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Urban[2] is a Marine Vice Admiral and one of the nine that took part in the Egghead Incident.[1]


Urban is a tall man with a monster-like face with his sharp teeth and pointed fangs similar to Ancient Giants, and also have long flowing hair reaching down to his waist. He wears a top with the word "MARINE" on with two lines in it, and he also wears a double-breast suit with a dark suit and tie underneath it. As a high-ranking officer, he wears a Justice coat draped over his shoulders.[1][3]


Urban keeps enough attention of his comrades to note whenever one of them loses contact.[4]

Abilities and Powers[]

As a Vice Admiral, he has authority over lower-ranking Marines.


Urban carries a bladed weapon[1] and a staff with a piece of fleece at the tip, resembling a cannon sponge.[5]

Urban Hat Cannon

Urban aiming his hat like a cannon.

When Jaygarcia Saturn ordered marines to fire on Jewelry Bonney while he was holding her, Urban pointed his hat at her.[3] Whether this is a weapon or a Devil Fruit ability is unknown.


It was stated that all Vice Admirals possess Haki,[6] so Urban can also use the ability. He demonstrated the ability to use Kenbunshoku Haki when sensing the presence and arrival of Jaygarcia Saturn on Egghead.[5]


Final Saga[]

Egghead Arc[]

When the World Government had ordered to eliminate Vegapunk, Urban, alongside Jaygarcia Saturn, Kizaru, and eight other Vice Admirals, led a Marine fleet to besiege the island of Egghead.[1] After Kizaru had infiltrated Egghead, the Marines managed to make landfall at the island. Shortly after, Urban and Doll felt the presence of Saturn arriving on the island.[5] As Saturn had caught Jewelry Bonney in his reach, the Marines prepared to execute her,[3] but the squad was wiped out by Bartholomew Kuma.[7]

Saturn then ordered a Buster Call on Egghead, prompting the Marines to evacuate.[8] During the attack, the Pacifista under Bonney's command were attacking the ships. Soon after Tosa reported he would attempt to kill Bonney to retrieve control of the Pacifista, Urban noticed they had lost further contact with him after he was defeated by Brogy.[4]

Major Battles[]


  • His name and cannon-based ability may be a reference to the Hungarian cannon engineer Urban, or one of his cannons, the Basilic, which is known in Japan as the "Urban Cannon" (ウルバン砲, Uruban-hō?).


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