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The Tulip Pirates are a group of pirates that appeared in Jango's cover story.[1]

Jolly Roger

The Tulip Pirates' Jolly Roger consists of a frowning skull with crossbones behind it. The top of the skull, however, has "hair" resembling the petals of a tulip flower, fitting the crew's theme.

Crew Members

Yurikah was the only crew member to be named.

Crew Strength

The crew seemed to be very weak, even though there was a large number of crew mates. They relied on hostage-taking in order to be a threat against Fullbody.

Other Information

The whole crew seems to enjoy tulips very much, taking a tulip stance at all times. They also all wear actual tulips over their heads, save for Yurikah himself, whose hair is already styled to resemble one.


Jango's Dance Paradise

The Tulip Pirates arrive on Mirror Ball Island sending the Island into chaos, while also taking citizens as hostages. They were soon confronted by Fullbody, who they beat down as he was unable to anything as they had a hostage present. After a surprise attack from Jango, Jango and Fullbody would team up to defeat the pirates and stand victorious.


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