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Tosa[2] is a Marine Vice Admiral and one of the nine that took part in the Egghead Incident.[1]


Tosa is a big burly man with a big roundish beard. He has huge hairy muscular arms and big hands. He wears a cap with the word "MARINES" on, as well a dark t-shirt, light pants, dark boots. As a high-ranking officer, he wears a Justice coat draped over his shoulders.[3]


Tosa takes missions seriously. He was confident that with his abilities he could take down Jewelry Bonney.[2] He also showed concern for Jaygarcia Saturn when Bonney stabbed the Elder.[4]

Abilities and Powers[]

As a Vice Admiral, he has authority over lower-ranking Marines.


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Tosa is capable of using Shigan. According to himself, his fingers are powerful enough to pierce armor.[2]


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Like all vice admirals, Tosa can use Haki.[5] He can use Busoshoku Haki in combination with his usage of Shigan.[2]


Tosa Wielding Gun

Tosa wielding a rifle.

When orders were given to execute Jewelry Bonney, Tosa wielded a cannon-like rifle.[4]


Final Saga[]

Egghead Arc[]

When the World Government had ordered to eliminate Vegapunk, Tosa, alongside Jaygarcia Saturn, Kizaru, and eight other Vice Admirals, led a Marine fleet to besiege the island of Egghead.[1] Before the attack, he had all of the Rokushiki users put on standby.[3] After the Marines made landfall, he and other high-ranking Marines witnessed Jewelry Bonney stab Saturn and attempted to open fire on her, but Saturn told them all to back down, saying that he would have dodged if he was afraid of her sword.[4]

Tosa Stuck Down

Tosa is struck down by Brogy.

Saturn then ordered a Buster Call on Egghead, prompting the Marines to evacuate.[6] During the attack, the Pacifista under Bonney's command were attacking the ships. The Vice Admirals planned to kill Bonney so they could regain control of the Pacifista, and Tosa reported that he was going after Bonney's group. Before he could get to her, he was struck down by Brogy, leaving him wedged in the ground.[7]

Major Battles[]


  • Tosa's name is written with the kanji 土茶 meaning "earth tea". His name may also be a pun on the Tosa breed of Japanese fighting dogs, following the canine naming theme of some vice admirals.


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