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Hello, I am Cody2526, I am a major One Piece fan, and started watching the (real) series a few months back, well been more, anyways, I have currently seen everything in the Anime except most of Water 7 as well as the Davy Back Fight, however that will be changing when Kaizoku-fansubs does another episode!

I'm leaving the original header, even though it's about six years old, just because it's a little funny to look back on that now.

I'm Codexx. I helped found the wiki and made a lot of early contributions. Presently I'm studying Computer Science. I kind of dropped out of the One Piece community around 2009 to focus on school and other activities while the manga got a lead. It's just more fun to marathon entire arcs for me than it is to read weekly spoilers and then the chapter. Below you can find some of my plans for the wiki back in 2006 or so. Now that I've been more active in the community again, I figure it's time to start contributing to One Piece the best way I know how: coloring manga pages and editing the wiki. I helped start it and it would be wrong of me to not ensure it's as accurate as possible.

Sorry for being gone for so long, but I'm back.

Current One Piece Wiki Projects[edit | edit source]

Islands[edit | edit source]

I am currently working to give all islands the Straw Hat Pirates have been to their own article, separate from the arc articles. They will contain information about the islands themselves, their cultures,landmarks and the people who live there. Small stubs will be redone from scratch to create a full article.

Completed So Far[edit | edit source]

These are articles I have written from scratch. In the future some may, i repeat, may be stubs that got a total rewrite from scratch. If you are reading this, then please, wait for me to write the article before trying to dot his project yourself. I won't mind, but I've already got a system worked out and have begun work on this project.

Articles in Limbo[edit | edit source]

These are articles that have been created, but are not yet quite full of information, or are not yet up to my(and the community's) quality standards. Once they have been plumped up with information and the quality is good, it will be dropped from this section.

Next In Line[edit | edit source]

  • Long Ring Long Land
  • Jaya

To-Do List[edit | edit source]

  • Shell Town Low Priority
  • Orange Town Low Priority
  • Fuschia Village Low Priority
  • Drum
  • Ohara
  • Filler Arc Islands Low Priority
  • Thriller Bark
Low Priority Islands[edit | edit source]

Low Priority Islands are ones with short, or mostly irrelevant appearances in the series. If anyone would like to write up some info about them, when I get to them(they'll be last) It'll make things easier on my because I just have to reorganize things a little bit.

Pseudonyms[edit | edit source]

On message boards:

  • Kaizoku Fansubs: Codexx
  • One Piece Online: Moderator, Sprite master, Cody2526
  • Arlong Park: Average, Everyday User, GearSecond
  • Other forums, most likely Cody2526 or Cody McCourt from early message boards I signed up for.

In video games online I am most likely found as Iceking, or Pyrgus if not Cody2526.

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