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Hello fellow Wikian.

I registered as Defchris here at Wikia quite some time ago, well back in 2005. In fact, I didn't know I was registering to Wikia since I started working in the German Memory Alpha which I found via Google and not on Wikipedia. I soon felt being at home here and started to contribute more than just some minor corrections and finally became SysOp in the Wikia I've started in Oct 2006.

Back in 2008 I founded the German Fairy Tail Wikia, followed by the adoption of the German One Piece and Stargate Wikia as well as the foundation of further wikias.

I am mostly contributing in German, and since I believe that you all may understand this introduction of myself I think I'll be able to communicate in English as well. If you want to get along with me there is just one basic rule: Respect, evenhandedness and tolerance.

List of "my" Wikia

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