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|align="center" | '''[[Kumadori|<font style="color:#FFFFFF">Kumadori</font>]]'''
|align="center" | '''[[Kumadori|<font style="color:#FFFFFF">Kumadori</font>]]'''
|align="center" width="25%" | [[File:Fukurouu as a Child.png|140x140px]]
|align="center" width="25%" | [[File:Fukurou as a Child.png|140x140px]]
|align="center" width="25%" | [[File:Kalifa as a Child.png|140x140px]]
|align="center" width="25%" | [[File:Kalifa as a Child.png|140x140px]]
|align="center" width="25%" | [[File:Blueno as a Child.png|140x140px]]
|align="center" width="25%" | [[File:Blueno as a Child.png|140x140px]]

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Characters as kids.


Straw Hat Pirates

Luffy as a Child In The Anime Zoro Kid Nami as an 8 Year Old Usopp as a Child
Monkey D. Luffy Roronoa Zoro Nami Usopp
Sanji as a Child Chopper Movie 3 Credits Youth Robin Franky as a Child
Sanji Tony Tony Chopper Nico Robin Franky
Brook As a Child in The Manga Martial Artist Infobox
Brook Jinbe

Straw Hat Grand Fleet

Cavendish and Farul as Children Bartolomeo as a Child Sai as a Child Ideo as a Child
Cavendish and Farul Bartolomeo Sai Ideo
Leo as a Child Orlumbus as a Child
Leo Orlumbus
New Giant Warrior Pirates
Hajrudin as a Child Stansen as a Child 140x140px
Hajrudin Stansen Gerd

Worst Generation

Kid as a Child Killer as a Child Trafalgar D. Water Law as a Child Anime Hawkins as a Child
Eustass Kid Killer Trafalgar Law Basil Hawkins
Apoo as a Child X Drake as a Child Capone Bege as a Child Jewelry Bonney as a Child
Scratchmen Apoo X Drake Capone Bege Jewelry Bonney
Urouge as a Child


Marshall D. Teach as Child
Marshall D. Teach

Whitebeard Pirates

Edward Newgate as a Child Marco as a Child 140x140px Jozu as a Child
Edward Newgate Marco Portgas D. Ace Jozu
Vista as a Child Izo as a Child
Vista Izo

Big Mom Pirates

Charlotte Linlin at Age 5 Perospero as a Child 140x140px Daifuku as a Child
Charlotte Linlin Charlotte Perospero Charlotte Katakuri Charlotte Daifuku
Oven as a Child Brûlée as a Child Charlotte Pudding First Outfit as a Child
Charlotte Oven Charlotte Brûlée Charlotte Pudding


Dracule Mihawk as a Child Crocodile as a Child Bartholomew Kuma as a Child
Dracule Mihawk Crocodile Bartholomew Kuma

Thriller Bark Pirates

140x140px Absalom as a Child Perona as a kid Hogback as a Child
Gekko Moriah Absalom Perona Hogback
Victoria Cindry as a Child
Victoria Cindry

Kuja Pirates

Hancock as a Child Sandersonia first time Kuja Pirate Marigold Child
Boa Hancock Boa Sandersonia Boa Marigold

Donquixote Pirates

Donquixote Doflamingo at Age 8 Trebol as a Child Diamante as a Child Pica as a Child
Donquixote Doflamingo Trebol Diamante Pica
Vergo at Age 10 Donquixote Rosinante at Age 6 Giolla as a Child Viola as a Child
Vergo Donquixote Rosinante Giolla Viola
Lao G as a Child Senor Pink as a Child Machvise as a Child Dellinger at Age 6
Lao G Senor Pink Machvise Dellinger
Gladius as a Child Buffalo at Age 14 Baby 5 at Age 8 Monet as a Child
Gladius Buffalo Baby 5 Monet

New Fishman Pirates

Hody at Age 15 Zeo Young Daruma Young 140x140px
Hody Jones Zeo Daruma Ikaros Much

World Pirates

Byrnnidi World child Byojack child
Byrnndi World Byojack

World Government


Sengoku as a Child Sakazuki as a Child Kuzan as a Child Borsalino as a Child
Sengoku Sakazuki Kuzan Borsalino
Garp as a Child Smoker as a Child Tashigi as a Child Hina as a Child
Monkey D. Garp Smoker Tashigi Hina

Cipher Pol

Rob Lucci as a Child Kaku as a Child Jabra as a Child Kumadori as a Child
Rob Lucci and Hattori Kaku Jabra Kumadori
Fukurou as a Child Kalifa as a Child Blueno as a Child Spandam as a Child
Fukurou Kalifa Blueno Spandam (and maybe Funkfreed)

Impel Down

Magellan as a Child Hannyabal as a Child Saldeath as a Child Sadi as a Child
Magellan Hannyabal Saldeath Sadi
Domino as a Child


East Blue

140x140px Nojiko as a Child 140x140px Young Carmen
Makino Nojiko Johnny Carmen


Vivi 3rd outfit as a child Young Karoo 140x140px Kebi as a Child
Nefertari Vivi Karoo Koza Kebi


Wyper Young Raki Young 140x140px 140x140px
Wyper Raki Kamakiri Braham

Fishman Island

Shirahoshi at Age Six 140x140px 140x140px Kuroobi as child
Shirahoshi Arlong Hatchan Kuroobi
140x140px Shyarly as a Child
Keimi Shyarly

Revolutionary Army

Sabo at Age 10 Koala
Sabo Koala

Mink Tribe

Inuarashi as a Child Nekomamushi as a Child Pedro as a Child Wanda as a Child
Inuarashi Nekomamushi Pedro Wanda

Germa Kingdom

Reiju Number Outfit Ichiji as a Child Niji as a Child Yonji as a Child
Vinsmoke Reiju Vinsmoke Ichiji Vinsmoke Niji Vinsmoke Yonji


Paulie as a kid Young_Mozu_and_Kiwi.png Child Silk Zephyr_as_a_Child.png
Paulie Mozu and Kiwi Silk Z
Rebecca as a Child Tesoro as a Child
Rebecca Gild Tesoro

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