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Tritobu[2] is the prince of Nagagutsu Kingdom. He accompanied his father Furrari to the Levely.[1]


Tritobu is a stocky man with a double chin, stubble around his mouth and short blond hair.

He wears a dark blue coat, a white, frilled dress shirt and a dark blue fedora-like hat.


Tritobu seems to become flustered in the presence of beautiful women such as Shirahoshi and expressed his fondness of her to his father.[1]

Tritobu appears to be cowardly, as he panicked and ran away from Charlos and his slave as they attempted to claim Shirahoshi.[3]

Abilities and Powers

Tritobu is the prince of a nation affiliated with the World Government, meaning he holds significant political power.[1]


Four Emperors Saga

Levely Arc

At the Socializing Plaza, Tritobu's father Furrari tried to set him up with Shirahoshi after King Jeep first offered his son Wheel. However, Shirahoshi rejected all her suitors, causing Jeep to express that she had made them lose face, leading to Fukaboshi hurriedly trying to calm the royals to avoid further hurting them and starting an incident.[1]

Later, Tritobu panicked and ran away when Charlos attempted to capture Shirahoshi.[3]


  • Tritobu's name is an anagram of "Tributo", possibly referencing the Ferrari F8 Tributo with his father Furrari.


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