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Еустасс Кид

aka Eustass Kid

  • I live in Oz
  • I was born on August 11
  • My occupation is Breathing and eating.
  • I am Male
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I hate Wiki's. You're all biased fakes.

And "Еустасс Кид" is a very rough Russian spelling for the name, 'Eustass Kid.' In case any one was wondering what those strange letters were.

Also ..Edit

Despite the fact I have the name Eustass Kid, albeit in Russian, my favorite character is ultimately Crocodile. Bentham comes in at a close #2.

Yay! Am I cool now for saying Zoro isn't my favorite character?

And, hm .. Let me rephrase my above statement on Wikias. It's hard to hate a page that is only as good as the people that run it. In that lies my dilemma. I don't hate wiki's, I hate a majority of the previously stated people that maintain a wikia. If you're not willing to do some solid research and triple check it to make sure you've got every thing down correctly .. Then I really don't know what the hell you're doing. I speak mainly on the behalf of Tekken Wiki. And Tekkenpedia; these two think they're so correct but in fact they're usually very wrong. Such as judging a character, whom has no solid ground of being listed as a bad guy - EVIL! I mean, if the said character is busting his ass to defend people as well as his country, and take down the main threat to the world .. Where in this does it make him evil? Oh, is he evil because his country happens to be in a neutral state of affairs and has no real tie to the main storyline? .. Both pages belonging to him on both wikias need to be shut down.

And here on this wiki, the main issue is the children who can't wait to jump on my .. Back .. And start some crap. I'm not going to fully apologize if the way I 'talk' A.K.A.: TYPE, offends you. It's your own fault for reading what I have to say and taking it to heart because the voice in your head narrates me as a bad person. Maybe you should try reading what I have to say in a more sing-song tune.

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