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Name: Davy
Gender: Male
Location: Earth
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Hi, I'm cdavymatias, a great fan of One Piece.

About me

I am a huge fan of One Piece. Thanks to the series, I am also a fan of the pirate world. I have Asperger Syndrome, which is why Robin is my favorite character, and it is one of the reasons why I also identify with Chopper, since like them, I have always been very different from the others, and because of I have always felt cut off from the world.

My history with One Piece

I started watching the One Piece anime in 2003 when it started broadcasting in Spain when I was a little boy, watching from Episode 1 in the Romance Dawn Arc to Episode 102 at the beginning of the Arabasta Arc, aired in 2005.
After that, it started broadcasting on a pay channel, so during that time I saw episodes of the anime on television when it started broadcasting in Basque. Although I did not follow the plot where I left it until 2011, when it was broadcast again in Spanish on an open channel, seeing from where I left it in Alabasta until the end of the Skypiea Arc.
Although the episodes were aired afterwards, I wanted to continue with the story, and I began to see the anime in Japanese from the Long Ring Long Land Arc (I missed the G-8 Arc because it was filler, but later I saw it, when it was broadcast in Spanish). When I started watching the anime in Japanese, what really surprised me was the voice of Luffy, since being a 17-year-old boy, I found it strange to hear him with a somewhat high-pitched voice from a 10-year-old boy (in Spanish he has a voice more than a "teenager"), although after a few episodes, I got used to it. However, I was annoyed by the voices of many female characters who had a too squeaky voice, and I even got irritating when they spoke loudly, which is something that also bothered because as with many animes in the Japanese version, It seemed to me that the characters were screaming too much.
I continued watching the anime until the end of the Impel Down Arc, and after finishing it I saw the films made until that moment. And when I got to the Marineford Arc, I started reading the manga (at that time the manga was going through the Fish-Man Island Arc).
And I'm still here, reading the manga chapters every week, watching the anime when there are special episodes or filler arcs, and watching the movies when there's a new one.

107?cb=20121218160005&path-prefix=euRobin Anime Concept Art.pngSanji Anime Concept Art.pngChopper Anime Concept Art.pngZoro Anime Concept Art.pngLuffy Anime Concept Art.png Nami Anime Concept Art.png Usopp Anime Concept Art.pngBrook Anime Concept Art.pngJinbe Anime Concept Art.png

My favorite characters

Straw Hat Pirates

01. Nico Robin Post Timeskip Portrait.png Nico Robin
02. Brook Portrait.png Brook
03. Franky Portrait.png Franky
04. Tony Tony Chopper Portrait.png Tony Tony Chopper
05. Usopp Portrait.png Usopp

06. Monkey D. Luffy Portrait.png Monkey D. Luffy
07. Jinbe Portrait.png Jinbe
08. Sanji Portrait.png Sanji
09. Nami Portrait.png Nami
10. Roronoa Zoro Portrait.png Roronoa Zoro


01. Silvers Rayleigh Portrait.png Silvers Rayleigh
02. Shanks Portrait.png Shanks
03. Nefertari Vivi Portrait.png Nefertari Vivi (& Karoo Portrait.png Karoo)
04. Bentham Portrait.png Bon Kurei
05. Bartolomeo Portrait.png Bartolomeo

06. Hatchan Portrait.png Hatchan
07. Kin'emon Portrait.png Kin'emon
08. Carrot Portrait.png Carrot
09. Mont Blanc Cricket Pre Timeskip Portrait.png Mont Blanc Cricket
10. Sabo Portrait.png Sabo


01. Buggy Portrait.png Buggy the Clown
02. Smoker Portrait.png Smoker
03. Foxy Portrait.png Foxy the Silver Fox
04. Caribou Portrait.png Caribou
05. Marshall D. Teach Portrait.png Marshall D. Teach

06. Jango Portrait.png Jango
07. Galdino Mr. 3 Portrait.png Galdino
08. Kaku Portrait.png Kaku
09. Senor Pink Portrait.png Senor Pink
10. Tamago Portrait.png Tamago

My creations

My protagonist crew

(Post-Wano speculation, which I will change in case it is not fulfilled)

