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"UUUUUS!"[1] is the 26th opening theme of the One Piece anime and the 12th opening of the second half of the series.


The opening opens with a top down shot of the Thousand Sunny sailing the sea as the first few lyrics are sung before it zooms in to the ship and to Luffy laying on the deck. It then cuts to the title as we see the Straw Hats walking in front of Egghead in the lab outfits they wear for the arc. Luffy fiddles with his DOM Shoes and manages to activate it, flying into the air and toward the screen with the smoke he leaves behind transitioning into the next part.

We see some snippets from the arc as the title hangs in the background and changing to the various settings to match where the characters are: The Sunny being carried by Vegaforce-01, Luffy, Chopper, Bonney and Jinbe exploring the city lab and eating food from the cooking machine. Sanji, Usopp, Nami, Robin and Franky are exploring a forest of clouds and Luffy is exploring a junkyard area, finding a defunct and rusted robot with Vegapunk in the background. The opening then cuts to a turntable which showcases Vegapunk's Satellites: Shaka and Lilith first, Atlas and Edison on the next spin, and finally Pythagoras carrying York. The scene cuts to a background turning into a hanger bay which opens and reveal CPO: Kaku, Lucci (with Hattori) and Stussy, their eyes hidden by their hats before Vegapunk himself pops up and waves around a bit, followed by the masks the CP0 agents wear. This transitions into Luffy and Chopper looking into a camera lens and then the two running around the lab.

This transitions into Zoro sitting on a couch with three monitors behind him. Luffy joins him, exhausted from his antics and rests a bit as the main monitor then shows Vegapunk and the Satellites. Then a few of the Marines including Borsalino, Doll, Hibari, Helmeppo and Garp behind then. And finally changing to the main three members of Cross Guild: Crocodile, Mihawk and Buggy in front. During all of this, Luffy and Zoro react to them with Luffy eventually leaving and appearing behind the Cross Guild in his Gear 5th form and going on the attack. This transitions to Luffy coming down through a spectrum tunnel of sort as he forms goggles out of his hair and puts them over his eyes before he exits out above Egghead. We then see Luffy in giant size towering over Egghead laughing before cutting to Koby and Hibari running underneath Hachinosu's skull possessed by Pizarro as its eyes stare down on the two. This cuts to Luffy, Chopper and Jinbe spinning around in a void as Jewelry Bonney's hands use her Devil Fruit power to age them (Jinbe younger and the former two older); several symbols quickly flash in the background: the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi's paw, the symbol of Nika, Jaygarcia Saturn's transformed form, and the target symbol painted on victims of the God Valley hunt. This cuts to a holographic person high-fiving Atlas in first person, which goes to Bepo, Shachi and Penguin in the Polar Tang as it is taking on water and having been turned into women thanks to Doc Q's disease Devil Fruit. Followed by a rotating shot of Grus, Hibari, Kujaku and Helmeppo with a pictures of pirates in the background that changes to them being less threatening with flowers floating in front of them, which then goes to Sentomaru and the picture now having Pacifistas, who fire out lasers.

This goes to Borsalino gliding the air using his light abilities, then to Bartholomew Kuma breaking away from machinery plugs on him, the Seraphim, S-Shark, falling into water and Jewelry Bonney surfacing out of the ocean. Then to a younger Sentomaru as Borsalino shows off his light ability and fires a laser into the air. Shaka in front of a red colored room where shadows of CP agents are being kept inside and pawing at the glass as he slowly turns around. A few more Seraphim are seen, among which are S-Snake and S-Hawk, as an arm (York's) pets S-Snake. Then a cut of S-Snake's eyes and to various jewels with a star one in particular being notable. We then cut to Luffy walking as various outfits he previously wore in past arcs are showcased on him. The shot zoom out as the other Straw Hats fade in behind him, likewise showcasing former outfits. Luffy then prompts the others to run with him and they all jump toward Egghead Island, now in their current outfits for the arc.

The camera zooms toward and past Luffy, swinging around him as he's now in Gear 5th and attacking Rob Lucci who is in his leopard hybrid form. As Luffy brings down his arm at him, the camera zoom into a piece of machinery that went flying in the fight and this transitions into Kid gathering metal as he charges forward and about to engage Shanks, this cuts to Law fighting Blackbeard, Kuzan vs Garp, Zoro vs S-Hawk and finally back to Luffy vs Lucci as they clash fists which glow with Haki and cause an explosion. This transitions into Sabo fleeing from one of Imu's arrow-shaped appendages at Mary Geoise as crows (likely Karasu) fly past him into the sky which transitions into seagulls flying in the air. This cuts to Morgans in front of Wapol and Vivi, his wing obscuring their faces, then to books falling from the sky, two people holding bouquet of flowers, a sword where a butterfly flies past which fades into the, so called, Empty Throne, where the swords are stuck into the ground. Imu can be seen sitting on the throne in the background.

