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hi, my name is carlo. i'm from italy. i'm really a big fan of one piece and i follow both episode and manga. so far this is the best anime i've ever watched! i'm looking forward to some great adventures ahead of the strawhat crew. hope i make some friends here too!


  • Overall One Piece character : Marco the Phoenix
  • Straw Hat member : Nico Robin
  • Villain : Crocodile
  • Arc : Alabasta Arc
  • Saga : Baroque Works Saga
  • Marine : Borsalino
  • Shichibukai : Dracule Mihawk
  • Yonko : Whitebeard
  • Supernova : Eustass Kidd
  • Logia-type devil fruit : Mera Mera no Mi / Pika Pika no Mi / Goro Goro no Mi
  • Paramecia-type devil fruit : Doku Doku no Mi / Gura Gura no Mi / Fuwa Fuwa no Mi
  • Zoan-type devil fruit : Marco's devil fruit


  • Most moving moment: Luffy and the Strawhat Crew saving Nico Robin from Spandam and the CP9 Agents
  • Saddest moment : Going Merry's funeral
  • Epic moment : Luffy's one hit K.O. punch to Bellamy
  • Funnest moment : Luffy imitating Zoro and Sanji's faces.
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