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Uranus is one of the three Ancient Weapons that existed during the Void Century along with Poseidon and Pluton.

It was first mentioned during Nico Robin's conversation with King Neptune, when she says there are three ancient weapons that bear the names of "gods".[1]

Abilities and Powers

Like Pluton and Poseidon, Uranus is a dangerous weapon which can be used to rule the world or, in the wrong hands, destroy it.


Uranus was a weapon known to have existed during the Void Century. Its actions during this point in history, its specifications, abilities, location, and what became of it since remains unknown.


  • Like the other two weapons, it was named after a Greco-Roman deity. Uranus (Ουρανός) was the personification of the sky, the father of the twelve Titans, and the grandfather of the first six Olympian gods. "Ouranos" can literally translate to "Sky" or "Heaven" in English.


  1. One Piece Manga and Anime — Vol. 66 Chapter 650 and Episode 570, Robin (Neptune in the anime) speaks of Uranus along with the other two weapons' names.

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