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Usanksai is an anime-only character, first seen on a poster in Episode 20.


Usanksai is an average sized man with a large sized head, he has brown curly hair. He wears a brown striped top.

Abilities and Powers

Since he held a bounty on his head, it might be assumed that he had some strength. However the low value of his bounty and the fact that he has been captured suggest that he wasn't very strong.


Usanksai is a pirate, whose bounty poster was shown among the posters that Johnny and Yosaku had with them. His portrait was struck through, which means that he was captured by Marines or Bounty Hunters.[1]


  • "Usankusai" means "suspicious-looking".


  1. One Piece AnimeEpisode 20, Usanksaki's Poster

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