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About me (since you came here I'm guessing it is of some interest)Edit

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So I figured I should probably get this page a little filled up eventually. Better late than never.

Where should I start? Well, as you all probably know my name is Akali95, most people call me Akali. I would give my real name but it would appear just too weird for most of the people since I don't come from any English speaking country. I was born on December 2nd, couldn't find any characters to share that date yet. You can usually find me commenting on user blogs and rarely creating them. I don't edit very much except very recently added articles and usually only fix grammar mistakes and everything that's just a little inaccurate. Being the perfectionist that I am, most of my posts tend to be long (sometimes too long so it appears) and thorough (at least that's what I'm striving for). I always check my posts at least 10 times before even considering to click on the "Publish" button.

The reason I decided to join this wiki is because I'm a really big One Piece fan and it's one of the animes that managed to really hook me up. I generally prefer the anime over the manga, however, I dislike fillers and non-canon stuff that come between/during episodes/arcs. They are usually quite confusing if you don't follow the manga (which I initially didn't). Therefore, I casually check the "Anime Notes" section in the last episode's page every week to find out how it screwed up (if at all) in order to figure out what to take from that episode and what to leave behind.

I guess that is pretty much it. If there's anything you need, I always like to help with what's within my capabilities (and time schedule). Just drop me a comment on my talk page.

My favorite charactersEdit

Will probably add a template once I find the time and will to learn it.


User:Akali95/sig Created by Staw-Hat Luffy, so umm yea, credits to him.

Uhmmm... To be continued... Eventually...

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