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  • Gender: Not a lot of people know this it seems, but I'm female.
    • Warning to all: the next person to call me by any known or made up male related title will get a serious e-slapping
  • Age: 29
  • Date of birth: 9th May 1984
  • Country: UK - England
  • Occupation: Out of work
  • Joined: Octoberish 2006, might as been as early as July, I can't remember anymore... Whenever the Wikia started.

Reading problems

I suffer from mild Dyslexia, meaning while I can still read and write, my writing skills are below standards and I tend to do more mistakes then the average person my age would. I apologise formerly for using Esp in place of Especially, Ness. in place of necessary or if I ever get Probably and Properly confused or misspell either of them. These are my most common errors. I apologise also for my general bad grammar and at times damn awful spelling mistakes in here, it is very hard for me to spot my own mistakes even at the best of times. I try to proof read and double check spelling but cannot always spot my own mistakes. So please be patient with my edits.


I love Science fiction and I love the Dune series of books as well as Babylon 5.

I'm big on Manga and Anime. Currently the series I'm interested in the most is the series One Piece. I'm also am a fan of Outlaw Star as well as the series Devilman. And though it was slow... I like Vampire Karin! The ending was just too dam funny! XD

I am also fond of comedy shows (mostly traditional style) and enjoy watching Red Dwarf, Dad's Army, M*A*S*H, Have I got news for you and Yes minster (and Yes Prime Minster).

I also have an interest in ancient civilisations and art.

Anime Fan info

So I'm an anime fan... My first anime was Cities of Gold produced in 1982, I saw it when it aired in 1988. It was a French/Japanese coproduction. They did several shows like that when I was young. It has a introduction you hear once and never forget, an interesting storyplot and wasn't too badly dubbed. If you know how the artwork in the series Ranma 1/2 goes, you'll know the style of artwork in Cities of Gold. I also saw another such coproduction series called Ulysses 31 which was made in 1981 when it aired on UK TV about the same time as Cities of Gold. There are others, but I don't remember them now; its been too many years now.

Of course back then, Japanese animation was like any other animation and the word "anime" didn't exist. Some animes I've watched include:

Flint the Time Detective, GunXSword, Devil Man, Ranma, Dragon-Half, Street Fighter, Outlaw Star, Sailor Moon, Beyblade, Vampire Karin, Monster Rancher, Samuri Pizza Cats, Sonic X, Megaman GTX, Escaflowne, Techno Man, Tokyo Mew Mew, Big O, Ninja Non-sense and Cromartie High School. There are several others, but I forget them for now and will list them here when I remember.

Inccidently, Outlaw Star, Devil Man, Vampire Karin, GunXSword, Dragon-Half and Escaflowne are my favourite animes outside of One Piece. The show that first made me into a full fledge anime was Beyblade. Don't laugh, I liked that show and without it I'd never become a anime fan.

I've cosplayed as Edna Marker from Vampire Karin and Shanks... Shanks was okay except on the day the wig I wore failed me... Edna Marker was a loss. I don't have a photo of my Shanks cosplay, if I had the hair correct it would have been a lot better. The downside to cosplaying as Shanks was having a fangirl scream twice in my ear and that it was good enough to have people stop me to take my photo all day. So I never got round to taking any myself of the other cosplayers. But I DID find a Luffy to pose with at one stage. Which was great... Except the Luffy was taller then me! XD

Oh and here is a detailed article about my days as a Beyblade fan

One Piece Fan Stuff

Looking for new anime to watch. At the time the anime cauldron was running thin in the UK and I was searching for new animes with no prevail. Then the 4Kids dub came on. Now I had HEARD of the phrase One Piece of Crap before whenever I heard the mentioning of 4Kids and One Piece in the same breathe.

I saw the show. Something seemed wrong to me, it seemed... Well below dubbing quality. Luffy was always shouting and none of the cast seem to be doing much acting at all. After seeing many other dubs by now I wanted to know what the original was. So I got on the Internet and read about the show. I read heaps of bad stuff about how 4Kids ruined things, coming even from top anime sites. Then I found the intros to the Japanese version. I was interested, there was no "yo-ho-ho he ate a bit of Gum-Gum" which always seemed so stupid to me as lyrics go.

At the time, my bro had just started entering the world of bit-torrents and well... I decided to see for myself what the Japanese show was like. I found K-F fansubs and went from there.

At first I didn't like the subs because of the Voice acting... But after 3 eps and seeing Shanks and Luffy's past, I changed my mind. I realised how bad the dub had been. All those bad puns, they seemed to just make you want to kill yourself, and the voice of the fans was incredible in the forums, I think those who liked actually liked the dub were a minority. And a lot of people said a lot of things I had known but never discussed before. I became aware of missing arcs, filler arcs and cuts and edits.

Now I'm here...

As far as forums go, I'm not a great debater of things. I get tired of convos going around in circles arguing over pitiful things... Like two characters with a strength rating of 6, which is stronger... As a wiki editor I can sit back and think, research and look. As a forum debator I can't so sometimes I slip up and miss info that I'd otherwise catch here.


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