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The Turtle Car Race is a competition located in Gran Tesoro, introduced in One Piece Film: Gold.[1]


The Turtle Car Race is a race between several participants in their own Turtle Cars, driven by one or more participants. The registration of the game is Beli1,000,000, and the winner earns ten times the registration as a prize.

The participants can destroy, throw, and shoot their opponent. The only important thing is to arrive first.[1]


Car Participants[1] Status[1]
1 Kent Beef Jr. and Pork Second place
2 Count Times Third place
3 Straight and Curve Defeated
4 Whitejack and Kiruko Defeated
5 Jimmy Myers Defeated
6 Monkey D. Luffy, Usopp and Tony Tony Chopper Winners


After Lepre gives the signal to start the race, Jimmy Myers is the first to take the lead, but drops out after Straight shot him with a cannon. He shoots his opponents to continue in first position, but at the moment when Curve tells him to turn when they reach a curve, his superior gives the order to go straight, leaving the road.

The Straw Hats begin to overtake their opponents, but they slip when Kiruko fills the road with liquid, and the other participants surpassing them. Whitejack take the lead, but Kent Beef Jr. crashes into him, ejecting his car from the competition. However, he is overtaken by Count Times.

When they see that the Straw Hats arrive, Pork throws a pile of straw for them, causing them to leave the road when they can not turn in a curve. Even so, Luffy stretches his arms to get back on track. The last three cars accelerate when they reach the finish line, being very even, but finally, the Straw Hat team wins.[1]


  • The Turtle Car Race is similar to the Wacky Races, in which the participants are allowed to use strange gimmicks in order to get ahead of the other racers.


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