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Hey there. How's it going? Around here, they call me BattleFranky202. That name is in dedication to my newest favorite character, Franky. Anyway, I would usually go to Wikipedia for all my informational needs. I was looking down the One Piece page, when I came across a link to this place. Now, being a Wikipedia fan, I was EXTEMELY exciting about this! when I first came here, there weren't very many articles. And as a One Piece Fan, I felt it was my duty to fill in the blanks! I'm usually very flexible, but when I see things my own way, it will be very hard to change my mind. It might be very rare, but don't be surprised if I lose my temper once in a while. Anyway here are other random things about me:


Name: Matthew B.

Nickname: Matt, Smashmatt202, BattleFranky202

Birthday: November 16, 1988

Age: 21

Residence: USA

Favorite Anime: One Piece

Second Favorite Anime: Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Third Favorite Anime: BLEACH (probably)

Old Favorite Anime: Dragon Ball Z

Favorite Manga: One Piece

Favorite Straw Hats (favorite to least fav)Edit

Articles I'm Working OnEdit

One More ThingEdit

Anyone who's interested in pirates should check out a game called Skies of Arcadia. It was originally for the Sega Dreamcast, but later remade for the Nintendo Gamecube as Skies of Arcadia Legends. There's a Wiki for it I found a while back, but it's really barren. I can't make it better by myself, I need some real good helpers.

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