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Udon is a region located at the southeast of Wano Country currently under the rule of the All-Star Queen of the Beasts Pirates. It is an industrialized region of weapon factories where the lower-class are forced to work to exhaustion and death.

Layout and LocationsEdit

Udon is mostly wastelands[2] and weapon factories where the workforce is mostly prisoners as slave labor to the point of death.[3]

Prisoner MineEdit

For the chapter of the same name, see Chapter 926.
The #1 rule in Wano Country's Prisoner Mine is as follows:
If you talk back to a guard you will be punished.
The punishment for the first offence: dismemberment of both of your arms.
The punishment for the second offence: dismemberment of both of your legs.
And the punishment for the third offence: execution!!
Futhermore... if one lays a single hand... on one of the guards... they will immediately be... executed!!
— Prisoner Mine's rule[4]

The Prisoner Mine (囚人採掘場 Shūjin Saikutsujō?) is where rebels are tortured until their wills break and they pledge allegiance to Kaido[1] while also serving as a weapons factory.[5]

Behind three gates,[6] Prisoner Mine is divided into six parts: the central fortress and the five labor camps surrounding the the fortress. This layout gives the Prisoner Mine an appearance similar to a blooming flower.[7] It appears that each labor camp has a different purpose: the first being a rock quarry;[8] the second being an ironworks; and the other three unknown.[9]

Although there are tens of thousands of prisoners currently entombed into the prison, most of them are guilty of rebellion against Kurozumi Orochi, which, in Hyogoro's opinion, was effectively Orochi gathering an army against himself.[7] It latter became a base of operations, where 3,500 prisoners joined, for the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance.[10]

Prisoner Mines
The Prisoner Mines
Prisoner Mines Layout
Layout of the Prisoner Mines.

Executive TowerEdit

Executive Tower

The Executive Tower.

The Executive Tower (?) is where the Beasts Pirates keep the keys to the Seastone handcuffs for the prisoners. Raizo broke in and stole a set from the safe.[11]

Rock QuarryEdit

Rock Quarry

The rock quarry.

In the Rock Quarry (?), prisoners are forced to carve out large stone blocks[8] and then to carry and load them onto ships. Prisoners are given one kibi dango for every five blocks moved.[12]

Prisoner Iron FactoryEdit

Iron Factory

The iron factory.

The Prisoner Iron Factory (?) is where the blast furnace is.[13]

Port TokageEdit

Port Tokage (?) is Udon's port and one of six in Wano.[14]


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There are tens of thousands of prisoners here in Udon!! However not all of them are arrested for theivery and assault, most of the prisoners's crimes here are rebellion against Orochi!!
— Hyogoro explained to Raizo about Udon.[7]

Twenty years ago, when the Beasts Pirates took over Wano Country and Kurozumi Orochi rose to power, Udon was converted into a series of weapon factories which served as a labor camp, where all of Orochi's dissidents who openly rebelled against him are imprisoned and sentenced to harsh penal labor for life. Among them are the Yakuza bosses, including Hyogoro the most influential Yakuza himself. Thirteen years ago, Kawamatsu of the Nine Red Scabbards and one of the Kozuki Family's most powerful retainers was captured and imprisoned here. Unlike his fellow prisoners, Kawamatsu was not sentenced to harsh labor and was simply tightly tied up in his cell due to his immense fighting prowess which was deemed a significant threat. The Beasts Pirates tried to weaken Kawamatsu into submission by feeding him poisoned fish daily but to no avail.

Wano Country ArcEdit

Eustass Kid and Monkey D. Luffy were later imprisoned in Udon. Raizo infiltrated Udon to liberate Luffy and coincidentally discovered Kawamatsu in his cell. After recruiting Caribou whose Numa Numa no Mi was a useful asset, Raizo secretly approached Hyogoro and informed the latter of the upcoming revolution planned by Kin'emon.

The anger of all the country has been gathered here!! The past Yakuza bosses who supported Wano from the shadows are also here!! If I speak to them, they will gladly fight in the Kozuki's Name!
— Hyogoro to Raizo[7]

Hyogoro Explains Udon Dissidents

Hyogoro explains that most of Orochi's dissidents are gathered in Udon.

Extremely happy to learn that the Kozuki Revolution was still possible with the Nine Red Scabbards and Kozuki Momonosuke being alive, Hyogoro explained to Raizo of the immense numbers of potential allies they could gain by recruiting all his fellow prisoners.

Later, at Tama's idea, an amnesiac Big Mom was manipulated into invading Udon much to the shock of Queen and the Beast Pirates stationed in Udon. As Caribou cut off Udon's comunications, Big Mom rampaged in Udon in search of Oshiruko. She was later subdued and personally escorted by Queen to Onigashima, leaving behind a liberated Luffy who managed to convince all of Udon's prisoners to rise up and fight against the oppression of the Beast Pirates. After Udon was conquered and turned into a base of operation for the Kozuki Family's revolution, Tama tamed Babanuki and had him give a false report to Queen to avoid any suspicion.


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