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Unique Island is one of 34 islands surrounding Whole Cake Island as part of Big Mom's territory, Totto Land. It was formerly run by Charlotte Praline, who held the position as Minister of Design.[1]


Fancy Town

Fancy Town (ファンシータウン Fanshī Taun?) is a city situated on the island.[1]



Less than 62 years ago, Unique Island became part of the Big Mom Pirates' territory Totto Land, and Charlotte Praline was appointed the minister in charge of this island.[1]

Four Emperors Saga

Whole Cake Island Arc

After Jinbe made his intentions of leaving the Big Mom Pirates known to his crew and them loyally supporting their leader's decision, Charlotte Praline, having married into the crew through her politically arranged marriage to the crew's first mate,Aladine, decided to side with her husband and his crewmates despite going against her mother and willingly chose to abandon her position as the Minister of Unique Island in favor of leaving with them.[2]


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