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Tritoma is a former empress of the Kuja Tribe, succeeding Shakuyaku and preceeding Boa Hancock. She died years ago, as a victim of Love Sickness.[1][2]


Like the other known empresses of the Kuja, Tritoma was a young-looking woman of slim stature, with a mole on the left side of her face. She had shoulder-length straight dark hair (curly at the ends), lipstick and wore a similar outfit to what her successor Hancock currently does, including a v-neck blouse and snake-shaped hoop earrings.


She was described by Boa Hancock as benevolent as she pardoned former Empress Gloriosa for the crime of abandoning the nation.[3]


As a former empress of the Kuja, Tritoma was considered the strongest of the tribe during her reign, thus it can be assumed she was a powerful individual before her death.


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As the former Empress of the Kuja, Tritoma could use Haki like all Kuja.


After Shakuyaku abandoned her position as empress and left Amazon Lily, Tritoma became the new empress.[1] When Gloriosa returned to the island with the Gorgon Sisters who had been freed from slavery, Tritoma pardoned her for her crime and allowed her to live on the island once again.[3] 13 years ago,[4] she died from Love Sickness and was succeeded as empress by Boa Hancock.[2][1]


  • She is named after the tritoma genus of flowering plants, also known as "red hot poker" or "torch lily". This follows the flower-themed names of the Kuja.


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