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Ubau[2] was the God of Skypiea roughly 400 years ago. His desire to live on the Vearth the Shandia had called home initiated a war between the Skypieans and Shandia that would last over 400 years.[1]


Ubau was a massive, heavyset man who was over twice the height of a normal person. He had puffy black hair, a goatee with a large nose, prominent cheekbones, thick lips, and a very thick neck. Ubau wore white robes and smoked cigars.[1]


Ubau believed in his own absolute power as God and was willing to initiate conflict and kill others for his own desires. He also claimed to hear the sound of Vearth, but it is unknown if this was Mantra or his own self-absorbed elitism.[1]

Abilities & Powers

As God, Ubau had command over the Divine Squad and his other subjects on Skypiea.[1]



Ubau and his Divine Squad invade the Shandia's Upper Yard.

After part of Jaya was propelled into the sky and became the Upper Yard, Ubau saw it and immediately declared it to be a blessing from the heavens upon which he must live. He led his Divine Squad into battle against Kalgara and the Shandia.[1]


The conflict Ubau started was the start of a 400 year war between the two groups, leading to the legendary warrior Kalgara's death. 394 years later, the war was interrupted by the arrival of a new God, the Birkan Enel, and his army.


  • Ubau (奪う?) means "steal" in Japanese, referring to his theft of the Shandia's land.


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