Straw Hat Pirates
Monkey D. Luffy Portrait.png
Monkey D. Luffy
Other Members
Roronoa Zoro Portrait.png Nami Portrait.png Usopp Portrait.png Sanji Portrait.png Tony Tony Chopper Portrait.png
Roronoa Zoro
Tony Tony Chopper
Nico Robin Post Timeskip Portrait.png Franky Portrait.png Brook Portrait.png Jinbe Portrait.png Yamato Portrait.png
Nico Robin
Nefertari Vivi Portrait.png Karoo Portrait.png
Nefertari Vivi
Thousand Sunny Portrait.png Going Merry Portrait.png
Thousand Sunny Going Merry 
Straw Hat Grand Fleet
Beautiful Pirates Portrait.png Barto Club Portrait.png Happo Navy Portrait.png Ideo Pirates Portrait.png Tontatta Pirates Portrait.png
Beautiful Pirates Barto Club Happo Navy Ideo Pirates Tontatta Pirates
New Giant Warrior Pirates Portrait.png Yonta Maria Grand Fleet Portrait.png
New Giant Warrior Pirates Yonta Maria Grand Fleet
Other Subordinates
Rosy Life Riders Portrait.png Zeus Portrait.png
Rosy Life Riders Zeus
Allied Territories
Neptune Portrait.png Riku Doldo III Portrait.png Gancho Portrait.png Mokomo Dukedom Portrait.png Kozuki Family Portrait.png
Ryugu Kingdom Dressrosa Tontatta Kingdom Mokomo Dukedom Wano Country

Crew Strength


x200pxZoro Using Busoshoku Haki.pngSanji's Raid Suit.png Thunder rod.pngBamboo javelin.png 672Mil Fleur Gigantesco Mano Stomp.pngBF-37 Weapons Left.pngBrook Defeats the Chess Soldiers.png 314Inu Inu no Mi, Model Okuchi no Makami Hybrid Form.pngVivi Rides Karoo.png


My character comparisons

Roger's era
Gol D. Roger Portrait.png
Gold Roger
Silvers Rayleigh Pirate Portrait.png
Silvers Rayleigh
Scopper Gaban Portrait.png
Scopper Gaban
Crocus Pirate Portrait.png
Shanks Roger Pirate Portrait.png
Buggy Roger Pirate Portrait.png
Seagull Guns Nozdon Portrait.png
G. Nozdon
Kozuki Oden Portrait.png
Kozuki Oden
Sunbell Portrait.png
Tom Portrait.png
Inuarashi Young Portrait.png
Nekomamushi Young Portrait.png
Chinjao Happo Navy Portrait.png
Monkey D. Garp Foosha Village Portrait.png
Monkey D. Garp
Bogard Portrait.png
Sengoku Admiral Portrait.png
Edward Newgate Young Portrait.png
Edward Newgate
Shiki Portrait.png
Rocks D. Xebec Portrait.png
Rocks D. Xebec 
Current era's
Monkey D. Luffy Portrait.png
Monkey D. Luffy
Roronoa Zoro Portrait.png
Roronoa Zoro
Sanji Portrait.png
Tony Tony Chopper Portrait.png
Tony Tony Chopper
Nami Portrait.png
Usopp Portrait.png
Brook Portrait.png
Nico Robin Post Timeskip Portrait.png
Nico Robin
Jinbe Portrait.png
Franky Portrait.png
Cavendish Portrait.png
Bartolomeo Portrait.png
Sai Portrait.png
Smoker Portrait.png
Tashigi Portrait.png
Koby Portrait.png
Trafalgar D. Water Law Portrait.png
Trafalgar Law
Eustass Kid Portrait.png
Eustass Kid
Marshall D. Teach Portrait.png
Marshall D. Teach 

Pandaman's Biography

    Pandaman Portrait.png     Full Name: Pan D. Aman
Bounty: Beli.png3,333,333
Species: Half-mink and half-human cyborg. (and with giants, dwarves, longleg, longarm, snakeneck, fishmen, and three-eyed ancestors)
Occupation: Captain, and main navigator, swordsman, sniper, martial artist, doctor, cook, shipwright, and musician of his crew.
  • When Pandaman was born, he slapped the doctor back.
  • When Pandaman went to school, he punished the teachers.
  • After discovering that Donquixote Doflamingo murdered his own father, Pandaman murdered the cousin of the brother-in-law of his own tailor. Subsequently, he gave the skin to Palms.
  • During his high school years, Pandaman was quite a heartbreaker, both figuratively with the girls, and literally with his enemies.
  • Pandaman taught to read Poneglyphs to the archaeologists of Ohara.
  • Pandaman taught Vegapunk everything he knows about science.
  • Pandaman was a stowaway in Roger's crew, so he knows the secret of the One Piece.
  • Pandaman knows how to fight with the style of Sentoryu (Hundred Sword Style).
  • Pandaman's first bounty was Beli.png530,000,000,000,000, but the World Government lowered it for fear of he being angry with them.
  • Pandaman traveled to Skypiea, and got that Enel to worship him.
  • Foxy used the power of the Noro Noro no Mi against Pandaman, but Pandaman pulled out a mirror and returned the attack to Foxy.
  • The Florian Triangle was square until Pandaman smashed a corner of a punch.
  • Moria tried to take the shadow of Pandaman. But he failed because the shadow resisted, in addition to punching the Shichibukai for grabbing him.
  • Pandaman was the first person Lola asked to marry.
  • Pandaman came by snorkeling to the Fishman Island.
  • Pandaman took aim at the Corrida Colosseum, but they did not accept him because he was too powerful.
  • Doflamingo tried to control Pandaman with his strings. But Pandaman did not move because he was lazy.
  • Pandaman was the only person who managed to get the biggest prize in the casino of Gran Tesoro.

