and Marine soldiers frequently patrol it. The only notable members are Pontanitaire and Duncan.[4]

Fountain of Miracles

The Fountain of Miracles (奇跡の泉 Kiseki no izumi?) is said to grant anyone a wish if they overcome an ordeal. It is guarded by Eric and contains rainbow-colored honey that those who wish to complete the ordeal must consume to begin it.[5]


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Tongari Island
Tongari Den Den Mushi Ann DJ Parrot Pontanitaire Sole
Arista Hannah Mona Il Eric
Duncan Mist Creature
Straw Hat Pirates Bentham Pon and Mofu Perona Pre and Tea
Trafalgar D. Water Law Borsalino Buggy Puggy Sentomaru
Issho Caesar Clown Sabo Charlotte Cracker Taylor

Mist Creature

The mist creature confronts the Straw Hat Pirates.

A cursed mist creature can be found in the underground caves of Tongari Island. It has the ability to change its form and has changed its shape to a giant hand and different members of the Straw Hat Pirates. It is also able to break itself apart into smaller mist clouds. It attacked the Straw Hat Pirates when they got lost in the island's cave system but was defeated by Monkey D. Luffy. It first appeared in One Piece Live Attraction: Welcome to Tongari Mystery Tour.[2]

Culture and Traditions

Tongari Island's residents hold an annual festival for the island's traditional deity, who is said to grant magical powers and extraordinary treasures. It is said that if couples get married and pledge their love to the deity, their love will be eternal.[6]

The Fountain of Miracles also holds traditional, cultural value in that consuming the rainbow-colored honey from it and completing an ordeal is said to grant anyone any wish they desire.[5]



For generations, Tongari Island harbored a special power that was handed down for generations and was given to Tongari Den Den Mushi.[1]

Some years ago, Ann was born on Tongari Island. She left to become a diva.[3]

Bon Kurei Dance Performance Show

Bentham, Pon and Mofu traveled to Tongari Island to find the "strongest friend" who can lead a new Newkama Land Tongari Branch (ニューカマーランドトンガリ支部 Nyūkamārandotongari shibu?) and tested the island's other visitors to find someone suitable.[7]

Zombie Pretty Fever

Perona, Pre and Tea traveled to Tongari Island to turn it into Perona's ideal country populated only by cute zombies.[8]

One Piece Live Attraction: Welcome to Tongari Mystery Tour

The Straw Hat Pirates visited Tongari Island and got lost in the island's underground cave system. There, they encountered the island's cursed mist creature but were able to defeat it before Franky blasted a hole in the cave's wall and escaped to the beaches outside.[9]

One Piece Live Attraction 2

The crew was exploring the island when they were trapped in a large cage by Trafalgar Law and Kizaru. Law turned against Kizaru and helped the crew defeat him, after which they celebrated.[10]

The Great Treasure of Tongari Island

The Straw Hat Pirates returned to Tongari Island and went shopping, ate at restaurants, and gambled. They then followed a tip from Law about treasure hidden in one of the island's cave. There they found a treasure chest with Tongari Den Den Mushi inside. Law appeared, and a Seastone cage fell to trap the crew. Kizaru appeared behind Law and revealed that Law had captured the crew for him. The crew was shocked by Law's betrayal, but Franky destroyed the cage by shooting the Gaon Cannon from the sea nearby into the mouth of the cave, freeing them.

Monkey D. Luffy confronted Law, and Roronoa Zoro and Sanji clashed with Fujitora and Sentomaru, who had accompanied Kizaru. Luffy and Law traded blows and blocked each other, and right before they were about to clash, Bepo called to them through Tongari Den Den Mushi to reveal that he and the rest of the crew had been saved by other members of the Straw Hat Pirates. Luffy and Law turned together against Kizaru, but they struggled to defeat him. Nami and Bepo shouted to their captains, begging them to win, and Tongari Den Den Mushi began to glow. Little did the crew know, but the captains had activated the island's hidden power through the strong bonds with their crews, which concentrated through the central tower into a beam of light. The beam strengthened Luffy and Law's Haki, allowing them to overtake Kizaru.

