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My Theories about One Piece.

Future Members

Who else could join the crew ...? When I imagine that, I think it must be a character that fits well in the band, and in future fights (such as against the Blackbeard Pirates). So I don't think of random characters for no reason.

Possible 11th Member

At the end of Chapter 1, when Luffy begins his journey, he mentions that ten companions will be enough for him. At the moment nine companions have joined him. If so, there could be a future 10th character joining him.
Something that might support the theory is the concept art of the Straw Hats, shown in Databook Green, and later in One Piece Magazine, showing the first version of Jinbe, meaning that from the beginning he was going to be the 9th comrade to join Luffy:

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Databook Green One Piece Magazine

If you look at the first image, you can see several lines that would be from the Jinbe that was erased. And in both images, you can see lines that change in both between Sanji and Chopper, and could be an 11th member.



Many already see Carrot as a possible future member. I think about the possibility, but not saying "It would be good to join Carrot because I like the character" (it is true that I like the character, but I do not say it for that, as many fans have done throughout the series, every time a character they like has appeared), I think about the theory due to possible "references" that there may be regarding it.
As is the case of covers in which members appear before joining together with the others of the crew, and that at the time perhaps would have been clues about the future inclusion:

Franky in Chapter 377 and Volume 43: Jinbe in Volume 64:
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That is why Volume 88 catches my attention, where Luffy appears, with the crew members in pieces of glass, and the allies of Totto Land in the yellow background. Carrot already appears in the background in her sulong form, so... Why is she also included in the crystals along with the Straw Hats?
Also, like Volume 43 with Franky, it is part of the series of covers that appear after a Volume with the main antagonists of each Arc, followed by a cover with the heroes, in which there is some character who would be a "member":

Volume 22:
Vivi and Karoo, considered
as "honorable members"
after their goodbye
Volume 43:
Franky, future shipwright
of the crew
Volume 78:
Representatives of the
Straw Hat Grand Fleet,
self-proclaimed subordinates
of the crew
Volume 88:
110?cb=20130115022525 110?cb=20130115023346 110?cb=20150720150133 110?cb=20190521075647

Also, like the protagonists, she has a dream which is to see the world beyond Zou. And since she debuted and showed how high she jumps yo observe what is at a long distance, it may be to show us that ability from the beginning, and then turn her into the lookout of the crew.

On the other hand, there is the Theme of each member in the order in which they joined in each sea (East Blue, Paradise and New World), which is shared by the first to join in each sea (Zoro, Chopper and Jinbe), the second (Nami and Robin), the third (Usopp and Franky) and the fourth (Sanji and Brook).
The point is that if Carrot joined, being the second in the New World, she would share the theme of Nami and Robin:

  • They are the only female members of the crew.
  • When they were introduced upon meeting Luffy, they were sitting in a high place:
    • Nami on the roof of a house.
    • Robin on the railing of the Going Merry.
    • Carrot riding on Wany.
  • They needed to convince Luffy to join first (something she might do if she wants to explore the sea).
  • They left the crew to join officially some time after they are introduced (It may also be the case of Carrot, as a member of the Sanji Retrieval Team, and she is now independent from them).
  • There are more parts that Carrot (at least for now) does not meet, so I'll leave it there so that we also have some doubt.


Future 3 members

Based on what was said before about the Themes, the theory that there are 4 characters that join Luffy in the New World (that is, 3 after Jinbe) can also be fulfilled, thus joining 4 members for each sea.


Future user of the Fuku Fuku Fruit

The Devil Fruits of the members with their abilities have references to different numbers in the names from 1 to 10, with the sole exception of 2 and 9. Kin'emon's fruit meets this requirement: Fuku Fuku = 2.9 2.9, futatsu (2), ku (9).

Kin'emon is impossible to join, because he wants to protect Wano, and be with his wife. So the theory could perhaps be fulfilled in the event that David dies after the battle at Onigashima. In such a case, the person who eats his reincarnated fruit would be the person who joins Luffy's crew. Besides that it would be a useful skill for future occasions, as it was in Punk Hazard to warm up, or in Dressrosa and Wano to camouflage among people.

Other Theories

4th Red Poneglyph

The whereabouts of the 4th Poneglyph showing the route to Laugh Tale is a mystery. It is known that during Roger's last visit to Fish-Man Island it was in the same place.

Where is he now? My theory is: In Sphinx. Since Edward Newgate was the protector of Fish-Man Island, and due to his relationship with Roger, perhaps he took the Poneglyph back to his home island when he became the protector of the island in order to keep it safe.


Weevil's Real Father

Bakkin claims to be Edward Newgate's former lover, and that Weevil is his son.

But it is probable that she only affirms it so that her son can get the supposed treasure that Whitebeard had, convincing him that as Whitebeard's son his inheritance belongs to him.

The real question is: Who is the father? Well, if you have already scrolled the page and seen the images there is no mystery in what I mean. That's right, I mean Shiki, they both have features such as thick lips, or very similar hairstyle:

230?cb=20160805233840 130?cb=20180906052316 150?cb=20160807113808 150?cb=20200426070249

So it is likely that Bakkin was a member of the Rocks Pirates, as were Newgate and Shiki. She had an affair (to call it something) with Shiki, who disappeared once the New Age of Pirates began, but Newgate became a famous and powerful pirate, so Bakkin decided to make his son and everyone believe that he is the son of the late Emperor. (thus, Weevil's mustache is a long boomerang that his mother glued to his face)


Origin of animal-like people

A short theory. Because there are characters like Merry, with ram's horns and mane, Masira and Shoujou, with the appearance of apes, Magellan or Kaido, who have horns, among others, maybe they are like Sapi or Dellinger, who are hybrids of humans and Fish-Men, but in their case, they are hybrids of humans and Minks.


Caesar and Xebec

Maybe there is some relationship between Caesar Clown and Rocks D. Xebec? Both characters have similar faces and hair. And in addition to Caesar having horns, the Jolly Roger of the Rocks Pirates is shown with two horns.

180?cb=20130521000515 135 120 120?cb=20210111041835

In addition to this, both have in common that they were dangerous pirates who were defeated by the alliance between a pirate and a Vice-Admiral of the Marines with whom he competed (Luffy and Smoker in the case of Caesar, and Roger and Garp in the case of Rocks).

Maybe they are family? Could it be that Caesar is a member of the D. Clan? Or do they just come from an island with horned people? (oh, Merry's homeland... 😂)


Resuscitation of Pedro

It is possible that Pedro died in the Whole Cake explosion, but... In case Big Mom is defeated, thus nullifying the powers of her fruit, maybe he can revive because he would regain the years of life that she stole from him in the past.

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