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Trap Tower is a Marine tower run and operated by Captain Trap. It was destroyed by the Straw Hat Pirates and, accidentally, by the Giant Baseball Team.


Trap Tower's outdoor slide.

Trap Tower is a tall structure with numerous floors and features. A Kung-Fu Dugong statue sits at the top of the tower, and its arm can move and mouth can open when a lever is pulled. Inside the tower, winding tubes with water flowing through them guide captors to various traps. On the outside of the tower, an intricate blue slide can carry ships away at fast speeds. After all of the tubes, traps, and floors, a Seastone prison rests at the bottom of the prison to hold captors.[1]

Because the Straw Hat Pirates escaped partway down the tower's ride, the layout of the lower floors and traps in the tower is unknown.


The tower contains different traps meant to hurt or kill its captors. The first trap, Cutting Hell, is a spinning fan of blades created to chop up ships. The second, Hammer Hell, is an animatronic gorilla with large fists that smash together repeatedly to crush captors. No other traps are named, but they include golden harpoon launchers, a room full of dugong-operated cannons, and a dark pit full of obstructive, jagged pillars.[1]

Cutting Hell.png
Cutting Hell.
Hammer Hell.png
Hammer Hell.
Trap Tower Harpoon Launcher.png
A golden harpoon launcher.
Trap Tower Cannon Room.png
The Thousand Sunny in the cannon-filled room.
Trap Tower Dugong Cannon.png
A dugong-operated cannon.

Control Room

Trap Tower's control room.

The traps and areas of the tower are manned by Trap in the control room. It is a small room with a control panel covered in buttons and levers, and areas inside the tower can be broadcast via Den Den Mushi for him to observe.[1]


Trap Tower's pantry.

The tower has a pantry with a large fridge inside it. The fridge contains different foods, including fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, bottles of alcohol, and barrels of cola.[1]

Notable Personnel

Name Rank Status
Trap Portrait.png Trap
  • Active
Trap Marine Officer Portrait.png Unknown
  • Active
Marine Kung Fu Dugong Portrait.png Kung-Fu Dugongs
  • Active (majority)
  • Defected (one)
  • Separated (several)
Giant Baseball Team Portrait.png Giant Baseball Team
  • Soldiers
  • Active

Subordinate Officer

The only other human in Trap Tower is Trap's subordinate officer, a slim man who wears a blue suit, a pink shirt, a teal tie, a Marine coat, a Marine hat, and black shoes. He often questions Trap's judgment but still follows orders as given.[1]

Kung-Fu Dugongs

Trap Tower and its fleet enlist hundreds of Kung-Fu Dugongs to follow orders and, in some cases, operate traps. Trap uses them because he thinks they are hardworking, loyal, and very cute. Each wears a sleeveless Marine shirt and a blue kerchief around its neck.

One dugong defected after being defeated by Franky, swearing to become the pirate's disciple. The dugongs that operate the cannons in the central room fell asleep on the Thousand Sunny and woke up later, miles from Trap Tower.[1]

Giant Baseball Team

Main article: Giant Baseball Team
The Giant Baseball Team is a group of nine giants under Trap's authority. They are only released to combat enemies in dire circumstances, and they each wield a large spiked metal club.[1]


ONE PIECE 3D! Trap Coaster

Trap and his subordinates devised a plan to capture Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates. He sent his subordinate officer and many of his dugong subordinates to ambush the crew with their fleet of ships, and one dugong on a ship successfully destroyed the Thousand Sunny's cola reserves by ramming into it. Franky punched and defeated it, causing the dugong to defect and become his disciple.

The fleet cornered the Thousand Sunny, and Trap activated Trap Tower to raise out of the sea and suspend the crew's ship on the hand of the dugong statue at the top of the tower. He pulled a lever, and the Sunny slid down the statue's arm and into its mouth, entering a tube. It slid down and toward Cutting Hell, which Luffy destroyed. The crew fell below to a tube with running water in it, and they spun and curved around it until they came upon Hammer Hell. Sanji destroyed it, and an angry Trap used his harpoon launchers to attack them. Zoro deflected the harpoons, but Trap had guided them to the main room, where they were faced with hundreds of dugong-operated cannons. Luffy used Gomu Gomu no Fusen to deflect the cannonballs, destroying the cannons and damaging the tower's walls. The dugongs charged the crew, and when Brook put them to sleep, Trap retaliated by draining the room of its water and dropping the crew through a dark pit filled with obstructive pillars. Robin used her abilities to lower the crew safely, and Luffy punched a hole in the tower's wall, allowing them to escape to the outside.

They fell below to the slide, where they were whisked through turns and loops. Trap summoned the Giant Baseball Team to destroy the Thousand Sunny, but the giants missed. The defector dugong, who had fled the crew earlier, returned with cola reserves from the tower's pantry, and the Straw Hat Pirates used Coup de Burst to escape from the last giant, hitting him in the face. The giant fell backward, and his club flew out of his hand, hitting the weakened tower. It began to collapse as the Straw Hat Pirates sailed away through the air.[1]


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