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Trump Castle (トランプ城 Toranpu Jō?) is a tower located in Clockwork Island. It is where the Trump Siblings and their forces used to live, before the tower's destruction during the events of the second One Piece movie.[2]


Diamond Clock

The Diamond Clock.

The castle is set on a mountaintop, and is filled with numerous traps, such as a falling ceiling and sliding stairs, and the castle is also the location of the "key". At the top is a pool used to hold captured ships, and on the castle is the Diamond Clock (ダイヤモンドクロック Daiyamondo Kurokku?), the world's most valuable clock.



At some point prior to the current storyline, Bear King and his crew invaded the Clockwork Island and had the villagers build Trump Castle. The crew made the Trump Castle their temporary home, until the King Cannon was created, in order to rule the seas using it.

Clockwork Island AdventureEdit

After Honey Queen and Boo Jack captured Nami, they brought her to the Trump Castle in order to meet Bear King. After meeting her, Bear King ordered his crew to bring the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates there as well. When they were brought to the castle due to Bear King's desire to marry Nami, the other members were crucified on the top in an attempt to coerce Nami. Eventually, Monkey D. Luffy came to rescue his crew, and in the ensuing battle, Luffy destroyed a big part of the tower. When Bear King fired a bullet of the King Cannon at Luffy, he deflected it back at Bear King, causing the glass floor to shatter and the "key" to be destroyed, which resulted in the entire castle collapsing.


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