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aka Alexandra

  • I live in Romania
  • I was born on August 11
  • My occupation is otaku
  • I am Female

Just a user who now edits Wikis on rare occasions because of college and my preferance for other anime-related activities. 

One Piece is one of the anime/manga series I enjoy the most and it had quite a big influence on my life.

Favorite CharactersEdit

Favorite ArcsEdit

  • The whole East Blue saga
  • Alabasta Arc
  • Enies Lobby Arc
  • Thriller Bark Arc
  • Marineford Arc
  • Dressrosa Arc

Favorite SongsEdit

  • One Day
  • Glory~Kimi Ga Iru Kara
  • Share The World
  • Mabushikute (from movie 3)
  • Fight Toghether
  • We Are (all versions)
  • We Go
  • Shouchi no Suke
  • Hands Up
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