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Tsubaki at the Scene is a reporter who first appeared in Report Time.[1]


Tsubaki is depicted in a deformed chibi-style due to the nature of the short, however he appears to be a man of average height with a small black mustache, white combed hair and a gourd-shaped head. He mainly wears a yellow shirt with a blue suit and purple tie along with short pants with red and yellow stripes, and a pair of square violet sunglasses.[1]


Tsubaki is a very derogatory person, as seen when he insultingly degraded the Straw Hat Pirates while interviewing them. He also has difficulty expressing his feelings in words.[1]


Report Time

Tsubaki interviewed the Straw Hat Pirates about Sanji's cooking and their previous food habits. He pointed out and was unable to comment on Luffy and Zoro's stupidity and Nami's conniving nature. At the end of the interview, he tried Sanji's cooking and couldn't find words to describe it, much to Sanji's chagrin.[1]


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