Finally, we see a battered Sabo getting to his feet, then to a likewise battered Kid, Law and Koby struggling to stay on their feet. The latter rushing forward with determined look on his face, this quick cuts to Vivi making her way to an exit and finally Jewelry Bonney entering into Kuma's memory paw. This cuts to Luffy and Straw Hats walking forward, a cut to a camera zoom out above them, showcasing the island and finally the Grand Line and the various routes ahead as a light shine in the distance, signifying the One Piece is almost near. As the song ends, we cut to Luffy falling over backwards to rest on the Sunny as Usopp, Chopper and Brook look on as the official One Piece logo hangs in the center.


US!! Album Cover
Album Cover


(Clear = Lyrics from broadcast version, Green = Lyrics from full version)

Japanese Kanji Japanese Rōmaji English Translation
(All of us Dream save us us) (All of us Dream save us us) (All of us Dream save us us)
あーっす あーっす あーーっす All of us Āssu Āssu Āssu All of us Us! Us! Us! All of us!
夢の果て 海の果て Yume no hate umi no hate The end of dreams, the end of the sea
行きたい場所はそれぞれだ Ikitai basho wa sorezoreda Our destinations differ for each of us
だけどひとつ 輝ける Dakedo hitotsu kagayakeru But one thing shines
伝説をぶち上げてからだ Densetsu wo buchi agete karada After the legend is revealed
バチバチ No limit ここからが Bachibachi No limit koko kara ga Crackling with no limit, from here
All of us 旅人に告ぐ All of us tabibito ni tsugu All of us, we tell the travelers
その夢はまだ 濁っちゃいないか? Sono yume wa mada nigochai nai ka? Are your dreams still unobstructed?
眠れない細胞が くすぐられハジけてく Nemurenai saibō ga kusugurare hajiketeku My sleepless cells are tickled and bursting
今も All of us 冒険の途中 Ima mo All of us bōken no tochū But still, all of us are in the midst of an adventure
俺たちとともに世界 変わり続けてる Ore tachi to tomo ni sekai kawari tsuzuketeru With us, the world continues to change
知られてる 語られる Shirareteru katarareru Known, and also told
出来事なんて飽き飽きだ Dekigoto nante akiaki da I'm tired of happenings
だから誰も見たことない Dakara daremo mita koto nai That's why no one has seen it
常識に頭シェイクされたい Jōshiki ni atama sheiku saretai I want common sense to shake my head
ビリビリElectric ギア上げろ Biribiri Electric gia agero Bilibili Electric, gear up
All of us 旅人に告ぐ All of us tabibito ni tsugu All of us, we tell the travelers
果てしない野望朽ち果てちゃいないか? Hateshinai yabō kuchihatechainai ka? Isn't your endless ambition rotten?
世界には絡み合った 壊すべき伝説が Sekai ni wa karamiatta kowasubeki densetsu ga The world is intertwined with legends that need to be destroyed.
今も All of us 俺たち待ってる Ima mo All of us ore tachi matteru Even now, All of us, we are waiting
小賢しい知恵を纏ったくらいじゃ Kozakashī chie wo matotta kurai ja
読めやしないさ 想い刻まれた暗号 Yomeyashinai sa omoi kizamareta angō It's hard to read. It's a code engraved with my feelings.
パチパチ No limit ここからが Pachipachi No limit koko kara ga Cracking with no limit, from here
既成概念をぶっ壊すために Kisei gainen wo bukkowasu tame ni To destroy preconceived notions
ちょうど良く鈍感 それと突破力磨け Chōdo yoku donkan sore to topparyoku migake Just the right amount of insensitivity, and hone your breakthrough ability.
ビリビリ Electric ギア上げろ Biribiri Electric gia agero Bilibili Electric, gear up
All of us 旅人に告ぐ All of us tabibito ni tsugu All of us, we tell the travellers
意味のない 戦いはないんだ Imi no nai tatakai wa nainda That there are no fights without meaning
バラバラの文脈が 意思を持ち繋がれば Barabara no bunmyaku ga ishi wo mochi tsunagareba If the dispersed contexts have connections somehow
時の糸が紡ぎ直される Toki no ito ga tsumuginaosareru The threads of time will be rewoven
俺たちとともに世界 変わり続けてる Oretachi to tomoni sekai kawaritsuzuketeru With us, the world continues to change
(All of us Dream save us us) (All of us Dream save us us) (All of us Dream save us us)
あーっす あーっす あーーっす All of us Āssu Āssu Āssu All of us Us! Us! Us! All of us!


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