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Tsui Village is an anime-only location of Water 7. It is the final resting place of the Yagara Bulls.


Tsui Village is believed by the citizens of Water 7 to be the final resting place where Yagara Bulls go when they die. However, it is only seen as a legend by those of Water 7. Abi believed that it was only a myth created to explain the mysteries surrounding Yagaras.


Post-Enies Lobby ArcEdit

Tsui Village was first mentioned by the townspeople when they tried to convince Abi that Aobire had probably went to the "final nesting grounds" of Yagara Bulls. However, Abi refused to believe that such a place existed.

However, Abi, Luffy, and Chopper later stumbled into the underground water passages of Water 7, which were revealed to have been the old abandoned parts of the city. In the old passages, they fell into an unknown water-filled area, and as they lost consciousness, they saw an area filled with Yagara Bulls. Upon regaining consciousness, they discovered Aobire's soul and he bid them farewell as his soul passed on. It was later revealed that, unbeknownst to them, they had stumbled into Tsui Village. Although Aobire had died, his soul was still seen swimming around the underground city, confirming the existence of the legendary Tsui Village.[2]


  • Tsui Village (終の里 Tsui no Sato) literally means "End Village".


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