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Captain Trap is a Marine captain in charge of Trap Tower and its fleet. He is the antagonist of ONE PIECE 3D! Trap Coaster.[1]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Trap without his Marine coat.

Trap is a tan-skinned man with an average build and a long face. He has a large nose, wrinkles around his mouth, and large bushy eyebrows. He has short black hair.

As a Marine captain, Trap wears the standard Marine coat. Under the Marine coat, he wears a purple pinstriped suit with grey buttons over a yellow polka-dot shirt. He also wears white shoes and a green tie with a Kung-Fu Dugong on it.

A metal plate covers the left side of Trap's face, covering the area from his left cheekbone up to his hairline and back to his left ear.[1]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Trap blushing about Kung-Fu Dugongs' cuteness.

Trap is very determined, almost to the point of self-destruction, to detain Monkey D. Luffy. He has a short temper and lashes out when he is bested by his foes. He is also considered one of the most intelligent Marine captains, but his practical intelligence and judgment are questionable, having filled his fleet with Kung-Fu Dugong soldiers and blown the fleet's entire budget to make Trap Tower instead of simply putting the Straw Hat Pirates in a prison. Trap prefers more elaborate plans and structures to simple ones.

Trap loves Kung-Fu Dugongs and finds them very cute. Despite employing them as Marine soldiers and utilizing them in his dangerous traps, he does not want them to get hurt and reacts strongly if they are put in any danger.[1]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Subordinate Officer[edit | edit source]

Trap's subordinates.

Trap's subordinate officer is equally dedicated to capturing the Straw Hat Pirates and diligently follows Trap's orders. However, he questions Trap's judgment and cringed at his captain mushily talking about his love for Kung-Fu Dugongs.[1]

Dugong Subordinates[edit | edit source]

Trap's dugong subordinates follow his orders, but they are not allegiant to their captain, as they abandoned their posts manning his cannons when the Straw Hat Pirates returned fire and had no inclination to return to Trap later when they woke up miles away from him on the Thousand Sunny.[1]

Abilities and Powers[edit | edit source]

As a Marine captain, Trap has command over his entire fleet, including his subordinate officer, hundreds of Kung-Fu Dugongs, and a group of nine giants.

Trap is able crack and shatter a glass bottle with one hand, making him at least slightly stronger than an average person.[1]

Traps[edit | edit source]

Using Trap Tower's control room, Trap has all of the tower's traps at his disposal. However, these traps were no match for the Straw Hat Pirates' abilities, and the tower was destroyed.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

One Piece 3D! Trap Coaster[edit | edit source]

Captain Trap sought out to capture Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates, and he devised a plan to use his fleet and Trap Tower to do so. After having his subordinate officer fire at the Thousand Sunny, Trap sent a dugong subordinate alone to ram it with a Marine battleship, destroying their cola reserves and power source. Once this happened, he ordered his subordinate officer to proceed with the plan and, when asked, explained that the fleet was mostly composed of dugongs because he thought they were cute. The fleet cornered Luffy and his crew, and Trap pulled a lever in his tower's control center to raise it out of the ocean right beneath the Straw Hat Pirates' ship. He laughed and drank from his bottle before telling the crew that the tower had a prison at the bottom and that they should enjoy the ride. When his subordinate officer asked why he did not just make a simple prison, Trap told him that he thought it would be too boring.

Trap pulled another lever, and the dugong statue at the top of Trap Tower lowered its arm and opened its mouth, causing the Sunny to slid down and fall in. He explained the first trap the crew would encounter, Cutting Hell, and was surprised when Luffy destroyed it easily. He presented the second trap, Hammer Hell, but it was destroyed by Sanji to Trap's frustration. The captain angrily hit a button in his control room to activate four weapons that shot golden harpoons at the Straw Hat Pirates, but they were knocked away by Zoro. Fed up with them thwarting his efforts, Trap activated what he called the "main ride," a large room full of dugong-operated cannons that lined its walls. Luffy deflected the cannon fire using Gomu Gomu no Balloon, and Trap, fearing that his precious dugongs were hurt, lunged at his monitor frantically, begging that they not be hurt. The explosion from the cannon fire damaged the tower.

As the dust settled, the dugongs from the room charged Luffy and his crew, but Brook put them to sleep with Lullaby Flanc. This angered Trap, who claimed that the crew had hurt his subordinates, and he drained the water from the room, causing the Sunny to fall into a room below filled with obstructive pillars meant to destroy the ship. Robin used Ochenta Fleur: Cuatro Manos to guide the Thousand Sunny down safely, and the crew escape the tower when Luffy punched a hole in its wall. They fell below onto the tower's outdoor slide and began riding it.

Trap summons the Giant Baseball Team.

Trap became so angry with the situation that he crushed his bottle in his left hand and hit a red button, releasing his Giant Baseball Team to attack them. The giants failed to destroy the Thousand Sunny, and when one was hit in the face by the ship's Gaon Cannon, the giant's club flew through the air to hit the weakened Trap Tower. The upper half of the tower collapsed, and Trap ultimately failed when the Straw Hat Pirates used Coup de Burst to soar away.[1]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Captain Trap's name and rank may be based on Corvette Captain Georg von Trapp, an Austro-Hungarian Navy officer.

References[edit | edit source]

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