The Marines left, and the Straw Hat Pirates and Heart Pirates threw a party together on the island.[1]

One Piece Live Attraction: Phantom

Ann returned to Tongari Island, and to celebrate, DJ Parrot hosted a special concert for her at Live Music Club TONGARI. Ann began to perform but got distracted when the Straw Hat Pirates arrived to watch. After she was reminded that she was performing, she continued the concert and demonstrated her abilities to the crew. Suddenly, Buggy and Puggy appeared and captured Ann, forcing her to create phantoms of the Straw Hat Pirates' allies to confuse and apprehend them to hand them over to the Marines. When Buggy created a phantom of Sabo, Luffy knocked the pair away and freed Ann and his crew.

Ann thanked Luffy and offered to make a phantom of Portgas D. Ace to return the favor, and after Luffy declined, DJ Parrot restarted the concert. Ann and the crew sang and danced together, but Buggy returned. Luffy, with the help of a phantom of Ace that Ann made in secret, defeated Buggy, and he and his crew parted with Ann as they finished the concert.[3]


The Tongari Pirates and the Tongari Island Branch of the Marines, led by Captain Pontanitaire, held competing recruitment efforts to find new members among the island's visitors.[4]

One Piece X DAZZLE

Tongari Island held an annual festival for the island's traditional deity, and many, including the Straw Hat Pirates, flocked to the festival. During the festival, a wedding took place, but an incident occurred that the Straw Hat Pirates tried to solve. A group wearing long red coats came to claim the Box of Time, and Il from the wedding couple confronted them with Luffy. The crew fought the group, and Nami and Sanji played a game against another group wearing yellow shirts in a casino.[6]

Visitors from the Wrecked Ship

One day, a wrecked ship drifted ashore on Tongari Island. A group of Marines went to investigate it, but they did not return. Soon, the wrecked ship's passengers, a group of mummies, spread out across the island, putting all of the island's visitors and the Straw Hat Pirates in danger.[11]

One Piece Live Attraction: Marionette

Ann was performing another concert when one of Tongari Island's residents ran onto her performance stage and begged her to run away. The resident was sprayed with poisonous gas by Caesar Clown and fell under the scientist's control. Caesar used the resident to attack Ann, but before he could hurt her, Sabo appeared and intervened. Caesar tricked Sabo into falling victim to his poison marionette gas as well, and Ann ran to find help. She came across the Straw Hat Pirates, but before she could explain her predicament, Sabo pursued and attacked them. The crew was confused and tried to fight Sabo and Caesar without hurting their friend, but Caesar was able to spray Zoro, Sanji, and Usopp. Luffy struggled against them all, but just before they were about to defeat him together, Luffy had Ann create a phantom of Vinsmoke Reiju to remove the poison from their systems.

Now saved, the crew and Sabo turned to fight Caesar. However, he revealed that he was working with Charlotte Cracker to get revenge against Luffy. Cracker summoned his Biscuit Hei to hold of the rest of the crew while he and Caesar fought Sabo and Luffy. Luffy and Sabo defeat the pair, and the rest of the crew take care of Cracker's Biscuit Hei. In the meantime, Tony Tony Chopper created an antidote to the poison. With their enemies defeated, the crew disseminated the antidote among the island's residents. Sabo, Zoro, and Sanji asked Luffy to hurt them equal to how much they hurt Luffy to make up for it, but Luffy refused. Ann commented on how nice it would be to have friend like the crew, and Luffy affirmed to her that they were friends. The crew, Ann, and Sabo held a feast to celebrate their friendship, and they sang together before going their separate ways.[12]

Live Action Role Playing Game

Two princes from the nearby country of Strumia came to Tongari Island to undergo the ordeal in order to save their land. However, Eric, the guardian of the fountain, mistakenly gave the Straw Hat Pirates the rainbow-colored honey from the fountain, and the ingredients caused the crew to lose their voices. Lance and Taylor split up to work alongside Nami and Sabo respectively, hoping to save the crew and help the princes complete the ordeal. One of the event's endings followed the princes, and another dealt with Eric and Duncan.[5]


The Tongari Ton can be found on Tongari Island, but to find its nest, one must decipher an ancient riddle.[13]


  • The central tower on the island is based on the real-life Tokyo Tower.


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