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Usanksai was a wanted criminal. His bounty poster was shown among the posters that Johnny and Yosaku had with them.[1]


Usanksai has a large-sized head with blonde hair that curls at the sides. He wears a brown striped top and has a large smile.[1]


As a wanted man, Usanksai did something considered to be bad enough to warrant him having a bounty placed on his head.[1]

Abilities and Powers

It is unknown what abilities and powers he had, other than he was feared enough to be given a bounty. However, the low value of his bounty and the fact that he had already been captured suggested that he wasn't very strong.[1]



Some time in the past, Usanksai became a fugitive who had a bounty of Beli.png50,000 placed on him by the World Government. However, his bounty was later terminated, and while it remains unknown specifically why his bounty poster was struck through by Johnny and Yosaku, it most likely meant that he was killed or captured by the Marines or by bounty hunters.[1]


  • "Usankusai" (胡散臭い) means "suspicious-looking" in Japanese.


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