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Tsuji Shibai[2] is a giant ink brush utilized by Kurozumi Kanjuro. He wields it as a katana, instead of how one would hold a brush. It is not a ranked blade.[2]


Tsuji Shibai is a giant ink brush. It has a katana hilt and guard, with a tassel tied to the pommel.[1]


Tsuji Shibai allows Kanjuro to utilize the power of the Fude Fude no Mi. It is also durable enough to be wielded in combat against swords.


  • Nuke Suzume (抜け雀 Nuke Suzume?, literally meaning "Escaping Sparrow"): Kanjuro poorly draws a large sparrow in order to escape a confined area. However, due to being poorly drawn, the sparrow cannot fly very well. He first used it to escape Dressrosa's prison with Kin'emon.[3]
  • Nobori Ryu (昇り竜 Nobori Ryū?, literally meaning "Rising Dragon"): Kanjuro poorly draws a long dragon which cannot fly, but can climb up cliffs and steep surfaces. He first used it to take him and the Straw Hat Pirates and allies up one of Zou's legs. However, his creation disgusted Kin'emon, as he hates the sight of dragons, while Robin, in contrast, actually blushed because she found it very cute.[4]
    • Ryunosuke (りゅーのすけ Ryūnosuke?): The poorly-drawn dragon created with the Nobori Ryu technique for the purpose of climbing up to Zou. It was named by the Straw Hat Pirates. It successfully completed the climb despite its poor bodily composition, but faded away from exhaustion immediately afterward.[5]
  • Nekozaemon (ねこざえもん Nekozaemon?): A giant, poorly-drawn cat with disproportionately short and small limbs. By Kanjuro's claim, cats are good climbers, which was the purpose of drawing Nekozaemon, but due to it being poorly drawn with short limbs, the cat climbed at a very slow rate, seemingly exhausted after a short amount of time. He drew it to climb back up one of Zunesha's legs after falling off Ryunosuke; however, it was washed away by Zunesha's eruption rain.[6]
  • Torasaburo (虎三郎 Torasaburō?): A poorly-drawn tiger that is fairly rotund and has a short tail and crudely drawn stripes. Kanjuro drew it to climb back up one of Zunesha's legs for the second time after Nekozaemon failed.[7] Saburo means "third son," referencing how it was the third drawing to climb up Zunesha.
  • Kazenbo (火前坊 Kazenbō?, literally meaning "Monk Before the Fire""): A ghost-like entity wreathed in flames. The creature is several times larger than regular humans and takes the shape of a blob with two glowing eyes. It is capable of passing through walls and sets everything it touches on fire. Kanjuro created it as his final performance to symbolize the "burning hatred" of the Kurozumi Family.[8]


During his time as an undercover spy, Kanjuro would deliberately wield Tsuji Shibai in his left hand when drawing to hide his true artistic talent.[2]


  • The name is a pun on tsuji shibai (辻芝居? meaning "street play"), a drama that is performed on the streets.


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