Collage of characters

Neptune Portrait.png Galdino Portrait.png Pedro Portrait.png Perona Portrait.png Charlotte Katakuri Portrait.png Im Portrait.png Marco Portrait.png Nefertari Cobra Portrait.png Marguerite Portrait.png Charlotte Perospero Portrait.png Iceburg Portrait.png
Borsalino Portrait.png Cavendish Portrait.png Hatchan Portrait.png Arlong Portrait.png Tsuru Portrait.png Sengoku Portrait.png Sakazuki Portrait.png Morgan Portrait.png Bentham Portrait.png Bartolomeo Portrait.png Helmeppo Portrait.png
Makino Portrait.png Kuzan Portrait.png Kaidou Portrait.png Monkey D. Dragon Portrait.png Edward Newgate Portrait.png Marshall D. Teach Portrait.png Buggy Portrait.png Monkey D. Garp Portrait.png Boa Hancock Portrait.png Rob Lucci Portrait.png Bell-mère Portrait.png
Issho Portrait.png Camie Portrait.png Crocodile Portrait.png Sabo Portrait.png Portgas D. Ace Portrait.png Gol D. Roger Portrait.png Shanks Portrait.png Trafalgar D. Water Law Portrait.png Smoker Portrait.png Spandam Portrait.png Fisher Tiger Portrait.png
Tom Portrait.png Pappag Portrait.png Eustass Kid Portrait.png Roronoa Zoro Portrait.png Monkey D. Luffy Portrait.png Nico Robin Post Timeskip Portrait.png Tashigi Portrait.png Wapol Portrait.png Enel Portrait.png
Nico Olvia Portrait.png Hajrudin Portrait.png Killer Portrait.png Franky Portrait.png Usopp Portrait.png Charlotte Linlin Portrait.png Leo Portrait.png Curly Dadan Portrait.png
Donquixote Rosinante Portrait.png Sai Portrait.png Bartholomew Kuma Portrait.png Tony Tony Chopper Portrait.png Brook Portrait.png Koby Portrait.png Carrot Portrait.png Zeff Portrait.png
Koala Portrait.png Kin'emon Portrait.png X Drake Portrait.png Jinbe Portrait.png Sanji Portrait.png Nefertari Vivi Portrait.png Karoo Portrait.png Nami Portrait.png Dracule Mihawk Portrait.png Orlumbus Portrait.png Kuina Portrait.png
Magellan Portrait.png Inuarashi Portrait.png Scratchmen Apoo Portrait.png Jewelry Bonney Portrait.png Gecko Moria Portrait.png Urouge Portrait.png Basil Hawkins Portrait.png Donquixote Doflamingo Portrait.png Capone Bege Portrait.png Shirahoshi Portrait.png Shiki Portrait.png
Laboon Portrait.png Nekomamushi Portrait.png Leo Portrait.png Bellamy Portrait.png Shakuyaku Portrait.png Silvers Rayleigh Portrait.png Rebecca Portrait.png Kozuki Momonosuke Portrait.png Kozuki Oden Portrait.png Foxy Portrait.png Hody Jones Pirate Portrait.png
Caesar Clown Portrait.png Alvida Portrait.png Emporio Ivankov Portrait.png Vander Decken IX Portrait.png Chinjao Portrait.png Matsuge Portrait.png Krieg Portrait.png Hiriluk Portrait.png Caribou Portrait.png Kuro Portrait.png Pandaman Portrait.png

Characters' Dreams

Straw Hat Pirates
Marines and World Government
Baroque Works
  • Crocodile: Become the Pirate King
  • Daz Bonez: To be a superhero
  • Zala: To remain as Paula the cafe owner (came true)
  • Bentham: Meet Emporio Ivankov (came true)
  • Marianne: Become a true artist (came true)
  • Gem: To be a fireman (came true)
  • Mikita: To be a girl who creates chocolate confections (came true)
  • Babe: To be a pizza boy (came true)
  • Drophy: To be a princess (came true)
  • Lassoo: To be a fire tank (came true)
Four Emperors
Syrup Village
Other Pirates
Other Characters

Characters at ages 40 & 60 in SBS

One Piece and the 3

Sometimes the number 3 is represented in some things in the series:

Real world countries in the Levely

Atlantis Belgium Brasil Canada China
Egypt Finlandia France Germany Holland
Mexico Morocco Romania Russia Saudi Arabia
Spain United Kingdom United States
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????? ????? ????? ????? ?????
????? ????? ????? ????? ?????