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Trio the Grip is a non-canon group of Gifters in the Beasts Pirates who helped attack Zou.[1]


The Trio are three men who each wear the standard Gifters’ uniform of grey pants, shoulder pads, furry capes, and brown belts. Each has horns and wears a hat.

The Trio member with a bat SMILE has fair skin, broad shoulders, long grey hair, a goatee, sharp teeth, bushy eyebrows, and a thin face with a sharp nose. He wears a tophat.

The Trio member with a snake SMILE has tan skin, long brown hair, a goatee, normal teeth, and a pointed nose. He is less muscular than his companions. He wears a turban.

The Trio member with a crustacean SMILE has long muscular arms, a long beard, brown hair that is tied in braids on the sides, prominent cheekbones, dark circles under his eyes, and a pointed nose. He wears a Viking hat.


The Trio the Grip are cruel people, as they carelessly maimed innocent members of the Mink Tribe. They are also cocky and challenged the Three Inuarashi Musketeers directly.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

The Trio the Grip are strong enough to defeat members of the Mink Tribe. However, they were easily defeated by Shishilian.[1]

Devil FruitEdit

The Trio each consumed an artificial Devil Fruit known as a SMILE, which grants them the ability to transform their hands into animals. Each on has a different corresponding animal: a snake, a bat, and some sort of crustacean with a grey claw.[1]


Zou ArcEdit

The Trio the Grip traveled underneath Jack to invade Zou and attack the Mink Tribe. During the confrontation, the Trio maimed three minks and discarded their bodies as they challenged the Three Inuarashi Musketeers. Furious, Shishilian accepted their challenge to a 3-on-3 fight but quickly defeated all three on his own.[1]


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