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I'm Capitán Noot, user from One Piece Wiki.

About me

I am a great fan of One Piece since I was a kid, and currently I am a follower of the series in the manga.

Franky timeskip Thousand Storm.png Jinbe Whole Cake Thousand Storm.pngNami timeskip Thousand Storm.pngZoro timeskip Thousand Storm.pngLuffy timeskip Thousand Storm.pngChopper timeskip Thousand Storm.png Sanji timeskip Thousand Storm.png Robin timeskip Thousand Storm.png Usopp timeskip Thousand Storm.png Brook timeskip Thousand Storm.png

My favorite characters

  1. Nico Robin
  2. Buggy the Clown
  3. Brook
  4. Trafalgar Law
  5. Monkey D. Luffy
  6. Tony Tony Chopper
  7. Usopp
  8. Hatchan
  9. Franky
  10. Silvers Rayleigh

My pirate crew

Noot Pirates
- Top members -
Monkey D. Luffy Portrait.png 120?path-prefix=es Marco Portrait.png Jinbe Portrait.png Nami Portrait.png
Monkey D. Luffy
(first mate)
(second mate)
- Devil Fruit Users Army -
Eustass Kid Portrait.png Buggy Portrait.png Bartolomeo Portrait.png Crocodile Portrait.png Basil Hawkins Portrait.png
Eustass Kid
Buggy the Clown Bartolomeo Cocodrilo Basil Hawkins
X Drake Portrait.png Capone Bege Portrait.png Boa Hancock Portrait.png Daz Bonez Portrait.png Foxy Portrait.png
X Drake Capone Bege Boa Hancock Daz Bones Foxy
the Silver Fox
Bellamy Portrait.png Inazuma Portrait.png Galdino Portrait.png Absalom Portrait.png Perona Portrait.png
the Hyena
Inazuma Galdino Absalom Perona
- Swordsmen trio -
Roronoa Zoro Portrait.png Hatchan Portrait.png Cabaji Portrait.png
Roronoa Zoro
Hatchan Cabaji
- Warriors -
Ideo Portrait.png Blue Gilly Portrait.png Killer Pre Timeskip Portrait.png Bentham Portrait.png Urouge Portrait.png
Ideo Blue Gilly Killer Bon Kure Urouge
Chadros Higelyges Portrait.png Hamburg Portrait.png
Chadros Higelyges Hamburg
- Snipers -
Usopp Portrait.png Wyper Portrait.png Zambai Pre Timeskip Portrait.png
Usopp Wyper Zambai
- Doctors -
Tony Tony Chopper Portrait.png Trafalgar D. Water Law Portrait.png Emporio Ivankov Portrait.png Hogback Portrait.png
Dr. Tony Tony
Trafalgar Law Emporio Ivankov Dr. Hogback
- Shipwrights -
Franky Portrait.png Paulie Portrait.png
Franky Paulie
- Musicians -
Brook Portrait.png Scratchmen Apoo Portrait.png Conis Portrait.png
Brook Scratchmen
- Other members -
Sanji Portrait.png Nico Robin Post Timeskip Portrait.png Nefertari Vivi Portrait.png Karoo Portrait.png Jewelry Bonney Portrait.png
Nico Robin Nefertari Vivi Karoo Jewelry Bonney
Bepo Portrait.png Shachi Portrait.png Penguin Portrait.png Jean Bart Portrait.png Ucy Portrait.png
Bepo Shachi Penguin Jean Bart Ucy
Abdullah Portrait.png Jeet Portrait.png Mohji Portrait.png Richie Portrait.png Porche Portrait.png
Abdullah Jeet Mohji Richie Porche
Camie Portrait.png Pappag Portrait.png Marguerite Portrait.png Duval Portrait.png Alvida Portrait.png
Keimi Pappag Margaret Duval Alvida
Mozu Portrait.png Kiwi Portrait.png Leo Portrait.png Heracles Portrait.png Salome Portrait.png
Mozu Kiwi Leo Heracles Salome
Pandaman Portrait.png
- Ship and other vehicles -
Thousand Sunny Infobox.png Shiro Mokuba I Infobox.png Mini Merry II Infobox.png Shark Submerge III Infobox.png Kurosai FR-U IV Infobox.png
Thousand Sunny
Shiro Mokuba
Mini Merry
Shark Submerge
Kurosai FR-U
Brachio Tank V Infobox.png General Franky Infobox.png
Brachio Tank
General Franky

My creations

Chinese zodiac

Chinese zodiac with One Piece charaters:

Rat Ox Tiger Rabbit
Dragon Snake Horse Goat
Monkey Rooster Dog Pig

New Donquixote Pirates

Elite Officers
Diamante Trebol Pica Corazon

Seven deadly sins

Seven deadly sins with One Piece charaters:

Straw Hat Pirates
Lust Gluttony Greed Sloth
Wrath Envy Pride
Lust Gluttony Greed Sloth
Wrath Envy Pride
Super Rookies
Lust Gluttony Greed Sloth
Wrath Envy Pride

Sinister Six

The Sinister Six in the One Piece universe:

Doctor Octopus Sandman Kraven the Hunter
Electro Vulture Mysterio

Real life people

Al Capone Anne Bonny Awilda Bartholomew Roberts Chui A-poo
Edward Low Edward Teach
Francis Drake François l'Olonnais Henry Morgan
Jean Lafitte John Rackham
("Calico Jack")
Oruç Reis Samuel Bellamy Samuel Burgess
William Kidd


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